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Bilkul Online (India) 05/26/2019 03:09
BY VISHNFood historian and author Salma Yusuf Hussain’s "passion to find out more and more about the cuisine of Mughal India" has resulted in her latest offering: a seminal work that transports the reader into the heart of the royal kitchens to bring alive the lavish banquets of Emperor Shah Jahan, during whose time Mughlai [...]
Dubai Informer 05/26/2019 03:09
Project will involve reinforcing Ad-Dakhiliyah water transmission system The post Oman invites bids for water transmission project appeared first on MEED. Original published: 2019-05-26 11:03:20 Read the full Dubai News here Oman invites bids for water transmission project published on 2019-05-26 11:03:20 at link: Oman invites bids for water transmission project. (India) 05/26/2019 03:07
[India], May 26 (ANI): A man reportedly tried to throw acid at his wife in Raja Bazaar area here. However, he missed the target and the acid injured an elderly woman. "There were some issues going on between the couple. The girl was staying at her father's place in Raja Bazaar. The husband came here and tried to throw some liquid on her face. In the incident, an elderly lady has got injured," said Vikas Tripathi, Superintendent of Police, West Lucknow. The police have registered a case against the man and started investigating the case. (ANI)
Kukmin Ilbo (Korea) 05/26/2019 03:06
청해부대 최영함 입항 행사 중 홋줄 사고로 숨진 고(故) 최종근(22) 하사의 여동생이 25일 해군 공식 페이스북에 댓글을 남겼다. 여동생 최모씨는 “이제는 힘들게 말고 편안하게 있어 달라”며 고인을 추모했다. 최씨는 “이거 거짓말이라고 해주면 안 되냐. 1년 반 만에 보는 건데 믿기지 않는다”며 글을 시작했다. 그는 “오빠한테 할 말도 많고 들을 말도 많은데 이제 못하고, 못 듣는 거냐”면서 “나보고 조심히 귀국하라더니, 오빠도 조심히 복귀한다더니 나보고 어떻게 살라고”라고 말했다. 이어 “제발 기적처럼 사는 사람들처럼 오빠가 그 기적이 되면 안 되냐고 빌었는데, 그 차갑고 딱딱한 몸을 만지고 나니 이제 그런 희망마저 못 가진다”면서 “진짜 오빠 없는 거냐, 아니라고 해달라”고 덧붙였다. 최씨는 “마지막으로 보는데 눈도 한 번 못 뜨고. 우리가 그렇게 소리 질렀는데”라며 “이제는 힘들게 말고, 우리 걱정하지 말고 편안하게 있어줘”라고 했다. 또 “오빠를 잃은 게 아니다”면서 “늘 힘들 때, 보람찰 때 오빠 생각하고 오빠한테 말해주겠다. 꼭 들어달라”고 글을 마무리했다. 최 하사의 지인들도 댓글로 안타까운 마음을 전하고 있다. “종근아. 네가 축구 좋아해서 내가 맨날 데리고 나가던 게 엊그제 같은데. 너 같은 착한 후임은 없을 거다. 정말 마음이 아프다.” “오늘 얼굴 보고 오니까 여전히 잘 생겼더라. 다음 주에 부산 와서 맛집 다 접수하겠다며 찾아놓고 기다리라고 당부하던 너를 액자로밖에 못 봐서 가슴이 너무 아프다.”
Spokesman Review 05/26/2019 03:03
As a lump sum, health care costs in retirement can be frightening – even paralyzing. But the annual costs may be more manageable than you think. You won’t pay for health care in retirement with one lump sum. That’s the way these expenses are often presented, though, and the amounts are terrifying. Fidelity Investments, for example, says a couple retiring in 2019 at age 65 will need $285,000 for health expenses, not including nursing home or other long-term care. The Employee Benefits Research Institute says some couples could need up to $400,000 – again, not including long-term care. The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College hasn’t updated its figures recently, but back in 2010 estimated a typical couple could spend $260,000 for
Spokesman Review 05/26/2019 03:03
An old friend of mine who owns and operates a small development company showed up in town for a weekend event. We blocked out some time to revisit the old days and what was next for his living and work future. Like me, his four children had grown and gone. “If I were to do it again,” Vince said, “I probably would not have focused so much on commercial buildings. They are difficult to cash-flow because of tenant demands and tenant turnover. They all expect so much in improvements now when they move in. I probably would have bought some nice vacation properties and rented them out. Maybe even moved into one.”The vacation rental industry continues to thrive. More and more owners are operating small vacation home businesses – especially in ret.
Il Giornale (Italy) 05/26/2019 03:02
Il più scalognato è il bulgaro. "Maggioranza bulgara" nel linguaggio di tutti i giorni è praticamente sinonimo di unanimismo stalinista, acritico, servile e sinistro. L'"Editto bulgaro", più recente e controverso, sta ormai per messa al bando, epurazione, ostracismo. Fuori dalle palle, per restare in tema. E la "Chiave bulgara" è persino peggio visto che trattasi della chiave universale che apre ai ladri anche le serrature più sofisticate. Verrebbe quasi da parafrasare: meglio un morto in casa che un bulgaro sull'uscio. Bulgaro come insulto, bulgaro come sfottò.Ma il turco non se la cava meglio, anzi. "Cose turche" sta per brutte cose comunque la metti giù. "Bestemmiare come un turco", modo di dire che risale addirittura alle crociate, qual.
ComputerUser 05/26/2019 03:02
Allentown, PA, May 26, 2019 –(– SoftNice Inc., ( provider of software development, digital transformation, consulting and workforce management solutions nationwide in the United States, announced today the largest product launch in the company’s history with the release of Manugics – Transforming Procurement.

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