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Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 22:01
Ads are part of the internet, but unlike more traditional advertisements you see in the physical world, internet ads are smarter because they can track you and your browsing habits, meaning that these companies know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re searching for, and can then cater ads that target you specifically.If you’d like a bit more transparency as to what these ads are actually doing when [...]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 22:01
If you’re planning on getting a Chromebook device, you might be interested to learn that Google has recently launched a new promotion in which it seems that they will be giving Chromebook owners free three months access to Stadia Pro. This will also apply to those who bought a Chromebook after June 2017, so many owners should be able to take advantage of this.However, we should note that this is […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 22:00
One of the newer hardware security features to come with Apple’s computing products is the inclusion of the Secure Enclave. Basically this is where all kinds of sensitive information is being stored and encrypted, like your passwords, credit card information, and biometric information like your fingerprints.The idea is that with this Secure Enclave, hackers who somehow manage to unlock your iPhone, they won’t be able to access these sensitive information. […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 20:19
Last week, Apple confirmed that the launch of its highly-anticipated iPhone 12 would be delayed. The company did not state when exactly the phones will be launching, but it seems that it might miss its typical September launch. Now a new report from DigiTimes is claiming that the launch could actually be split into two stages.For those unfamiliar with the iPhone 12 rumors, the company is said to be planning […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 20:18
Google recently announced their latest mid-range smartphone with the Pixel 4a. Priced at $350, it is cheaper compared to other notable mid-range handsets that have launched in 2020, which includes the iPhone SE (2020) and the OnePlus Nord. So how did Google manage to get the phone so cheap?Speaking to Engadget, Brian Rakowski, VP of product management for the Pixel revealed some interesting tidbits of the process involved when creating […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 20:17
Typically consoles are bundled with one controller. If you want extra, you’ll need to buy it yourself. We imagine that this will be true of the Sony PS5, but if you were thinking that if you could just reuse your PS4 controller, think again because Sony has confirmed that the PS4 controller will not work with PS5 games.This does not mean that the PS4 controller won’t work with the PS5 […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 19:34
If you’re still using Microsoft’s Office 2016 on your Mac computer, you might want to take note that support for the productivity suite will be officially coming to an end in October 2020. This was announced by Microsoft on their support page where they also revealed that the end of support also means that Office 2016 users will no longer be able to connect to Office 365 services.That being said, […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 06:24
Last week it was reported that to potentially avoid getting their app banned in the US, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance was looking to sell off TikTok to a US company and it was reported that Microsoft was potentially interested in them. It turns out the rumors were right as Microsoft has since confirmed that they are in talks.In a post made on Microsoft’s website, the company said, “The discussions with […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 06:23
Apple TV+ has a long way to go before it can challenge the likes of Netflix or Hulu, but it seems that Apple has scored a pretty good deal with American Airlines. It seems that the next time you fly American Airlines, there is a chance that you will be able to stream Apple TV+ on your mobile device.Inflight entertainment isn’t always the best, but with the ability to stream […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 06:21
There are many videos on YouTube, many of which are in a variety of languages. We imagine that some creators would love to reach a more international audience which is why some bother to actually upload captions, or rely on the community to add captions for them. Unfortunately, the latter feature is about to come to an end.YouTube has announced that on the 28th of September, 2020, they will be […]
Ubergizmo 08/03/2020 06:20
The problem with some of the mobile payment solutions out there is that they require that retailers and vendors adopt new hardware or software. It might not necessarily be an issue for larger retailers, but for smaller companies, it could be an additional cost that they might want to pay.However, the good news for Apple Pay customers is that it seems that Apple has acquired a startup called Mobeewave. If […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 21:50
Back in the day if you wanted to watch an official music video by your favorite singer or band, you would have to rely on TV channels like MTV. These days, a lot of musicians post their videos directly to YouTube where users can seek it out and watch it on demand. Now it looks like musicians will have a new avenue and it comes in the form of Facebook […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 21:49
The other day, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the company was looking into possibly creating a subscription model for the social media platform. This comes on the heels of reports that ad revenue is down, and so Twitter is looking at other means of generating revenue, and subscriptions are one of them.However, the question is why would anyone want to pay for a Twitter subscription? Turns out that Twitter […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 21:02
On video platforms like YouTube or media apps like VLC, users are able to control the playback speed of their videos. They can slow things down or they can speed it up. The good news for Netflix users is that if you were hoping to get these kind of controls, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is now happening.If you watch Netflix on Android, the company has recently confirmed […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 21:01
While Apple might not necessarily command a particularly huge share of the PC market, it seems that the company’s other products and services are doing pretty well because according to the latest share count submitted by Apple in a regulatory filing, it appears that the Cupertino company is now the most valuable company in the world.With Apple’s shares closing at $425.18 at the end of trading on Friday, it has [...]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 21:00
Next week Google is expected to announce a new smartphone in the form of the Google Pixel 4a. This will be the successor to last year’s Pixel 3a and will be a mid-range phone for those who don’t want to shell out too much money for the flagship Pixel 5. However, it seems that Google could already be getting ready for next year’s model.According to a report from 9to5Google, they […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 20:07
A couple of weeks ago, several high profile Twitter accounts were compromised in which they were taken over and then used to post a bitcoin scam. Given that these were very public profiles which included the likes of Apple, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and so on, it managed to gain quite a bit of traction with some Twitter users falling for it.It was suggested that this could have […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 20:05
The US government had previously announced that they might be considering banning TikTok. This is because TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is from China and due to the ongoing tensions between both countries, it could spell trouble for TikTok. Now it seems that things could be escalating, according to a report from Bloomberg.The report alleges that based on what their sources have told them, apparently US President Donald Trump could somehow […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 20:04
Just like many other tech companies, Microsoft wanted in on the digital assistant market and launched Cortana several years ago. Suffice to say that unlike other digital assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa, Cortana has not gained the same level of traction or use, despite them having launched it on platforms like iOS and Android.This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft has since […]
Ubergizmo 07/31/2020 06:55
The Apple Watch already comes with several health monitoring features like a heart rate tracker and an ECG monitor. However, if a recent report from DigiTimes is to be believed, it seems that Apple could be getting ready to introduce a new health monitoring feature with the Apple Watch Series 6.The report claims with the Series 6, Apple could introduce a blood oxygen monitor. If you’re wondering why this sounds […]

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