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UploadVR 03/05/2019 16:00
There is a cinematic element to all three of Dreamscape Immersive’s launch projects. Alien Zoo is just like a trip to Jurassic Park. The Blu grows from its origins wowing VR early adopters in Vive and Rift headsets at home in 2015 and 2016. On Dreamscape’s big stage, The Blu’s underwater encounters with giants of the deep becomes an even more grandiose multiplayer adventure. The engrossing immersive effects make for indelible memories. Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl. Lavan’s Magic Projector, though, is one of the best introductions to VR available in 2019 — though it may not be very kid-friendly. There was a heavy Indiana Jones theme on this adventure. Photo provided by Dreamscape Immersive. It was 2012 when the Oculus Rift Kickstar.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 13:55
When asked if Oculus Quest store curation will allow for “weird, artsy games”, Facebook’s Chris Pruett had the following to say:. We are absolutely open to weird, artsy games (which describes some of my favorite titles!) as long as they are polished and high-quality. Our core goal is to ensure that everything in our store finds an audience that wants to engage, whether that be a mainstream title or a niche. My advice here is to focus on making the artistry of your work shine. Last week Facebook announced Quest’s store would have a different content policy than previous headsets — a more console-like policy. On Rift and Go developers submit near-finished games. On Quest, Facebook wants developers to submit a “concept document” early in develo.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 12:07
We’ve been here a fair few times now. The dingy confines of dungeon hallways have become a second home to VR fanatics. Their hidden keys are our lost TV remotes, dislodged stones are neglected renovation projects. The dungeon crawler is VR doing what comes naturally to it; sword-swinging, arrow flinging action, with a good bit of inventory shuffling and pretend food eating in the mix for good measure. That seems to be The Morrigan in a nutshell. This is the VR debut from The Pixel Mine, a UK-based indie developer that includes Framestore VR developer, Micheal Cable. Cable is working on the game in his spare time. It is, for all intents and purposes, Vanishing Realms with a slightly fresher coat of paint. You get the same core thrills here t.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 11:30
A job listing spotted by Variety reveals that “Enterprise Editions” of Oculus Go and Quest are in the works. The listing claims that the editions will launch “in 2019”. The job is listed as having the following responsibilities:. Design and develop enterprise features into Oculus mobile VR system applications. Design and develop VR frameworks to enable enterprise use cases such as corporate training. Ensure security and privacy concerns remain a top priority and are identified and addressed. Work with external developers innovating on future-of-work experiences. Facebook already sells Oculus Go to businesses through the Oculus For Business program. At $299 per unit the bundle includes 64GB of storage, a commercial warranty, and two facial interf.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 10:59
Summer starts a little early this year. So do winter and spring, for that matter. The Vacation Simulator release date has just been revealed and you won’t have to wait long to play it. Owlchemy Labs’ follow-up to Job Simulator hits PC VR on April 9th. It was originally scheduled to come out late last year but suffered a last-minute delay. The previously-confirmed PSVR version will follow later on in the summer. It’s set to cost $29.99 at launch. Check out the game’s various locations in the trailer below. Set in the year 2060, Vacation Simulator sees robots attempt to replicate the ancient art of the human vacation. As with Job Simulator, though, don’t expect everything about the world to be entirely accurate. These games are about experime.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 09:00
A new VR experience will take users on a tour of the universe with none other than Professor Stephen Hawking. UK-based Atlantic Productions announced Stephen Hawking’s Black Holes Immersive Experience last week. The production company had been working on the piece with the physicist himself before his death in March 2018. It’s a location-based VR experience that will include narration from Hawking himself. It’s due for release in early 2020 alongside a new theatrical documentary recounting Hawking’s life. That’s about all we know for now. We don’t know where the piece will be hosted nor which headset it will use. “We are especially pleased as our father always searched for innovative ways to explain science to the widest audience possible a.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 08:00
Leave it to Japan to take location-based VR to the next level. As if Mario Kart and Dragonball VR experiences weren’t enough, you can soon train to be a ninja in VR. Really. The VR Ninja Dojo isn’t just some flashy wave-based VR arcade game. Well, it isn’t just that at least. It’s a full theatrical experience. Launching in Tokyo later this month, you’ll dress up at a ninja and undergo rigorous training. Throw ninja stars, learn how to wield a sword, maybe slit a throat or two (not really). Lessons are conducted in English. I’m not entirely convinced ancient ninja lessons would have been in English too, but there we go. Check out the flashy trailer below. Once the training’s over, you’ll adorn an HTC Vive headset. You’ll then be outfitted wi.
UploadVR 03/05/2019 08:00
Humble Bundle’s latest sale is all about VR, and it’s got some frankly brilliant bargains. Let’s start with 50% off of Budget Cuts, shall we? Neat Corp’s stealth ’em up might not have been entirely to our liking but it’s grown a hearty fanbase. The same can be said for Bethesda’s Doom VFR, which is all 50% off. Killing Floor: Incursion, L.A. Noire, To The Top and Sprint Vector also get the half price treatment. But let’s talk about some really excellent deals. Stuff that you might not have played before? We’ll kick off with 66% off of Torn, taking it to $10.19. This is a visually-rich and thematically interesting little adventure with some great puzzles. At this price you’d be mad to miss it. If it’s some more substantial VR puzzling you’re.
UploadVR 03/04/2019 12:10
After months of waiting, the first Beat Saber DLC release date has finally been revealed. You don’t have long to wait. Developer Beat Games just confirmed that the first Music Pack lands on March 14th. That should be for all platforms including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows VR and PSVR. The pack will add ten new tracks to the rhythm action game. Beat Games didn’t reveal song names just yet. We don’t know how much it’s going to cost, either. 🚨 WE HAVE THE DATE! 🚨 Our first Music Pack lands in Beat Saber on March 14th! See a little sneak peek to our updated UI so you can easily browse OSTs and upcoming Music Packs. — Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) March 4, 2019. In the tweet above, Beat Games did reveal a UI change for the.
UploadVR 03/04/2019 11:00
Vive Cosmos, HTC’s newest consumer-driven VR headset, is designed to bring a new audience to VR. HTC leaders also want to reach people that find current systems inaccessible. That’s why it’s got inside-out tracking and improved design. It also has, in HTC’s words, Vive’s sharpest display yet. But VR enthusiasts won’t be left out of the mix. Vive General Manager Daniel O’Brien suggested as much to me at MWC this week. HTC still isn’t saying much about Vive Cosmos. I asked if HTC was working on another high-end headset for people who bought the original Vive. He suggested Cosmos is for those buyers. I also asked if the headset’s modular aspect would extend beyond platforms. Cosmos will run on both PC and, HTC hints, smartphones. O’Brien said
UploadVR 03/04/2019 09:00
It’s a very long shot, but Persona 6 on PSVR could one day be a thing. Series developer Atlus recently launched a survey for its Japanese fans. The questionnaire wants to know all the usual things about your gaming habits. But one of the later questions is raising eyebrows. It essentially asks what new Persona games you’d like to see in the future and on which platforms. There are ideas like text adventure spin-offs and board games. Most excitingly, though, there’s mention of a ‘Completely new ‘Persona 6”. You can tell Atlus you want it on PSVR as well as other platforms like PC and Switch. No doubt most people are excited about the possibility of getting the series on Switch. But, for us, the mention of PSVR is tantalizing. The Persona ser.
UploadVR 03/04/2019 08:16
I think we’d all agree that one of the things VR does best is build bonds. Think about how attached you felt to Astro as you journeyed through Astro Bot, or the connection you made with Quill in Moss. Ghost Giant looks like the latest game to explore this promising space. And it’s coming very soon. Developer Zoink Games recently confirmed that Ghost Giant will launch digitally on PSVR on April 16th. Not only that but publisher Perp Games will launch a physical version of the game in the EU on April 19th. Boxed editions for North America will follow at a later date. In Ghost Giant you play as, well, a ghost giant. At the start of the game you befriend a small (or, rather, normal-sized) boy named Louis. As you build a bond with him you begin
UploadVR 03/04/2019 03:22
The March Steam Hardware Survey results continue a recent trend. The Oculus Rift once again widened the gap with its main competitor, the HTC Vive. Last month Rift had a 3.81% lead over both Vive and the enhanced Vive Pro. In February, though, that gap grew to a sizable 7.07%. Rift holds 48.21% of total SteamVR headset usage (up from 47.03%). The base Vive meanwhile is down from 40.62% to 39.36%. It’s the first time we’ve seen HTC’s headset dip below the 40% milestone. Vive Pro also shrank dramatically from 2.6% to 1.82%. Add the two together and HTC takes 41.18% of the total share. As with last month, it looks like small jumps for Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets are to thank. Now at 9.96% (up from 8.94%), the headsets are painstakingly clo.
UploadVR 03/03/2019 11:00
With 5G networks rolling out, the telecom industry and its partners are trying to identify use cases that will justify the trillions of dollars they are spending on this infrastructure. MWC Barcelona 19 this week left little doubt what many believe to be the answer: virtual reality and cloud gaming. Across the sprawling showroom floors and the flood of press releases, it was hard to find anyone who wasn’t eager to talk up the potential for these overlapping services. While 5G promises to enable all sorts of disruptive uses, like smart cities and connected factories, VR and cloud gaming are increasingly seen as the most promising ways to convince consumers to pay for new services that will get them on the 5G bandwagon. By the same measure, 5.
UploadVR 03/02/2019 13:00
Oculus Director of Ecosystem Chris Pruett revealed in a forum AMA yesterday that Oculus Quest will be “significantly faster” than Oculus Go:. Quest is significantly faster than Oculus Go from both a CPU and GPU perspective. Part of this is just the raw performance of the chipset itself, but a lot of it has to do with the effort we’ve put into the design of the headset and the core rendering architecture. Tracking isn’t in contention with and doesn’t affect the performance of your application. Oculus Quest is essentially a VR games console. Like Go it is standalone with all the compute onboard, but unlike Go it has room scale tracking and Touch controllers. Whereas Go features a Snapdragon 821 chipset, Quest uses the newer and faster Snapdrag.
UploadVR 03/02/2019 11:00
I got to HTC Vive’s booth at 10am on the first morning of Mobile World Congress. My first order of the day was an interview with General Manager Dan O’Brien, which took me to around 10:45am. Then I got my hands on HTC’s 5G demo, which used a Vive Focus Plus to stream PC VR. It was now 11am. The booth had been open for two hours. I was ready to go in search of more Focus Plus demos. The problem is, they were all out of batteries. All three of them. I had some pretty conflicting experiences with HTC’s new standalone headset at MWC. The trouble is it’s tough to know whether this speaks more to the quality of the headset or the difficulties of demoing inside-out tracking on a busy show floor. My 5G demo, for instance, seemed quite positive at f.
UploadVR 03/01/2019 17:10
Thanks to the efforts of open source developers and modders, you can now play the original Half-Life on your Oculus Go. Well, sort of. It actually works by importing the game’s files into Quake’s engine. Video from MrNeitey. Half-Life’s engine, GoldSrc, was actually just a modified version of the Quake engine. That engine was written by John Carmack and Michael Abrash in 1996 for Quake itself. Coincidentally, both now work on VR at Facebook. Carmack in particular was heavily involved in the creation of the Go headset. The open source project QuakeGVR adds the Oculus SDK to a 2002 modification of the original engine. So modders figured out that you can import the assets from Half-Life to the VR Quake app’s directory and actually play Half-Lif.

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