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Verge 07/24/2019 04:22
After successfully collecting enough unused gadgets to extract the required amount of precious metals, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee has revealed its Olympic medal designs exactly one year before the Games are set to start. The medals were designed by Junichi Kawanishi, who won a competition that drew entries from more than 400 professional designers and design students. The medals are all 85mm in diameter, measuring 7.7mm at their thinnest part and 12.1mm at their thickest. The gold medals use more than 6 grams of gold plating on pure silver, the silver medals are made from pure silver, and the bronze medals use a red brass alloy made up of 95-percent copper and 5-percent zinc. IOC regulations mandated that the design should...
Verge 07/24/2019 03:59
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge. RED’s Hydrogen One phone had a to say the least, and founder Jim Jannard has offered a partial explanation while announcing the first details on the device’s successor. In a on the Hydrogen-focused website, Jannard blames the Hydrogen One’s unnamed Chinese ODM (original design manufacturer) for having “significantly under-performed” and making it “impossible” to fix the issues with the phone. Now Jannard’s attention is on the Hydrogen Two as well as a that will work with both phones. The Hydrogen Two is being designed “virtually from scratch” in partnership with a new ODM that is “clearly more capable of building and supporting the product we (and our customers) demand,” Jannard...
Verge 07/23/2019 20:03
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge. If your Nintendo Switch joysticks are becoming unreliable, pointing your game in random directions even if you haven’t physically pushed them that way, you may be experiencing And though Nintendo hasn’t officially admitted to a defect, the company is now quietly repairing the controllers free of charge, . Vice says it’s obtained an internal Nintendo memo that not only instructs the company’s customer service division to repair those controllers for free, but even issue refunds for previous repairs, all without needing to prove that you actually purchased a Switch and have a valid warranty.
Verge 07/23/2019 18:52
Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images. It’s rare to see Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, HP, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, and Marvell all on the same side of the aisle, but there’s at least one place they publicly agree: they want chips and devices that freely take advantage of a new frontier in Wi-Fi, without pesky licensing or regulatory restrictions — and they’re telling the FCC they’ll need it to bring next-gen AR/VR glasses and data tethering to you. for unlicensed activity as well, providing a huge 1,200MHz chunk of wireless real estate for all manner of devices to...
Verge 07/23/2019 17:47
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge. Google’s largest smart display yet, the Nest Hub Max, in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The Hub Max was announced back at Google I/O, which was also where Google formally announced that it would . The $229 device has a 10-inch display — significantly bigger than the existing Nest Hub. Like that product, the Max automatically adjusts its screen’s white balance to give the illusion that you’re looking at printed paper whenever your photos are being displayed. New to the Hub Max is a camera for video chat. That camera also allows the Hub Max to act as a security camera when you’re away from home, much like a dedicated Nest cam. The Nest...
Verge 07/23/2019 17:22
Graphic by Michele Doying / The Verge. Sleep usually leaves people feeling rested and refreshed, but for the patients of clinical neurologist Guy Leschziner, their non-waking moments are generally anything but peaceful. One realizes that she’s been taking her motorcycle out for a ride while fast asleep only after her landlady asks her where she went. Another moves around in his sleep, acting out his dreams — and terrifying his partner in the process. Still others suffer from insomnia, sleep deprivation, and night terrors. Leschziner describes their cases and how they inform the growing world of sleep research in his recent book, The Nocturnal Brain: Nightmares, Neuroscience, and the Secret World of Sleep. “ These cases are interesting in two.
Verge 07/23/2019 17:14
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. Snap continues to rebound, adding 13 million daily active users to Snapchat this past quarter. Those added users bring the total number of people using the app around the world every day to 203 million, which is the highest it’s been since Snap went public. The growth indicates that Snap’s investment in product features for a more global user base is paying off and that its luck in creating viral face filters is helping it grow, too. Snap estimates that between 7 and 9 million users joined because of the face filters with the remaining 4 to 6 million users being attributable to the company’s broader product focuses. Last quarter, it an updated, optimized version of its Android app after years of Andro.
Verge 07/23/2019 16:51
Image: WinFuture. As we get closer to Samsung’s August 7th event for the Galaxy Note 10 and larger Note 10 Plus, more details and photos of the devices continue to make their way out. The latest development is images and specs for the larger Plus model, . These largely line up with what’s been reported previously: the Note 10 Plus will feature a 6.8-inch display but in a form factor similar to that of today’s Galaxy Note 9. Samsung’s progress with shrinking bezels and a more efficient design have allowed for a bigger screen that hopefully won’t be an unbearable strain on your hands. One difference between the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is that only the latter will include a microSD slot, according to WinFuture’s report. Neither will...
Verge 07/23/2019 16:46
The Pokémon Company is expanding its selection of mobile games with a new title out today called . Like past Pokémon Rumble games, it’s a simplified version of even the easiest pokémon battle: you tap or hold the phone’s screen to initiate attacks in linear dungeons that typically clock in under a minute. It’s a low-stakes beat ‘em up that’s as forgettable as it is easy to play. Rumble Rush was back in May, but this release marks its arrival on iOS. It’s a straightforward premise. You control a single pokémon as it forges ahead through a straight-shot level. Defeating waves of oncoming hostile pokémon will net you rewards like a capture or loot. With each new pokémon, you have a better chance...
Verge 07/23/2019 16:40
Starbucks is aiming to expand its delivery service nationwide by early 2020 by partnering exclusively with Uber Eats. The two companies first piloted the Starbucks Delivers program last fall in Miami, and have since expanded to 11 markets in the US. According to , Starbucks and Uber Eats will also collaborate on “innovation and technology integration,” though it’s unclear exactly what that entails. Currently, Uber Eats charges a $2.49 booking fee for Starbucks delivery orders, and handles all the logistics of placing your order, picking it up, and bringing it to your door. Because orders must be made through the Uber Eats app, Starbucks customers can’t yet earn reward points. If they want reward points, they’ll have to...
Verge 07/23/2019 16:05
UPS is seeking permission from the federal government to operate an extensive network of commercial drones in the US. If approved, the delivery giant could be permitted to fly drones over populated areas, at night, and out of the operator’s line of sight. UPS is seeking what’s known as , which applies to “air carriers and operators.” Since they’re considered aircraft under federal law, drones from delivery operators like UPS are being put through the same as companies that fly planes.
Verge 07/23/2019 15:46
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge. New York City might effectively ban the controversial practice of selling consumers’ phone location data, if a new bill proposed this week passes the city council. , believed to be the first of its kind, would require wireless carriers and apps to get explicit permission before giving third parties geolocation data collected within the city.
Verge 07/23/2019 15:33
In 2017, Amazon offered its customers the chance to get packages with its new Key service. What if you’re nervous about giving Amazon the right to open your front door, but you’re also tired of having your purchases left out in the rain? Well, in 2018, Amazon offered an alternative: the company will deliver your package to the trunk of your car, where it can sit in relative security. The service is available for specific types of cars (most recently, cars from Honda and Acura) in specific cities. If you want to give it a try, here are the current requirements:. You must be a Prime member. You must live in one of the . You must have one of the following :. Buick, Cadillac,...
Verge 07/23/2019 15:04
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, a startup that develops AI-generated music software. The company, , made a tool that could automatically generate music and then let users adjust the length, tempo, and where it climaxed. While breakout TikTok videos tend to be based around licensed music — like “Old Town Road” or “Good as Hell” — it’s obvious how a tool like Jukedeck’s could fit in. TikTok’s short-form videos are designed to sync up to music, and customizable tracks could offer more creative control to users trying to find the perfect beat.
Verge 07/23/2019 15:00
On July 23rd, a tiny spacecraft in orbit around Earth unfurled a thin sheet of mylar that’s the area of a boxing ring. The result is a reflective sail that rides not on wind, but on light from the Sun to propel the vehicle through space. The spacecraft that’s now sporting a shiny new accessory is called LightSail 2, which is operated by The Planetary Society, a nonprofit organization that advocates for space exploration. Its goal is to demonstrate a way to move a vehicle through space without relying on chemical propellants, which can be heavy, toxic, and expensive to use. This solar technology could provide a cost-effective alternative to propelling vehicles around Earth and through the Solar System. “You never run out of fuel,” Bill...
Verge 07/23/2019 14:54
FaceApp. Florida Senator Rick Scott has introduced a bill that would make online retailers — including app stores — prominently list every product’s country of origin. According to Scott, it’s partly addressing over the Russia-based photo app FaceApp. It’s also supposed to push consumers away from certain foreign goods. “There are nations around the world, like China, that are trying to compete with America,” said Scott in a statement. “By buying products made by our adversaries, we are sending them money without a second thought.”The Promoting Responsibility in Markets and E-Retailers Act of 2019, abbreviated as the PRIME Act, would apply to “any internet website or other online platform through which products are...
Verge 07/23/2019 14:43
Photo by Nilay Patel / The Verge. Apple is asking the Trump administration to exclude parts for its Mac Pro desktop from tariffs, . Apple filed a series of exemption requests with the Office of the US Trade Representative (first made public on July 18th), asking that the government exempt a series of specific products from a proposed 25 percent tariff on goods imported from China.
Verge 07/23/2019 14:07
Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call. For years, independent artists working online have struggled with designs being stolen, . Given the expense and intricacy of a federal copyright lawsuit, those artists have had no good options for fighting back, even as infringing products pile up on seller platforms like Amazon. Now, Congress is trying to fix the problem. A new bill currently moving through the Senate would equip the Copyright Office to go after those infringing products, letting original artists push back without filing suit in federal court. But the proposal has alarmed copyright critics, who worry the bill would unleash a flood of small copyright claims that would ultimately harm the same artists it’s trying to protect. The Copyrig.
Verge 07/23/2019 13:58
Samsung has rolled out an update for its smartwatch that is full of tweaks and improvements. Of those changes, the most notable one is that the watch can now automatically detect when you’re swimming and begin tracking your water-based exercises, via . There’s also a new feature that can alert you if your heart rate remains under a user-specified beats per minute value for 10 minutes. Bixby plays an equally big role in this new update: Samsung says that its digital assistant can now help out with several hands-free tasks, like offering “customized exercise routines,” presumably by learning from what activities you usually do. Bixby can now also control SmartThings-compatible connected devices, like...

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