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LifestyleAsia 06/15/2019 23:05
We strive for perfection in many things, yet sometimes it is the imperfect which actually proves to be all-the-more valuable. Case in point: the tropical dial. Be it a marketing gimmick to fire up the market or a fantastical accidental fluke, there’s no denying that the proof here is in the pricey pudding: the value of an item can drastically increase when it strays in the complete opposite direction to perfection. It happened when Nike released a pair of Air Jordans with an upside-down version of its iconic swoosh , and it has happened time and time again (no pun intended) at some of the world’s most renowned watch auctions. Collectors and aficionados are known to pay a hefty premium for watches with a tropical (read: imperfect and damaged.
LifestyleAsia 06/15/2019 09:15
When one speaks of luxury properties, the names that were brought up are often the ones in the city centre. You may want to live in a high-rise that overlooks the city's skyline; but there aren't many properties that can offer that. Here's where DC Residensi comes into the foray by providing residents with elegant living lifestyle that's matched with the best infrastructure and convenience. DC Residensi is tucked right at the heart of Damansara Heights. It is accessible via road or rail as the Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT Station is just 400 metres away. Surrounding the area is a growing business district -- multiple choices of restaurants and bars that are located just a stone's throw away from the premise. But what lies in the property itse.
LifestyleAsia 06/15/2019 06:41
Bangkok's fashion crowd just had one of their long-held wishes come true. Earlier on Wednesday, the beloved American designer brand Marc Jacobs officially opened their first ever flagship store in Bangkok. Now on the first floor of Central World , the colourful neon-lit store is part ready-to-wear, part concept-space, and all fabulously New Yorker. Here's why this long-awaited Marc Jacobs flagship store is one of the most exciting openings our city has seen this year. [Hero and feature image courtesy of Marc Jacobs.]. [caption id="attachment_673454" align="alignnone" width="806"]. The newly opened Marc Jacobs flagship store in Central World, Bangkok.[/caption]. There are several reasons why this is a particularly special opening. Not only is i.
LifestyleAsia 06/15/2019 06:36
If cookies and cakes are kings, then pie would definitely be dubbed as the queen of the American dessert world. Considering its butter-enriched dough and the sweet and tangy fillings, there's not really anything that can compete with the level of comfort these high-sugar, high-fat desserts give. And although Bangkok's streets are currently crammed with baked goods haunts, finding a bakery that is entirely dedicated to pies here in the city is quite tricky due to the fact that the buttery confection is not very common here in Thailand. However, for all you pie devotees, we are here to set your inner pie geek free and satisfy your flaky dessert craving with our list of 5 best places to get a good pie in Bangkok. Let’s hop into it. Featured im.
LifestyleAsia 06/15/2019 04:39
Here's another notable skincare brand entering our Malaysian shores -- Drunk Elephant is now available in Malaysia, exclusively on Sephora's website. The brand is no stranger to the people on the internet, especially to the ones on Instagram. It's 2019 -- consumers are starting to be more aware of what goes into their skincare, so it's no surprise to see a sudden spike in 'clean' skincare brands . That's when this Texas-based brand managed to gain its momentum, retained a cult-like following and eventually became Sephora US's top-growing skincare brand in 2016. It emerged as a 'natural-meets-clinical' skincare line -- promising no nasties, or what the brand dub as the 'Suspicious 6'. So everything in its line is guaranteed free from essenti.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 04:30
Of all the silent distilleries of Scotland, Port Ellen is a colossus among the rest. The vanishingly rare releases from this iconic distillery are big news among whisky connoisseurs , with everyone keen to own a piece of this distillery’s history before the dwindling stocks run out. It is unsurprising, therefore, that the announcement of the oldest expression of Port Ellen released to the public to date - a 39-year-old whisky - has been greeted with much fanfare. But why? Vanishingly rare. [caption id="attachment_655981" align="aligncenter" width="806"]. (Image credit: Diageo)[/caption]. The iconic Port Ellen distillery, located on picturesque Islay in the Hebrides, was closed in 1983, leaving a limited cache of liquid to undergo decades of ca.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 04:26
Ever so often, people within the tech industry would always ask, "what is the future of technology going to be like?" Usually, it's whatever you may have seen at CES or on the TV. While we may have the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as virtual artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and even virtual reality, nobody could have predicted what Uber was up to. It has teased its flying taxis for quite sometime and now it appears to be a reality with Uber Elevate . [caption id="attachment_673555" align="aligncenter" width="950"]. A look at one of the Uber Elevate VTOL aircrafts that is a blend between a helicopter, a drone, and a fixed-wing aircraft.[/caption]. It's already becoming a reality with Uber Elevate taking over two cities and Melbourne.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 04:18
Mercedes-Benz is going big and bold in 2019 with yet another car launch, this time in the all-electric segment. We've already seen the Mercedes-Benz EQC , the marque's first-ever all-electric SUV. This time, the German luxury automaker is focusing more on its luxury sedan cars with the Mercedes-Benz S 560e. [caption id="attachment_673287" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]. The signature grille and the MULTIBEAM LED headlights are back on the Mercedes-Benz S 560e.[/caption]. When it comes to revealing luxury all-electric vehicles , Mercedes-Benz can do no wrong so far. As for the luxury cars segment as a whole, there are plenty to look out for these days as many automakers are steering towards the all-electric capabilities. Not only is it bett.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 04:06
Located just a few steps from Arc de Triomphe on the prestigious Avenue Kléber, The Peninsula is a sumptuous five star hotel combining French art de vivre and Asian elegance. Works of art enhance the admirably renovated spaces of this former grand hotel which has now become a modern day palace. And a highly loved venue among lovebirds. Thousands of future Mr and Mrs seek themselves to The Peninsula when wanting to become a member of the Holy Matrimony club, as the venue is known for their equivalent services. The arrival. It all starts with the lobby -- the heart of The Peninsula -- with its soaring curved ceilings, bespoke chandeliers, magnificent drapery, marble floors and contemporary furnishings. The grand entrance provides a spectacular.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:47
This summer, the Dioriviera beachwear capsule collection will be available in two locations: Ibiza and Porto Cervo – making it the ideal holiday destination and the perfect place to get your hands on Dior’s latest summery pieces. These two spots will be housing Dior's beachwear collection by Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri . Other exclusive fashion pieces will also be available at both boutiques. [inline_related_article article_id="665553"]. [dual-images right-image-url="" left-image-url="" right-caption="Dior Pop up store in Ibiza, Spain (Photo credit:
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:38
For quick weekend vacations, most Singaporeans board a plane and head to popular beach destinations in Indonesia, Thailand or the Philippines . However, if all you want to do is relax in a plush villa, tuck into mouthwatering traditional dishes and pamper yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment , Bintan is often an overlooked destination. The island which makes up part of Indonesia's Riau Archipelago offers more than just lush golf courses. Over the past decade, it has become an upscale resort destination boasting secluded beaches and a diverse range of water sports. The best part? It's only a 50-minute ferry ride away from Singapore, so you can spend less time travelling — and more time relaxing. Once you arrive on the island, your resort.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:37
The hatchback is one of the most popular classes of cars on sale today. Compact yet spacious, these cars often also offer some of the best performance specs you could get in the market. While traditionally front-wheel drive, it didn’t take long for the German manufacturers to start offering rear-wheel drive models too. Now that we’re in the age of four-wheel-drive, these cars often also offer the ultimate in safety and performance . [inline_related_article article_id="661560"]. They’re not half as bad looking either. Gone are the days of hatchbacks being purely associated with boxy souped-up vehicles being driven by barely-legal teenagers. The dawn of more sleek and sophisticated options means that their appeal has broadened, one that now sp.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:29
The term 'Futurism' simply means pushing the boundaries of everyday science for an innovative future. Flying cars and holograms for daily commute and communication were merely Hollywood fantasies about a decade ago. But the tech titans of today think otherwise. While sci-fi movies consistently portray a visual of the distant future, we often forget that we're incrementally inching towards these futuristic tech concepts turning into reality. Take Uber Elevate for example, the announcement that it will be a reality in 2023 is mind-boggling for India. And though it's hard to keep track of, these are 5 futuristic technologies that will soon turn into reality, it's only a matter of time. [inline_related_article article_id="649286"]. Right from Am.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:28
Standing in the centre of Saint Petersburg’s Art Square is a legendary address — the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe . This four-storey historic building, dating from 1824, offers a taste of life in Russia, from the time of the Tsars. So, it is little surprise that this impeccably restored hotel has unveiled yet another lavish suite — the Hotel Cipriani Suite — named in honour of its beloved sister property, Belmond Hotel Cipriani in the gorgeous city of Venice. It is one of 11 historic suites that now occupy the first floor of the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. Complementing the hotel’s inspiring neo-classical facade designed by Italian architect, Carlo Rossi, are the Hotel Cipriani Suite’s ultra-luxurious interiors. Within its stained glass windo.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:16
For many brands in the modern era, sustainability is an obligation -- at Z Zegna, it is a religious calling. The Ermenegildo Zegna diffusion has always borne the fruits of vertical integration: building a reputation for innovative sportswear made using bleeding edge fabrics concocted by its Biella-based boffins. Under Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori, the label's continuing commitment to sustainable design has embraced shades of activism -- fully evident from a desertification-themed S/S 2020 presentation earlier this week. [dual-images right-image-url="" left-image-url="
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 02:01
Vacheron Constantin just hosted an exhibition cocktail party last night for its VIP guests in celebration of the maison ’s 260 years of fine watchmaking, and the launch of its 'One of Not Many' global campaign. The party was hosted at a beaux-arts heritage site within the historical Pedder Building in Central, a thoughtful choice that aptly reflected the watchmaker's technical expertise and aesthetic refinement. In line with its creative spirit, the brand has cooperated with a number of talented artists -- including Hong Kong-based architect and photographer Kevin Mak , Taipei-based music visual artist Yen Po-Chun and Seoul-based spatial and lifestyle designer Teo Yang -- each with a personality and works that reveal an open-mindedness, inn.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 01:44
The world of Patek Philippe has been — since 1839 — a space of exceptional heritage, craftsmanship , and a history so rich few others can rival. This year, the Genevan family-owned watchmaker will take this very legacy to local shores by hosting the Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre from 28 September to 13 October 2019. [inline_related_article article_id="551954"]. Now in its fifth edition, the Watch Art Grand Exhibition will come to Singapore for the first time ever, following debuts in Dubai (2012), Munich (2013), London (2015), and New York (2017). Not coincidentally, the largest event that Patek Philippe has ever held will also coincide with Singapore’s bicentennial celebrations , emphasising the b.
LifestyleAsia 06/14/2019 00:13
Two-Michelin-starred restaurant Waku Ghin will be serving up its last service on the 26th of June, a day after the upcoming World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 awards ceremony. After more than a decade of operations at Marina Bay Sands, the fine-dining concept by celebrity chef Tetsuya Wakuda is set to undergo ‘extensive renovations’.
LifestyleAsia 06/13/2019 22:35
With a wide distribution network in 72 countries and 280 mono-brand boutiques, Paul & Shark is more than just a ready-to-wear label. Even though their cool jackets and knitwear pieces stand out in the brightest of hues making a mark, it is the brand's commitment to sustainability that makes it one-of-kind. As the global fashion scape debates fast fashion 's impact on the environment, Paul & Shark has already launched its initiatives to ensure minimal usage of energy limiting its wastage and campaigns protecting the seas. Founded in 1976 by the Dini family, the brand is committed to the best of Italian craftsmanship and has been creating pieces inspired by water sports. The brand is currently presided over by Andrea Dini, a third generation
LifestyleAsia 06/13/2019 20:00
In case you've been living in Siberia rather than in Bangkok, let us introduce to you Leila Amulets. Possibly the hottest it-girl jewellery brand in the city right now, and the fastest growing one, Leila takes the long history of religious lucky charms and gives them a modern, stylish makeover. Juntra "Jun" Junpitakchai is the creative and culturally appreciative mind behind Leila. A young it-girl herself (as her globetrotting 'grams will attest), Jun has had a rich background in jewellery, Thai cultural history, and business-savviness. All that has helped her become the leader of one of the most incredible fashion trends Bangkok has seen. Spotted on streets, beaches , and flights, Leila Amulets are being worn everywhere on earth, water, an.

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