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The Vox 09/29/2020 03:01
Amazon wants shoppers at its stores — and those of other retailers — to pay by palm with Amazon One. | Amazon. And, it hopes, other retailers’ stores in the future. Amazon accounts for nearly 40 percent of e-commerce sales in the US today, and it takes a cut of even more online shopping by selling payments services and other technologies to external shopping sites. Now, the online retail giant is making a play to grab a piece of brick-and-mortar shopping, too — and it wants customers to literally lend a hand to do it. Amazon on Tuesday is unveiling a new biometric technology called Amazon One that allows shoppers to pay at stores by placing their palm over a scanning device when they walk in the door or when they check out. The first time th.
The Vox 09/28/2020 18:30
President Donald Trump speaking during a press conference in the briefing room of the White House on September 27, moments after the blockbuster New York Times story on his tax returns broke. | Joshua Roberts/Getty Images. Donald Trump’s tax scheme and the system that let him get away with it for so long. The problem isn’t just Donald Trump from his taxes or counting his family home in Westchester County as a business expense. It’s also the system that let him do it. on has sparked outrage in some corners about his tax bill and business practices. The Times discovered that Trump paid no federal income taxes at all for several years, and in 2016 and 2017, he paid just $750. It also revealed enormous losses Trump says he incurred on his busine.
The Vox 09/28/2020 15:45
Joe Biden’s plan to beat the Covid-19 pandemic is founded on a simple premise: leadership matters. | Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images. Donald Trump botched America’s Covid-19 response. Joe Biden thinks he has a plan to fix it. Joe Biden’s plan to beat back in the United States is founded on a simple premise: leadership matters. President Donald Trump has thus far, according to most experts, and the numbers tell the tale: . He’s tried to tasked with managing the response. Millions of people are still . Thousands of businesses have that will never reopen. Biden’s campaign has spent the last six months coming up with its plan to fix it. “What worries me now is we’ve been living with this pandemic for so long, we’re at risk of bec.
The Vox 09/28/2020 15:40
President Donald Trump and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan leave the stage after the family photo to head to the plenary session at the NATO summit at the Grove hotel in Watford, northeast of London, on December 4, 2019. | Peter Nicholls/AFP via Getty Images. Countries use Trump’s business to influence US foreign policy. The entanglements between President Donald Trump’s foreign policy and his global business have long been an unnerving feature of his White House tenure, giving rise to ethics concerns — as well as fears that allies and adversaries might use those businesses to manipulate the executive branch. The over the past two decades helped expose the nature of some of those ties abroad — and they’re more extensive than the pres.
The Vox 09/28/2020 14:00
Gina Rodriguez and Evan Rachel Wood in Kajillionaire . | Focus Features. Kajillionaire, the multi-hyphenate artist’s new comedy, exudes affection for the awkward. One night in October 2015 — an entire world ago — I thought I was going to the theater, but it turned out I was joining a new society. That phrase, “New Society,” was the title , in an intimate experimental space. The show’s creator — and, I thought, sole performer — was the artist Miranda July. But once it began I realized that actually, we in the audience were the performers. July came out onstage and in consternation told us that she’d forgotten all her lines and we’d have to collaborate to do something else. We’d participate in a kind of thought experiment but pretend it was re.
The Vox 09/28/2020 13:50
Chicago police officers investigate an officer-involved shooting outside the department’s 25th district station on July 30. | Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune via Getty Images. The homicide rate is up in big American cities, including those run by Democrats and Republicans. As if the pandemic wasn’t bad enough, American cities are also seeing a surge in homicides this year. A new , by the Council on Criminal Justice, found that the homicide rate increased sharply this summer across 27 US cities: “Homicide rates between June and August of 2020 increased by 53% over the same period in 2019, and aggravated assaults went up by 14%.” Other data, from , found that murder is up 28 percent throughout the year so far, compared to the same time period in.
The Vox 09/28/2020 13:30
Trump hawks his book How to Get Rich in 2004. | Ramin Talaie/Corbis via Getty Images. A single adult without kids making $18,000 would have paid more. On Sunday night, the that it had obtained Donald Trump’s tax returns, and revealed that the president (whose net worth ) claimed to owe only $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017. Obviously, the federal income tax is a tax on income, not wealth, but still — it seems odd that someone that rich would have only a $750 income tax burden. Mark Mazur, the director of the Tax Policy Center (America’s leading nonpartisan tax think tank) and a former assistant secretary for tax policy at the Treasury Department, told me that according to TPC’s models, about half of American tax units* paid.
The Vox 09/28/2020 12:56
Zac Freeland/Vox. The race to shift the balance of power in the US Senate is fiercely contested. Here’s what you need to know about the most important races. The battle for control of the US Senate is just as important as . Even if Democratic nominee becomes president, his chances of actually delivering on a bold agenda fall significantly if Republicans retain control of the Senate. A gridlocked has meant little progress on key issues like health care, climate change, and now economic recovery during the . When it comes to this year’s Senate races, multiple states look highly competitive for Democrats, including Colorado, Arizona, Maine, North Carolina, Georgia, Montana, and Iowa. Meanwhile, Republicans are on offense in two states: Alabama
The Vox 09/28/2020 10:40
Nintendo. The world continues to be the worst right now. Thankfully, there are old-school video games. is Vox’s recommendations feature. In each edition, find one more thing from the world of culture that we highly recommend. It’s September, and 2020 is getting close to being over. Good, because 2020 sucks. This year has been a log flume ride straight into an overfilled splash pool of exhaustion, anxiety, and disempowerment. The pandemic has robbed us of stress-relieving fun. As we trudge toward a monumental election, every waking moment can feel like a series of blinks toward doom. And the surging course that Black Lives Matter has taken throughout the year has come with searing reminders of how unjust and terrible American society often is.
The Vox 09/28/2020 10:30
A volunteer points a voter to a designated ballot drop box in Lake Oswego, Oregon, on November 6, 2018. | Gillian Flaccus/AP. How Oregon adopted a vote-by-mail system. Steve Druckenmiller loved voting, and he loved elections, but he really thought voting by mail was a crazy idea. So when the subject came up during his interview for the job of elections supervisor in Linn County, Oregon, in 1984, he thought, O h crap. “Sir, I think it stinks,” Druckenmiller recalls telling , then the Linn County Clerk, who interviewed him for the position. Mr. Riley looked at him, big eyes behind big glasses, and thanked Druckenmiller for coming in. Druckenmiller figured, W ell, I almost had it. But a few days later, Riley offered Druckenmiller the job of sup.
The Vox 09/28/2020 08:10
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images. President Trump and Vice President Biden will share the debate stage for the first time in Ohio. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this an election season unlike any other, but one constant will be the debates. President and former Vice President will face off onstage for . Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace the debate, which will run from 9 to 10:30 pm ET. He has six topics for the debate: Trump’s and Biden’s records, the Supreme Court, the ongoing pandemic, the economy, race and violence in cities, and the integrity of the election. The fifth topic, “Race and Violence in our Cities,” — it appears to focus more on urban unrest than the struggle for racial justice. Bend the Arc, a liberal Jewish group, the
The Vox 09/28/2020 08:00
Health care professionals prepare to screen people for the coronavirus at a parking lot in Landover, Maryland, on March 30, 2020. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. America keeps making the same mistakes over and over. So another surge of coronavirus cases seems likely. The surge of Covid-19 cases and deaths in America over the summer resulted from a toxic mix of factors: states reopening, lockdown fatigue, and a season typically filled with vacations and holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. People gathered and celebrated indoors — at bars, restaurants, and friends and family’s homes. Millions of people got sick, and tens of thousands died. This fall, experts worry it will all happen again: States are rolling back restrictions, p.
The Vox 09/28/2020 07:00
Halloween might look a little different, but there are still scares and sweets. | Getty Images. Candy companies, haunted houses, and Party City are still ready for the spookiest holiday. Right now, I should be wandering the blood-soaked halls of a decrepit house. There should be a chainsaw-wielding clown waiting in the shadows. I should be struggling to see in the dark, about to suffer a mild panic attack when an air cannon shoots me in the face. Instead, I’m sitting on my couch alone, with no demented clowns in sight. You see, I’m supposed to be at Universal Studios, celebrating the 30th anniversary of their iconic haunted theme park event, . Unfortunately, the event was called off in the wake of the . For Halloween fanatics like me, the we.
The Vox 09/28/2020 02:54
Whose vote counts, Explained/Netflix. Minority rule has reached the highest court in the land. The confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, back in 1991, was a squeaker: 52 yeas, 48 nays — the narrowest margin in over a century. The senators who voted to put him on the bench had won their most recent elections with a combined tally of 42 million votes.
The Vox 09/28/2020 02:54
Whose vote counts, Explained/Netflix. Additional resources for Vox’s new . America is the world’s oldest democracy, founded on the that governments “derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.” But around 40 percent of American voters today choose not to give that consent. That turnout rate lags behind most other developed democracies. A majority of Americans now say their government .
The Vox 09/28/2020 02:52
Whose vote counts, Explained/Netflix. Three new Explained episodes on the ways our democracy is broken. Elections aren’t just a measure of what parties and candidates people prefer; they’re a measure of who counts in a country. And that’s what Vox’s new Netflix special series Whose Vote Counts is about. You can watch all three episodes , launching on Monday, September 28. Americans vote at much lower rates than , and one of the most common reasons given is that people . Voting does matter, enormously — but it makes sense that so many Americans feel that way. All kinds of systems unique to the United States keep voters from the polls, tip elections in favor of moneyed interests, and give some votes a lot more power than others. For the three
The Vox 09/27/2020 21:05
Getty Images. The New York Times’ major new story reveals that Trump had political, legal, and financial reasons to hold the returns back. One of the biggest secrets in American politics — what’s in the tax returns that President Donald Trump has refused to release for so long — has at last been revealed, by the . Times journalists Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig, and Mike McIntire obtained "tax-return data extending over more than two decades" related to the president, and have revealed their findings in .
The Vox 09/27/2020 18:10
Sen. Lindsey Graham during a September 2020 Senate Appropriations Committee hearing. | Anna Moneymaker/Pool/Getty Images. He’s setting up Judge Amy Coney Barrett for a full Senate vote before the end of October. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham laid out a swift timeline on Sunday for confirming President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, , telling his committee will approve Barrett by October 22. That could tee up her nomination for a full Senate vote . Graham’s schedule is putting the Senate on track for what could be one of the fastest , and there’s that Democrats can do about it. Graham told Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo that the confirmation process would begin October 12. A day of introduction would be f.
The Vox 09/27/2020 16:40
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leaves a campaign event on September 27, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. | Alex Wong/Getty Images. Joe Biden is leading the polls in September. That puts him in historically good company. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s over President Donald Trump in national polling now stands at a 10 percentage point margin in new polling of registered voters conducted by the . That lead was reflected in additional polls reported over the weekend — in an poll of likely voters, Biden led Trump by 4 percentage points, a slight jump from an August Emerson poll that . Biden’s lead over Trump has been remarkably consistent — he held a lead in over Trump during the Democratic nomination process back in 2019, an.
The Vox 09/27/2020 14:52
Sens. Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin at the 2020 State of the Union address. | Mario Tama/Getty Images. Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin said he’s part of Democratic discussions on changes to Senate rules. Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) indicated on Sunday that Democrats are engaged in serious discussions about abolishing the filibuster should their party regain control of the Senate in November. Speaking on On ABC’s This Week , Durbin was noncommittal about where the Democratic Party’s discussions may lead, but said talks about changing the Senate’s rules are now necessary because he believes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has caused the “destruction” of the US Senate. This Week host George Stephanopoulos specifically asked

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