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ITPRO 02/22/2019 06:27
Rene Millman. 22 Feb, 2019. Title. Security flaw. Description. Alt Text. Security flaw. Security researchers have discovered a bug in the WinRAR file compression application that can allow hackers to execute code remotely. The flaw has existed in all versions of the software for the last 19 years. According to a blog post by researchers at Check Point Software, the exploit works by just extracting an archive, and puts over 500 million users at risk. “We found a logical bug using the WinAFL fuzzer and exploited it in WinRAR to gain full control over a victim’s computer,” said Nadav Grossman of Check Point Software. “The exploit works by just extracting an archive and puts over 500 million users at risk. This vulnerability has existed for over 19 ye.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 06:00
Keumars Afifi-Sabet. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Image of the Labour Party website. The Labour Party has reported an alleged data breach to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) over fears the personal data of party members was improperly accessed following the resignation of several MPs this week. It is understood the party has accused at least one of the eight former Labour MP who left to join The Independent Group (TIG) of improperly accessing party systems to contact members after their resignation. The ICO confirmed it had received a complaint from the Labour Party ahead of a full report being made in the near future, with a spokesperson telling IT Pro : "We have received an initial report of a data breach from the L.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 05:52
Connor Jones. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Google. After a 20,000 person-strong and months-long protest from Google employees, they have finally won their right to file class-action lawsuits against the company. The news follows similar protests which transpired last year whereby workers rallied en masse to protest the forced arbitration rule in their contracts, which resulted in Google ending the rule for individual sexual harassment cases . Workers didn't stop there, the protests continued and on Thursday, Google said it would put an end to the forced arbitration rule altogether with a date set for 21 March. The announcement affects all Google employees, current and future, but won't be made applicable to cases which happened
ITPRO 02/22/2019 05:41
Rene Millman. 22 Feb, 2019. Alt Text. malware. Security researchers have discovered malware mining the Monero cryptocurrency using hacking tools such as Radmin and Mimikatz to propagate through Windows systems. According to a blog post by security researchers at Trend Micro, the malware scans for open port 445 and exploit a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability MS17-010 (patched in 2017) for its infection and propagation routines.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 05:36
Bobby Hellard. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Donald Trump gurning. Donald Trump appears to have softened his stance on foreign companies by calling for the US to "win through competition, not by blocking out more advanced technology". The 45th US President's comments came out on Thursday morning, via his preferred platform, Twitter.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 05:33
Clare Hopping. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. Google. Alt Text. Google Cloud Services Platform. Google has launched itself into the hybrid cloud arena, launching Google Cloud Service Platform to help businesses take advantage of a mixed on-premise and cloud services at once. CSP is built upon Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and integrates GKE On-Prem, which allows all of Google’s services to be pushed through to datacentres if a business doesn’t want to (or their sensitive data doesn’t allow for it to) operate solely on the cloud. It will especially be useful for highly-regulated businesses that need to keep ownership of their data, but also companies that need to run legacy applications in their own datacentre, rather than in the cloud. See related. Setti.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 05:27
Clare Hopping. 22 Feb, 2019. Title. Cloud security. Description. Alt Text. Cloud security. Criminals are increasingly targeting the cloud and mobile environments of businesses because they’re the least protected infrastructure, Check Point has revealed. The insights are backed up by evidence in the form of the cyber security company’s 2019 Security Report, with almost a fifth of businesses having experienced a security incident over the last 12 months, including data leaks and breaches and malware. See related. Setting a trap for hackers. Microsoft flags IIS flaw that could lead to 100% CPU usage spikes when exploited. Popular password managers found to have serious flaws. “The third installment of our 2019 Security Report shows just how vulnerable or.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 02:09
Clare Hopping. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. O2. Alt Text. O2 and 5G. O2 has announced its 5G network will hit parts of the UK this year, making it the latest UK mobile provider to announce the general availability of the next generation of mobile broadband. The 5G service will launch in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London, with other areas benefiting from speeds of up to 10Gbps as devices become more mainstream. See related. What is 5G and how far are we from rollout? 4G vs 5G - what's the difference? Qualcomm reveals Snapdragon X55 to drive 5G into 2020. O2 is focusing on the 5G benefits to business with its 5G promotion campaign, stressing that it’s working with businesses to promote the benefits of 5G tech within their organisation. “5G is a promis.
ITPRO 02/22/2019 02:07
Clare Hopping. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. Microsoft. Alt Text. Windows 10 app. Microsoft has formally announced its Office app for Windows 10, helping Windows 10 users organise and access their documents, apps and files on demand, even if they aren’t paying for the company’s full-fact productivity suite. It’s an update to the former My Office app and will come preinstalled on Windows 10 machines, allowing users to access the power of Office, even if they don’t have an Office 365 subscription and are using the free version of Office Online. See related. Microsoft adds automated transcription to OneDrive. Microsoft continues Linux involvement with direct access to files from Windows. If the user has Microsoft’s productivity applications installed on their.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 10:09
Bobby Hellard. 22 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Barcelona. It's that time of year again, where tech-loving folk descend on Barcelona for GSMA's annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) event. MWC is famous for smartphone launches and despite the three biggest manufacturers (Apple, Huawei and Samsung) choosing to have their own special events for flagship devices, there's still plenty of exciting new handsets to be seen. Ahead of the event, Samsung laid down the gauntlet with both a foldable device ( Galaxy Fold ) and a 5G-enabled smartphone ( S105G ).
ITPRO 02/21/2019 08:21
Barry Collins. 22 Feb, 2019. About 20 years ago, I hit the nadir of my career in tech journalism. Egged on by my editor at the Sunday Times, I wrote a column lobbing bricks at these so-called smartphones that had just arrived on the market. There's nothing smart about these hulking great lumps of glass and plastic, I wrote. They're terrible phones, terrible cameras, terrible at everything. They are - I confidently predicted - as dead as a dodo. We even illustrated it with a drawing of a dodo carrying a smartphone, lest anyone not grasp the subtle point I was making. Twentysomething me, of course, made a rookie error. I wrote off an entire genre of technology based on the first devices available on the market. What I didn't appreciate at the t.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 08:10
Keumars Afifi-Sabet. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Cyber criminal extorting people at their terminal for cash. The cyber extortion landscape is far more diverse and varied than businesses have previously acknowledged, with tiers of malicious actors building an entire 'micro-economy' around sensitive corporate information. Gangs of cyber criminals are trading stolen company secrets and intellectual property (IP) for cash to less sophisticated outfits, which are then monetising the information in increasingly innovative ways, according to research by Digital Shadows. The report titled ' A Tale of Epic Extortions: How cybercriminals monetise our online exposure ' examined the emerging trends in the cyber extortion landscape, and how.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 05:57
Keumars Afifi-Sabet. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Photo of a Microsoft building with clouds in view. Microsoft has released a security alert outlining a vulnerability with its web server technology that, if exploited, could block or slow down the entire system. The denial of service (DoS) issue, first detected by F5 Networks' Gal Goldshtein, affects HTTP/2 connections to the Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) platform, built for use with the Windows NT operating system. See related. 17 Windows 10 problems - and how to fix them. What to do if you're still running Windows 7. Don't like Windows 10?
ITPRO 02/21/2019 05:04
Keumars Afifi-Sabet. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Zuckerberg looking worried. The culture secretary will hold talks with Mark Zuckerberg today in an attempt to engage the Facebook CEO just weeks before the government releases proposals to regulate big tech companies. Secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) Jeremy Wright will be granted 30 minutes of Zuckerberg's time, according to the BBC , at the company's Californian headquarters today. See related. 17 Windows 10 problems - and how to fix them. What to do if you're still running Windows 7. Don't like Windows 10?
ITPRO 02/21/2019 04:48
Siobhan Conners. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Shutterstock. Alt Text. Robotic and human hands meeting. The UK government has launched a new skills and talent initiative that will see the creation of a series of industry-backed post-graduate AI courses, with the goal of training thousands of students each year. This marks the first time the country will have a nationwide programme of industry-funded AI Masters courses that are paired with work-based job placements.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 03:13
Bobby Hellard. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Bobby Hellard. Alt Text. S105G - showcased by Samsung. Samsung has confirmed plans to launch a 5G-enabled version of its Galaxy smartphone range early in the summer. While most of the talk from yesterday's launch will be focused on the company's foldable phone (Galaxy Fold) Samsung also unveiled a 5G enabled device - the S105G. The Galaxy S105G will be one of Samsung's biggest ever devices and the first phone to be 5G ready.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 03:07
Clare Hopping. 21 Feb, 2019. Alt Text. Huawei logo and padlock. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has not yet decided whether it will allow Huawei to provide the infrastructure for nationwide 5G networks, despite saying any risks of using the company’s hardware can be mitigated. Ciaran Martin, head of NCSC, explained that it hadn’t yet decided upon how it would handle security for 5G networks, but the government would continue to regulate how Huawei’s technology is used. "Our regime is arguably the toughest and most rigorous oversight regime in the world for Huawei," Martin said.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 03:02
Bobby Hellard. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Samsung. Alt Text. Galaxy Fold. Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Fold on Wednesday night, its foldable smartphone, during the launch of the latest models from its Galaxy series. The new foldable device will be available on 26 April in the US and 3 May in Europe and will cost a whopping $1,980 (£1,517). The device has taken nearly a decade to develop and will be a 4G version initially and will have a 5G variation in the near future. Presenting the phone in the US, Samsung's senior VP for mobile, Justin Denison said: "The Galaxy Fold is a device unlike any that has come before it". See related. Government and tech sector invest £1 billion in the UK's AI future. The UK's AI sector is booming... at least for now.
ITPRO 02/21/2019 03:02
Bobby Hellard. 21 Feb, 2019. Credits. Samsung. Alt Text. Galaxy Fold. Samsung finally unveiled its much talked about Galaxy Fold yesterday. The foldable smartphone, which was unveiled during the launch of the latest models from its Galaxy series, will be available from 26 April in the US and 3 May in Europe and will cost a whopping $1,980 (£1,517). The device has taken nearly a decade to develop and will be a 4G version initially, with a 5G variation available in the near future, according to Samsung.
ITPRO 02/20/2019 09:58
David Howell. 20 Feb, 2019. Many businesses faced with complying with Making Tax Digital (MTD) need to take some time to assess their current business needs, how these might change in the near to medium-term future, and figure out what technology they'll need to comply. The key driver behind MTD is to move businesses, no matter their size, to some form of digital accounting.

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