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Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:56
01. Discovery about the edge of fusion plasma could help realize fusion power 02. New devices produce and detect twisted light 03. Tiny, self-assembling traps capture dangerous pollutants, PFAS 04. Untwisting plastics for charging Internet-of-things devices 05. Designing a flexible material to protect buildings, military personnel 06. A Devastating US ‘Dust Bowl’ Is Twice as Likely Now Than During The Great Depression 07. Formula may help 5G wireless networks efficiently share communications frequencies 08. Researchers breaking new ground in materials science 09. Solving the space junk problem 10. Long-term data show hurricanes are getting stronger And others… Einstein’s two mistakesK-State […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:51 May 27, 2020 Cloaking materials are mature because the properties of acoustic (radar, sonar) and optical waves (infrared) are well-understood. However, cloaking for elastic waves in solid media is lagging. A team of researchers in the US (University of Missouri, MIT) has designed and fabricated a new class of cloaking materials which is composed of a functionally graded lattice embedded in an isotropic continuum background. The layers were 3-D printed and manually assembled. They experimentally and numerically investigated the characteristics of the proposed cloak and found very good cloaking performance under both tension and shear loadings. Potential applications for […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:46
Science Alert May 19, 2020 During 1930s Dust Bowl drought across North America’s Great Plains caused widespread crop failures, large dust storms and considerable out-migration. This coincided with the central United States experiencing its hottest summers of the twentieth century in 1934 and 1936, with over 40 heatwave days and maximum temperatures surpassing 44 °C at some locations. According to an international team of researchers (Australia, UK, Sweden) heatwave activity in similarly rare events would be much larger under today’s atmospheric green house gas forcing the return period of a 1-in-100-year heatwave summer (as observed in 1936) would be reduced to […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:43
EurekAlert May 21, 2020 A major roadblock to producing safe, clean, and abundant fusion energy on Earth is the lack of detailed understanding of how the hot, charged plasma gas that fuels fusion reactions behaves at the edge of tokamaks. A team of researchers in the US (Princeton University, MIT) has developed a specialized code called “Gkeyll” that makes simulations feasible. It adapts a state-of-the-art algorithm to the gyrokinetic system to develop the “key numerical breakthroughs needed to provide accurate simulations. The mathematical code simulates the orbiting of plasma particles around the magnetic field lines at the edge of a […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:37 May 26, 2020 According to researchers in France Einstein is an example of an inventive and free spirit; yet he kept his biases. His “first mistake” can be summed up saying: “I refuse to believe in a beginning of the universe.” However, experiments proved him wrong. His verdict on God playing dice means, “I refuse to believe in chance”. Yet quantum mechanics involves obligatory randomness. Einstein was stubborn in his refusal. For him, the human brain should be capable of knowing what the universe is. With a lot more modesty, Heisenberg teaches us that physics is limited to describing […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:31
Global Biodefense May 23, 2020 Because of the rapid change of knowledge related to coronavirus, it is important to stress the importance of studying the ways that COVID-19 could spread between humans and animals. The scientists say that research should focus in several areas, including the potential for companion animals, such as cats and dogs, to carry the virus , the economic and food security effects if the virus can spread among livestock and poultry and national security areas, especially among service animals such as dogs that detect narcotics or explosives because COVID-19 is known to affect smell and cause […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:29
Science Daily May 18, 2020 Previous work by a team of researchers at NOAA identified trends in hurricane intensification across a 28-year data set. To increase confidence in the results, the researchers extended the study to include global hurricane data from 1979-2017. Using analytical techniques that rely on infrared temperature measurements from geostationary satellites to estimate hurricane intensity, they were able to create a more uniform data set to identify trends. They demonstrated that hurricanes are moving more slowly across land due to changes in Earth’s climate. This has resulted in greater flood risks as storms hover over cities and […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:26
Next Big Future May 25, 2020 The premium tri-motor version of the Cybertruck will have 700 miles of range. A megacybertruck would have five times the batteries and could operate for 3500 miles on one charge. This would be ten times the range of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Tesla could create a 1-megawatt hour version of the Cybertruck that would have 3500 miles of range and have JLTV level armor. The Cybertruck weighs 5000 to 6500 pounds and 14000 pounds of payload capacity. The JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) weighs 10,000 pounds. Extra weight would for the megacybertruck […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:23
Science Alert May 26, 2020 New satellite data from ESA reveal that the South Atlantic Anomaly is a vast expanse of reduced magnetic intensity in Earth’s magnetic field, extending all the way from South America to southwest Africa. Since our planet’s magnetic field acts as a kind of shield – protecting Earth from solar winds and cosmic radiation, in addition to determining the location of the magnetic poles – any reduction in its strength is an important event we need to monitor closely, as these changes could ultimately have significant implications for our planet. The ESA notes that the most […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:19
Physics World May 19, 2020 Development of a dynamically tunable OAM light source is a critical step in the realization of OAM modulation and multiplexing. An international team of researchers (USA – University of Pennsylvania, Northeastern University, Italy, Spain) harnessed the properties of total momentum conservation, spin-orbit interaction, and optical non-Hermitian symmetry breaking, demonstrated an OAM-tunable vortex microlaser, providing chiral light states of variable topological charges at a single telecommunication wavelength. The scheme can be further scaled up for simultaneous multivortex emissions in a flexible manner. The work provides a route for the development of the next generation of multidimensional […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 17:16
Science Daily May 20, 2020 An international team of researchers (Canada, Italy) demonstrated the fabrication of mesoscale ordered two-dimensional π-conjugated polymer kagome lattices with semiconducting properties. To make the material they combined a rigid azatriangulene precursor and a hot dosing approach, which favours molecular diffusion and eliminates voids in the network. These results open opportunities for the synthesis of two-dimensional π-conjugated polymer Dirac cone materials and their integration into devices. The integration of this system into a device (e.g. transistors) may lead to outstanding performances. The results will foster more studies on a wide range of two-dimensional conjugated polymers with […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 16:46 May 25, 2020 According to a team of researchers in the US (Middlebury College, University of Colorado) the current methods of capturing debris or deorbiting old satellites might motivate operators to launch more satellites—further crowding low-Earth orbit, increasing collision risk, and raising costs because they don’t change the incentives for operators.
Sciligent 05/29/2020 16:43
EurekAlert May 27, 2020 This special report demonstrates how a concerted government push to make South Korea an innovation leader, backed by strong investment and systemic reform, has brought rapid and long-lasting results from South Korea’s spending on research and development as a percentage of its GDP is the second highest worldwide, being topped only by Israel.
Sciligent 05/29/2020 16:40
Science Daily May 27, 2020 To find out whether molecular cages could help trap PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl) a team of researchers in the US (SUNY Buffalo) screened about a dozen different types of self-assembling cages that contain metals. This process led the team to the iron-based cages, which captured a subset of PFAS with chains of six or more fluorinated carbon atoms, including perfluorocarboxylic acids, sulfonic acids and fluorotelomers. Through analysis they found that the PFAS stick strongly to the outside of the cages instead of getting caught inside. The study gives scientists new knowledge that could help them […]. .
Sciligent 05/29/2020 16:35
Nanowerk May 27, 2020 To use body heat to charge some types of micro-devices and sensors requires lightweight, non-toxic, wearable, and flexible thermoelectric generators. Researchers in Japan studied the thermoelectric properties of a highly conductive thiophene-based polymer, called PBTTT. They found that doping the polymer with a thin ion electrolyte gel improves conductivity and infiltrates the polymer successfully when a specific electric voltage is applied. Doping it with a critical amount of electrolyte untwists the highly twisted chain and creates links between its crystalline parts, improving electron conductivity. They are now looking into ways to optimize the thermoelectric performance of […]. .
Sciligent 05/22/2020 15:31
01. ‘Nanometrology lab on a chip’ within reach thanks to new compact, optical sensor 02. Modeling infectious disease dynamics 03. NIST team builds hybrid quantum system by entangling molecule with atom 04. Observation of intervalley transitions can boost valleytronic science and technology 05. A system for robust and efficient wireless power transfer 06. ‘Tantalizing’ clues about why a mysterious material switches from conductor to insulator 07. Using the ‘shadow effect’ to generate electricity 08. Sneakier and More Sophisticated Malware Is On the Loose 09. Quantum leap: Photon discovery is a major step toward at-scale quantum technologies 10. Seeing the invisible: […]. .
Sciligent 05/22/2020 15:26
Nanowerk May 15, 2020 Quantum technologies often employ strong cooling and isolation to protect entangled entities from decoherence by random interactions. Researchers in Spain heated a collection of atoms to 450 Kelvin. The individual atoms collided with each other every few microseconds, and each collision set their electrons spinning in random directions. They observed an enormous number of entangled atoms – about 100 times more than ever before observed. The entanglement is non-local and the entanglement remains for about 1 millisecond, which means that 1000 times per second a new batch of 15 trillion atoms is being entangled. This clearly […]. .
Sciligent 05/22/2020 15:21
Science Daily May 19, 2020 In this review article, a team of researchers in the US (Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University) suggests that AI-driven health interventions fit into four categories relevant to global health researchers: (1) diagnosis, (2) patient morbidity or mortality risk assessment, (3) disease outbreak prediction and surveillance, and (4) health policy and planning.
Sciligent 05/22/2020 15:18
Science Daily May 14, 2020 According to researchers at MIT the benefits of ‘lean lab’ management principles, they call YelloBox, includes cost savings, increased productivity, and a strong safety record. The organizational strategy known as 5S which originated in Japan consists of five guiding principles to organize a workspace for efficiency and effectiveness: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. One major element of the system is the visual organization of everything in the lab, which includes making sure every item has an assigned location. Each item is color-coded and its location is outlined in colored tape so it […]. .

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