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GE Reports 03/30/2020 17:14
Tyler Vermey knew something was happening when his boss called on a Sunday. The engineer, who was relaxing at home in Salt Lake City with his wife, Krista, and their beloved springer spaniel, Bruno, doesn’t get many weekend calls from his manager. “I was caught a little off-guard,” he admits. But his boss had an urgent message: Vermey was needed at GE Healthcare’s manufacturing plant in Madison, Wisconsin — pretty much immediately. Vermey had some idea why. The Madison factory, which makes ventilator machines, was gearing up for a as the fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, reached global dimensions. Vermey has formidable knowledge of ventilator valves, the vital components that regulate the oxygen and airflo.
GE Reports 03/30/2020 13:27
When Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker ordered a statewide closure of nonessential businesses to help contain the spread of COVID-19 last week, the order left many businesses scrambling to keep their companies running from a distance. But Haverhill Water Division’s 10 plant workers remained calm. The essential function of the water treatment plant meant its workers could still report to the site. They also knew that if restrictions tighten further, the plant can keep operating with just one person on-site and the rest of the crew managing the system remotely. “We’re ready to go if that happens,” says John D’Aoust, the water treatment plant manager for the city of Haverhill, a Boston suburb. “We have the ability to get into our plant remotely.
GE Reports 03/28/2020 09:33
Knowing whether you’ve had the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 might soon be as easy as the prick of a finger, manufacturers of hockey gear are making protective equipment for doctors and nurses battling the pandemic, and the world’s fastest supercomputer has been enlisted in the race to find drug treatments.
GE Reports 03/26/2020 17:47
Ultrasound might not seem an obvious weapon against COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and its ensuing complications. Best known for helping doctors and expectant parents to view babies in utero, ultrasound sees inside the body by emitting and recording the echoes of high-frequency soundwaves. It’s similar to how bats navigate at night. Ultrasound machines have become indispensable in hospitals since their debut in the 1950s, but by applying artificial intelligence to interpret those echoes, typically displayed as grayscale images, doctors are getting a new level of insight. And that’s helping them provide better care for patients with COVID-19. Ordinary ultrasound machines have become useful tools because they can help do.
GE Reports 03/26/2020 08:41
Hospitals in Europe and around the world are racing to add beds in their intensive care units for seriously ill patients suffering from COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Medical facilities are converting beds from operating and recovery rooms, , monitors, ultrasounds and other equipment, and enlisting more doctors and nurses to help. The World Health Organization declared Europe the “epicenter” of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March. And in the U.S., hospitals already are seeing an influx of cases. As patients start arriving in hospitals, medical staff are desperately short on time. One tool that can help them coordinate care is software that tracks data for individual patients and provides an overview of the next steps.
GE Reports 03/25/2020 20:56
Tutku Gövsa is a computer scientist by training. But during the past week, he’s been on the factory floor in Madison, Wisconsin, helping GE Healthcare produce a clinical tool in the fight against COVID-19: ventilators. Gövsa is one of about 100 GE employees and retirees who have volunteered in recent days to set aside their normal lives to help make ventilators at the Madison factory. Patients who develop severe cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus spreading rapidly around the world, may need breathing assistance from a mechanical ventilator, a device that automatically delivers air and oxygen to their lungs. The for ventilators, already enormous, will keep growing as the virus continues to spread. GE Healthcare is r.
GE Reports 03/24/2020 11:22
The rush to curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus got a shot in the arm this week, as GE donated a seven-figure gift to the United Nations Foundation to fund treatment and research. “We’re always willing to step up whenever and wherever we possibly can to make a difference in a time of crisis,” says David Barash, the executive director of the GE Foundation — the company’s philanthropic arm. The foundation’s gift will go to the , an organization set up last week by the World Health Organization (WHO) and administered by the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. The fund will collect donations from individuals, corporations and other organizations for the purpose of stopping the vir.
GE Reports 03/23/2020 19:01
Big tech unlocks an ultrafast genome-sequencing tool for the novel coronavirus, a new app tracks disease exposure, and distilleries on both sides of the pond respond to shortages of hand sanitizer. Here’s how people and businesses around the world are standing together against the virus. The test uses a simple colour change to identity presence of the virus. A positive a sample changes from pink to yellow. Each test uses three vials, each with different primers. A positive test would turn two vials yellow and leave one pink. This acts as a negative control to confirm the test is working. Image and caption credit: University of Oxford. What is it? University of Oxford scientists have developed a that returns accurate results three times quic.
GE Reports 03/22/2020 23:02
GE selalu mengapresiasi para perintis dan pionir. Mereka inilah yang memunculkan inovasi, mentransformasi, dan mencetuskan berbagai peluang baru. Para perempuan yang menekuni bidang Sains Teknologi, Engineering dan Matematika (STEM) inilah yang menerima apresiasi di acara GE baru-baru ini, yakni GE Indonesia Recognition for Inspiring Women in STEM . Acara ini bertujuan mengangkat kisah para perempuan tersebu, mendorong dan mendukung agar lebih banyak perempuan terjun di bidang STEM, serta untuk menginspirasi generasi baru pekerja perempuan di bidang STEM di Indonesia. Tujuan ini penting sekali untuk mendukung keterlibatan perempuan yang lebih luas di bidang STEM, dan membuka peluang besar bagi mereka. Dengan latar belakang itulah kami mengh.
GE Reports 03/21/2020 15:50
Like most Italians, Antonio Spera has spent the past three weeks at home in Milan with his family in their apartment. But from his makeshift bedroom office, he has been operating on the frontlines in Italy’s battle against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Italy has been the hardest hit country outside of China. As the general manager for GE Healthcare in Italy, Spera, with a team of 200 GE engineers and technicians, is making sure that doctors and nurses have the tools they need to care for patients. That includes helping them keep their ventilators, diagnostic imaging machines, patient monitors, and other technology running. Spera says the need remains dire. “There are locations like Milano, Bergamo, Brescia and many
GE Reports 03/20/2020 20:53
Social distancing and stay-at-home orders may be necessary to fight COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. But the directives create a dilemma for industrial companies that need to continue operations to provide some of the most essential services, like water, electricity, and consumer products. As a result, some companies have expanded their use of automation software that allows them to operate systems remotely, with networks of employees using secure laptops and other mobile devices in their homes. At least two utilities, including a large municipal water provider in Ontario, Canada, have rolled out work-from-home operations in the past week, and more may follow soon. “When these technologies were developed, they were oft.
GE Reports 03/19/2020 18:22
GE Healthcare, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical technology and equipment, is adding production lines, hiring workers and expanding output to help arm hospitals and medical professionals with the equipment they need to diagnose and care for patients suffering from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.
GE Reports 03/14/2020 16:58
It was summer 2018, and Stephen Bush was starting to worry. Months of research were about to go down the drain if he couldn’t convince a room of his colleagues that quantum mechanics was the future of cryptography. Bush and his team at GE Research had been exploring using quantum mechanics — the confounding physics discipline that holds that electrons can sometimes be in multiple locations simultaneously — to help encode crucial data flying over the internet. He had prepared an application for a Department of Energy (DOE) grant that could award $3.9 million to make his team’s ideas a reality. But before he could submit the application, he needed a group of GE scientists to sign off on his approach. And in that moment, they weren’t buying it.
GE Reports 03/14/2020 16:55
Researchers amplified nerve signals so amputees could control prosthetic hands with their brains, scientists shed light into the area of the brain that enables people to navigate using landmarks, and a study found a way to predict the virality of online videos by imaging the brains of folks who watched them.
GE Reports 03/12/2020 14:20
How hot is a jet engine? So hot that scientists have been enlisting the world’s most powerful computers to figure out how to cool them without sacrificing the energy the heat can deliver. “Just like biologists use microscopes or astronomers use telescopes, high-fidelity simulations empower researchers to see what they otherwise could not,” says Rick Arthur, an engineer at GE Research. The supercomputers allow scientists like Arthur and his colleague Michal Osusky, a lead thermosciences engineer at GE Research, to precisely simulate how heat flows inside jet engines and gas turbines working inside power plants. The work may seem like an arcane corner of engineering, but the benefits can be huge. Even tiny improvements in turbine efficiency y.
GE Reports 03/10/2020 23:29
By Camille Levy, CEO, Asia Pacific and China – Steam Power at GE Power. As we come together to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), I’m excited to join a growing pool of women leaders in Asia who are elevating the conversation of this year’s UN Women’s theme: . 2020 will be a pivotal year for many sectors—energy, technology, healthcare—but underlying the growth of these will be women’s advancement, a quiet but powerful issue which is a driving force in unlocking APAC’s key economic opportunities. WHAT IS AT STAKE? To understand the opportunity, it is perhaps useful to first understand the human capital demands that our region’s growth will put on our businesses in the upcoming years.
GE Reports 03/10/2020 10:46
When a power outage occurs and the lights go out, every minute counts. Some of these disruptions may be significant enough to cause a power station to shut down, or trip in industry parlance. In these situations, electric utilities can draw on other generating units to stabilize the grid. But the issue is most units require grid power to start. Should an entire grid become lose power, or “de-energize,” due to a significant event (e.g. a hurricane hits), that grid must be “re-energized” carefully beginning with a single generator — a “black start” unit — that has the ability to start without grid power. In the past, such “black starts” usually required separate gas or diesel generators to start larger generators that are capable of providing.
GE Reports 03/09/2020 11:45
Iceland is known for its breathtaking fjords, volcanoes and hot springs. But when Katherine MacManus studied abroad there one summer, she discovered an attraction that’s a little harder to convey in an Instagram post: More than comes from renewable resources. This revelation soon became a preoccupation for the 24-year-old biochemical engineering major. What role could technology play in making energy cleaner? Was it feasible for other countries to model themselves after Iceland? “I realized that power was something I could get behind and be passionate about,” she says. Each question further ignited her curiosity, lighting a path toward a career in the power industry and an internship at GE Gas Power in her hometown of Atlanta. In between an.

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