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New Republic 09/18/2020 14:48
The Jared Kushner Phenomenon—how this unpleasant and widely loathed man, the perpetual son, became so important to the Trump administration—would be very interesting, if it weren’t . It would be funny, too, that he is so massively incompetent, so out of his depth that you can barely see the top of his , if he wasn’t one of the principal authors of the current pandemic crisis. He is the least effective psychopath in American history, managing to be both ruthlessly dedicated to enriching himself and also really bad at it. He has the malice of Cy Tolliver and the brains of E.B. Farnum. How fascinating: A very rare Type of Guy, right in our own White House. A new from Vanity Fair has provided fresh evidence of how Kushner’s unique incompetence
New Republic 09/18/2020 06:00
We live in an anxious society almost pathologically obsessed with leadership. Self-help books package its secrets for frustrated middle managers. Websites offer listicles of tips for how to make leaders of your children. (“Teach them to be winners,” “Surround them with leaders,”, threateningly.) Universities offer undergraduate majors in the subject. And every presidential campaign inspires countless stories about men and women making “” and taking “.”Journalists present these vanquishing heroes as great leaders of men, forged in crisis—their devotion to the myth of presidential leadership being a natural by-product of a media industry preoccupied by speculations about the persona of the person in the Oval Office. If
New Republic 09/18/2020 06:00
Everyone hates millennials. To Baby Boomers, millennials are lazy, entitled, spoiled, narcissistic, simultaneously stuck in our parents’ basements and wielding enough economic clout to “. ” entire industries—from diamonds, paper napkins, and bar soap to department stores, golf, and Applebee’s. To. , millennials are wine-guzzling solipsists, obsessed with “’90s culture,” constantly complaining about the difficulties of “adulting,” endlessly striving for a stability that will never materialize. Or, as one Gen Z-er. pithily on TikTok not long ago, “they be 34 talking about ‘i’m a hufflepuff’ like grow up and do a line of coke already.”Not even meriting a capitalization, we millennials—the generation born between 1981 and 1996, give or take—are u.
New Republic 09/18/2020 06:00
Five years ago this week, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign hit a snag. The second Republican primary debate had not gone well, and he was taking so much flak for failing to correct an Islamophobic supporter at a rally in New Hampshire that he an event in South Carolina scheduled for the next day. In just 72 hours, he seemed to go from dominant front-runner to an amateur making rookie mistakes. Heading to Iowa on September 19 for a meeting of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, where every major Republican candidate was making an appearance, he apparently decided to . “I brought my Bible,” he to the audience of conservative Christians, waving a faded blue hardcover embossed with the words Donald Trump as he took the podium. “See? I’m better.
New Republic 09/18/2020 06:00
Workdays in fiction aren’t like real workdays at all. Office novels will never adequately capture the deadening experience of exchanging your time for money, of watching your hours, like elastic bands, stretch out to the snapping point. They tend to lack the minute experiences that lend offices their particular flavor: hundreds of closed-lip smiles, hundreds of emails, hundreds of bland yogurts eaten at bland desks. Yet the workdays in Vigdis Hjorth’s novel, , ring false for another reason altogether: They feel unrealistic because her protagonist actually enjoys her job. Ellinor, Hjorth’s narrator, is a publicist tasked with handling the Norwegian postal union’s against the Third Postal Services Directive in 2011. Proposed by the European U.
New Republic 09/18/2020 06:00
Book publishers have had a chaotic year. There have been protests and walkouts over Woody Allen’s and the industry’s —unprecedented activism in an industry with little . One Big Five publisher, Simon & Schuster, is ; two have . And then there is the ongoing fallout from Covid-19, which shuttered bookstores across the country. On Thursday, things got even crazier. Barack Obama and Penguin Random House that the first volume of the president’s memoir, A Promised Land , will drop on November 17—two weeks after the presidential election. That book will cover Obama’s presidency from his election in 2008 to the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011. The memoir “brings readers inside the Oval Office and the White House Situation Room, and to Moscow, Cai.
New Republic 09/17/2020 16:51
On Wednesday afternoon, and reported that Attorney General Bill Barr instructed federal prosecutors last week to pursue harsher charges against alleged rioters. Among his reported suggestions was sedition, an archaic and extraordinary offense that implies the defendants were trying to overthrow the federal government. According to the Times , he also floated possible charges against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin over policies she pursued towards protests that took place in her city over the summer. On Wednesday night, Barr at Hillsdale College on “the Constitution and the rule of law” that doubled as a barely disguised defense of his two-year tenure as attorney general. In it, he criticized unnamed Department of Justice (DOJ) officials for pur.
New Republic 09/17/2020 13:23
It was in 2014 that the “rolling coal” phenomenon was first brought to our attention. Conservative drivers, a flurry of articles reported that summer, had taken to modifying their trucks to produce comically large and thick plumes of black smoke that were often directed at the drivers of eco-friendly vehicles—a middle finger to not only the environmentally conscious but the Obama administration, environmental regulations, and liberalism broadly speaking. In one piece, Slate’s David Weigel placed the trend alongside other Obama-era displays of political petulance ⁠on the right, from the furor over Michelle Obama’s nutrition initiatives to the campaigns against environmentally friendly fluorescent lightbulbs. “The liberals seem a little surpr.
New Republic 09/17/2020 06:01
Joni Culver was born in Iowa in 1970 and raised by a mother who felt, at times, isolated by a farm life spent cooking and cleaning. At seven, asked as part of a second-grade project to name a potential career, the future U.S. senator offered three—Nurse, Farmer’s Wife, and Miss America. By the time she was a high school junior in Coke-bottle glasses and braces, Miss America seemed a less plausible outcome, and Joni was unduly grateful for the attention of a classmate who soon became her boyfriend. When this boyfriend hit her in front of her friends, she made excuses for him. When she was accepted to Iowa State, he was displeased, and when she returned home during her second semester, he raped her. Joni joined the ROTC. It was in this capaci.
New Republic 09/17/2020 06:00
The Republican Party this week is looking like a house divided on climate change: Specifically, it seems split between business interests who want at least the veneer of corporate responsibility and ideologues who think global warming is a conspiracy to make white men feel guilty. Visiting a burning California on Monday, Donald Trump suggested that the planet will "start getting cooler," doubling down on a brand of old-school climate denial that he’d recently seemed to be pivoting away from, given that he banned oil drilling off the coast of Florida just a few days earlier.
New Republic 09/17/2020 06:00
Earlier this week, multiple human rights organizations filed a on behalf of women detained at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Georgia. Based on accounts from detainees and corroborated by a nurse who worked at the facility, the Irwin County Detention Center, the complaint alleges multiple examples of substandard medical care, particularly around . But what has drawn the most public outcry is allegations of what has been described as or sterilizations. “When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp. It was like they’re experimenting with our bodies,” one detained immigrant told Project South, one of the groups who filed the complaint. She said she knew of five
New Republic 09/17/2020 06:00
, Robert Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett’s ambitious new study of American Progressivism found and lost, opens with a disturbing vision. If Alexis de Tocqueville, who. of American democracy in the 1830s, were transported into the present, the authors imagine, this is what he would see: an inordinate and grotesque segregation of the population by class; an economy ruled by corporate monopolies, gaining ever-greater power through mergers and acquisitions; workers powerless to negotiate for themselves amid the suppression of labor unions; and reckless corporate managers whose only aim is to make money for their shareholders, acting with little or no regard for any public interest. He would see the transmutation of corporate financial power in.
New Republic 09/16/2020 06:00
A visual recently assembled by The New York Times reveals in stark detail the dearth of people of color, in the year 2020, in the country’s halls of power. Of the 24 people in the Trump administration, only three aren’t white. Only six of the top 25 companies in the United States are led by people of color; among the presidents of the top 25 universities, all but one is white. Over in publishing, things are worse: The editors in chief of the 10 most-read magazines are all white, as are the heads of the five largest book publishers. But Corporate America is, if anything, highly attuned to which way the wind is blowing. As a result of the nationwide protests over police brutality and the ongoing tension between the radical demands of activist.
New Republic 09/16/2020 06:00
Our office burned down last Tuesday. The little green and white rented bungalow along Route 99 was filled with art, houseplants, laughter, and sometimes tears. It was a meeting place for Latinx youth to have coffee and organize climate justice events in their community. We built folding desks so we could fill the space with volunteers while campaigning against the fracked gas pipeline a Canadian company is trying to ram through Oregon’s forests. Now those walls and desks are all rubble, still hot to the touch. As part of Rogue Climate, a local climate justice organization with an office in Phoenix, Oregon, we’ve fought for years not just against fossil fuel projects changing our climate but also to demand justice for those in our community
New Republic 09/16/2020 06:00
It is hard to choose the worst story of the Trump era, but a whistleblower complaint filed on Monday with the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general is surely among them. The complaint, which was brought by a coalition of legal-advocacy and human-rights groups in the South, at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, which houses people detained for immigration violations by. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (. ICE). It describes a litany of health and safety failures at the facility, including insufficient COVID-19 precautions, substandard testing and care, intentional destruction and falsification of medical records, and more. The most searing allegations of misconduct came from former nurse Dawn Wooten, who that multip.
New Republic 09/16/2020 06:00
A century ago, economic experts thought everybody living in the. present era would have it made. And broadly speaking, we do: We live longer, we. seldom try benightedly to “cure” gay people, we no longer have to leave the. house to watch a movie, and so on. But that’s not what the economic experts. were talking about. They were talking about how much easier it would become to. earn a living wage—and there, they were quite wrong. Writing in 1930, at the start of the Great Depression, John Maynard Keynes the high unemployment of that moment “to our discovery of means of economizing the use of labor outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for labor.” But that would sort itself out, Keynes predicted confidently. Eventually, the glories of
New Republic 09/16/2020 06:00
Critics rarely recommend movies their readers have little chance of seeing in the near future. Nonetheless, you can only watch Armando Ianucci’s new film, The Personal History of David Copperfield, by physically going to a cinema—something a New York–based professor of medicine recently to “Russian roulette” during a pandemic like ours. It is a disappointing situation but also fitting, since contagious respiratory illnesses are such a hallmark of the nineteenth-century English novel. From Jane Eyre’s friend Helen Burns dying meekly in the school’s “fever room” to the pale-cheeked Smikes who expires passively on “a fine, mild autumn day” in Charles Dickens’s Nicholas Nickleby , these books are crawling with illnesses like cholera, diphtheria.
New Republic 09/15/2020 12:51
In a video shared by the United Farm Workers on Friday evening, the sky was orange and the air hazy. In Oregon City, Oregon, that day, the Air Quality Index was between 201 to 300, deemed “” by the Environmental Protection Agency. But the farmworkers were there all the same, standing in a field with masks, handkerchiefs, and neck gaiters on, trying to pick as many grapes off the vine as possible. It’s not just Oregon. In California, 38-year-old farmworker Juan Reyes The Guardian his chest and throat were hurting after a full day of picking strawberries and that he was having “difficulty breathing.” At a grape field in Lodi, picker Luis Sandoval ABC10 the notion of hazard pay was never broached by his boss. Go back , and you’ll see a familia.
New Republic 09/15/2020 06:00
Even by Donald Trump’s standards, his September has been dismal. No convention ; allegations that he soldiers killed in the line of duty “losers”; a bombshell Bob Woodward in which Trump admitted, on the record, that he downplayed the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. Oh, and the pandemic is still killing a thousand Americans a day. Recent polling has shown that Trump is trailing Biden in nearly every key metric: leadership, trust, even the president’s big campaign slogan. And yet there is a silver lining for the president: Trump still has a. on who is trusted more on the economy—despite the fact that the economy has careened into a recession under his watch. Trump’s allies were quick to seize on this morsel of good news. Speaking to Chris
New Republic 09/15/2020 06:00
If you haven’t heard of Ernest “Ernie” Moniz, there’s still a good chance you’ve seen a picture of him. The 75-year-old nuclear physicist, MIT professor emeritus, multimillionaire, and former energy secretary for the Obama administration sports longish silver hair that looks fit for a daguerrotype. His aesthetic sensibilities have turned him into a lovable meme among energy wonks, who for the most part regard him as a slightly quirky but eminently competent, whip-smart technocrat, credited as a central figure in negotiating the Iran nuclear deal. In the last few weeks, this once-improbable figure of controversy has become a symbol of just how much climate politics have changed since the Obama era—a flashpoint in a growing fight over what en.

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