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If you have an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, today is most definitely the day you've been waiting for. Amazon just came out of nowhere and discounted literally every single type of official case Apple makes for this year's new iPhone models. For the iPhone 11, you'll find the available for $23.99 instead of $39 and start at $23.99 as well. $39 iPhone 11 Pro clear cases are on sale for $27.99, while the official have gotten an even bigger discount. Official are on sale as well starting at $30, down from $49. Finally, you'll find big discounts on , , and . Hurry though, because there's no telling when these deals end! iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro Max.
When NASA's Cassini orbiter spent over a decade orbiting Saturn, the planet at the core of its mission wasn't the only target of its observations. The probe also spent time spying on Saturn's moons, including Titan. Now, with the Cassini mission just a distant memory, the data it sent back is still being mined for new discoveries. Thanks to Cassini, scientists have been able to of Titan for the first time, and it's the subject of a new paper . The geography of Titan, as it turns out, looks a lot like the continents of Earth, with rolling hills, dunes, and vast plains dotted with lakes. The climate, on the other hand, is a total nightmare for the vast majority of Earthly life. Liquid water doesn't exist on Titan's surface, but there is plent.
This is a sponsored article and all content and opinions expressed within are of the author. Signing a contract for a new phone plan can be a gigantic hassle. There’s always hidden charges lurking on the next page and the plan could change midway through its run if you go over a certain usage limit. And for those of us who aren’t glued to our phones constantly, why should we pay for data we aren’t using? Being locked into a contract means you’re stuck for over a year with no way out. Now, , thanks to Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile offers simple mobile plans starting as low as $15/mo, all on the nation’s most advanced LTE network. You pay for what you need and only that. No more getting suckered into buying unlimited 4G data plans and then not bei.
SanDisk and Samsung are the biggest names in flash storage, and 128GB is the most popular size for both brands. Either one will cost you about $20, which is more than fair for so much storage. What you might not realize though, is that there are other options out there that are just as good and cost less money. Check out the Silicon Power 128GB Superior Pro MicroSDXC Card, which is just $13.95 right now on Amazon. Here are the bullet points from the product page:. Up to 100MB/s & 80MB/s read & write speeds; UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30). High compatibility for different types of devices including smartphones, tablets, Drones, Android Tablets, Tablet PCs, Action Cameras, DSLR and 4K or Full HD camcorder. Compatible with.
When a 43-year-old UK man upgraded his bedding from synthetic padding to slightly fancier feather-filled pillows and duvet, he was expecting restful nights. Instead, he was treated to months of lung issues that left him lightheaded and confused. His case is the subject of a new paper in . According to the report, the man came down with a rare condition that doctors are calling "feather duvet lung." It's a silly name, but the condition itself is no laughing matter, and the man's symptoms originally left doctors a bit stumped. As , the man's symptoms were rather nonspecific, leaving the door open to a number of potential causes. Doctors ran several tests, initially suspecting some kind of lung infection. Over time, his condition deteriorated
Google is working on a brand new feature for Google Maps that targets a particular type of user: electric vehicle drivers. If you happen to own a Tesla or a competing electric car, then you’re probably well aware that on its maps for quite a while now. The feature can come in handy if you’re planning long drives, since running out of juice isn’t something no one wants to deal with. Now, Google is about to enable a brand new Google Maps feature that will make taking trips in an EV even easier. Code strings found in Google Maps 10.30 suggest that Google is looking to integrate EV charging station payments right inside Google Maps, , which means you won’t have to exit the app to make a payment to a charging network. The code that was discovere.
At this point, most people are aware of how great wake up light alarm clocks are. Instead of shocking you out of a deep sleep, they wake you up calmly while simulating a sunrise. You'll feel better rested and have more energy all day long as a result, but the model everyone loves so much from Philips costs a hefty $140. If you want something similar at a fraction of the price, there's an early Black Friday deal on Amazon that gets you a for just $34. It has more than 750 5-star ratings and you're going to love it. Here's the scoop from the product page:. 💗【 Wake Up Sunrise Alarm Clock】Sunrise simulation, similar to a sunrise, the wake-up light gradually changes the color and brightness from dark red to bright yellow before the alarm clock go.
A report a few days ago revealed that Sony invented that looks a lot like a game cartridge that might fit a handheld console. But Sony isn’t likely to launch a new handheld console of its own alongside the PlayStation 5. Speculation that followed said the logical use for a cartridge like this would be to actually house that could be used to upgrade the PS5’s storage with ease. This sort of clever invention would also help keep the PS5’s entry-level price down, since it wouldn't need much base storage. The console will feature several next-gen components, including a custom processor and graphics card, as well as a speedy solid-state drive. Sony is expected to sell the PS5 at or close to cost initially to encourage as many people as possible.
Sony announced that it will launch its next game console during the 2020 holiday season, but if you're still interested in picking up a PlayStation 4 or a selection of PS4 games, now might be the perfect time to do so. On Monday, Sony revealed all of the major Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals it will be offering from November 24th to December 2nd, and whether you're in the market for hardware or software, there's something for you. Of all the deals listed below, the one that stands out is the Only on PlayStation PS4 Bundle, which comes with a 1TB PS4 console and three of the best games that have ever released on the system. Those games alone should last you through the holidays this year. Also, if you need an extra controller or you're l.
Happy anniversary, Disney+! Everyone's favorite new streaming service is finally here, and it launched exactly one week ago today. Are we going to celebrate the arrival of Disney+ again every single week, month, and year? No, but we thought the service's one-week anniversary would be the perfect time to remind our readers that there's a wonderfully easy way to get a full year of Disney+ for free. That's right... despite the facts that Disney+ is brand new and that it's the hottest streaming service in America right now, there's already a way to get the service for a full year without paying a single cent. As popular as Disney+ already is, and as much fantastic content as it has in its catalog on day one, Disney could probably get away with
Well what do we have here, bargain hunters? It looks like Amazon caught the Black Friday bug a little early this year because it's blowing out Anker accessories at prices typically reserved for next week. Highlights include a for $11.19, a for $13.99, a for $13.99, for only $25.89, and a monstrous for just $32.99. There are even more deals to be found, of course, and this sale is only available on Tuesday so hurry! Shop right here:. Here are some of our favorite deals:
Samsung built its mobile success on copying the iPhone in the early years, and whatever Apple does still influences Samsung’s decisions. But if there’s one iPhone trick that Samsung couldn’t replicate successfully so far, that’s recycling last year’s phone design. Apple used to launch a new iPhone design every couple of years, but that trend stopped with the iPhone 6, a design that Apple kept in place for three more years, for the iPhone 6s, 7, and 8 series. The iPhone X design was then used for all 2018 and 2019 devices, and the company is expected to drop a new iPhone design next year. Samsung’s Galaxy S9, meanwhile, was almost a Galaxy S8 replica that sported better specs and camera features. But the phone didn’t sell as well as expected.
With a month to go until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits cinemas, the Star Wars celebrations have begun. You’ll see plenty of new Star Wars -based products hit stores this Christmas, including the kind of toys that some Star Wars fans will appreciate: The Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition handset that Samsung just launched. The collaboration will “unite two Galaxies,” : A galaxy far, far away, and the Samsung Galaxy. The Star Wars Note 10+ comes with a unique design that celebrates the Dark Side, with emphasis on Kylo Ren. Aside from the Note 10+ Star Wars design seen in these images, buyers will also get a metal badge, a red S Pen, and Galaxy Bunds. Aside from the cosmetic changes, the Star Wars Note 10+ will match the specs
Archaeologists in Ecuador have uncovered the remains of babies buried over 2,000 years ago. It would be an interesting find no matter the context, but these infants are leaving researchers scratching their heads for a very specific reason: The children were buried in "helmets" made from the skulls of other, older children. The discovery is the subject of a new paper published in . The team studying the site, led by Dr. Sara Juengst, was left struggling to explain the symbolism behind the apparently rare custom, as it's the first time archaeologists have found anything like it. A total of 11 bodies were discovered at the ancient gravesite. Most of the remains were "normal," but two infants buried there were laid to rest wearing the "cranial
Samsung is expected to launch at least three flagship smartphones next year, including the Galaxy S11, Fold 2, and Note 10. But when it comes to design changes, only the Fold 2 is expected to get a significant makeover, according to recent reports. The Galaxy S11 and Note 11 may look a lot like their predecessors, although Samsung will probably add discrete changes in order to help consumers tell all of their phones apart. However, Samsung is also working on smartphone designs unlike anything seen on the Galaxy S or Note series so far. Like all other smartphone vendors, Samsung is working on a phone with a true all-screen design. The selfie camera remains the only front-facing element that can’t be removed or placed under the screen for now.
The first Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch was a launch game for the console, so there was a ton of hype surrounding its release. The newly-launched second Zelda game for the Switch is just as good as Breath of the Wild , but it hasn't seen anywhere near as much hype since there are so many great Switch games out now. If you missed the release of , it turns out that you're actually in luck. Why? Because it's on sale right now on Amazon for only $49! Here's some important detail from the product page:. As Link, explore a reimagined Koholint Island and collect instruments to awaken the Wind Fish to find a way home. Explore numerous dungeons, riddled with tricks, traps, and enemies, including some from the Super Mario series. Meet and.
If you want a regular old SanDisk microSD card, definitely wait for Black Friday because they always go on sale at great prices. If you want the king of all microSD cards though, pull the trigger right now because the is on sale at its lowest price ever. It retails for $450, which is obviously a tall order. Hurry up and grab one right now on Amazon though, and you'll only pay $299.99! Here's some additional info from the product page:. Up to 160MB/s read speeds to save time transferring high-res images and 4K UHD videos (2). Requires compatible devices capable of reaching such speeds. Up to 90MB/s write speeds for fast shooting. Requires compatible devices capable of reaching such speeds. 4K UHD and Full HD-ready (2) with UHS Speed Class 3 (
The wireless earbud war has been raging for years now, but Razer is just now throwing its hat into the ring with the . At a pretty reasonable price of $99.99, they're cheaper than Apple's AirPods, Google's Pixel Buds, and even Amazon's Echo Buds, but that's only part of the story. At this point, it's clear that every major tech company either already has launched an AirPods competitor or soon will. You don't have to be an Apple fanboy to admit that a lot of these alternatives are lackluster. The issue is that, aside from slight differences in battery life or form factor, very few of them have any defining features. Razer's entire business has always revolved around gamers. Wireless earbuds are a mainstream tech product, but Razer found a wa.
The new Apple Watch Series 5 is great... but it's pretty much just an Apple Watch Series 4. It has the same design, the same specs, and nearly all the same features, but the Series 5 also has an always-on display. If you think paying more for less battery life because your screen is on when you're not looking at it, then go for it. But if you'd rather save some cash, definitely snag an while it's on sale on Amazon for $100 off! Here's the scoop from the product page:. GPS. Over 30% larger display. Electrical and optical heart sensors. ECG app.Digital Crown with haptic feedback. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or late.
Sony has been surprisingly forthcoming about the PlayStation 5, but it's unlikely that we will actually see the console itself before next year. But as for the controller, we might have gotten a glimpse of it this week thanks to a Japanese patent website. , the patent from the Japan Platform for Patent Information contains that appear to showcase the design of the DualShock 5 controller. At first glance, the controller in the patent doesn't look markedly different from the DualShock 4, but there are a few noteworthy changes. The most obvious is the removal of the light bar, which was an interesting concept that failed to provide much value in practice. The other changes are much more subtle, but the USB port has moved, the triggers are some.

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