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Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Niles IL (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. MicroLink Devices, a leader in the production of high-efficiency, flexible solar arrays for satellite and aircraft, announced that it has completed delivery of its first production contract of solar arrays to Prismatic Ltd. for integration into their PHASA-35 high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (HALE UAV). These lightweight, flexible solar arrays have the highest specific.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Houston TX (SPX) Oct 16, 2019. When astronauts are hours away from launching on Artemis missions to the Moon, they'll put on a brightly colored orange spacesuit called the Orion Crew Survival System (OCSS) suit. It is designed for a custom fit and equipped with safety technology and mobility features to help protect astronauts on launch day, in emergency situations, high-risk parts of missions near the Moon, and during the hi.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 15, 2019. The intensity of summer algal blooms has increased over the past three decades, according to a first-ever global survey of dozens of large, freshwater lakes, which was conducted by Carnegie's Jeff Ho and Anna Michalak and NASA's Nima Pahlevan and published by Nature. Reports of harmful algal blooms - like the ones that shut down Toledo's water supply in 2014 or led to states of emergency b.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 15, 2019. Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin announced earlier this year that Russia and Saudi Arabia had created a space cooperation programme under which the two sides floated the idea of Moscow sending a Saudi astronaut into space for a short-duration flight. While space and high technology are known to be among the key areas for cooperation between Russia and Saudi Ar.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Brussels (UPI) Oct 15, 2019. he NATO Military Committee's meeting in Brussels on Monday called for a commitment to defense and deterrence in space. U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Scott Kindsvater, deputy chairman of the committee, on Monday at a NATO Military Committee meeting cited the NATO's overarching space policy, approved by ministers in June, as vital to the alliance accomplishing its mission. "Defense ministers.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Odense, Denmark (SPX) Oct 16, 2019. Next year is the 200 years anniversary of the discovery of electromagnetism by the Danish physicist H.C. Orsted. Even 200 years after its discovery, the existence of electromagnetism still brings up new puzzles pertaining to their origin. One such mystery is the origin of electro magnetic fields on the very largest scale in the universe. While researchers have believed for some time.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Boston MA (SPX) Oct 16, 2019. Astronomers at MIT and elsewhere have used a massive cluster of galaxies as an X-ray magnifying glass to peer back in time, to nearly 9.4 billion years ago. In the process, they spotted a tiny dwarf galaxy in its very first, high-energy stages of star formation. While galaxy clusters have been used to magnify objects at optical wavelengths, this is the first time scientists have leveraged.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Oct 16, 2019. At the center of a galaxy called NGC 1068, a supermassive black hole hides within a thick doughnut-shaped cloud of dust and gas. When astronomers used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) to study this cloud in more detail, they made an unexpected discovery that could explain why supermassive black holes grew so rapidly in the early Universe. "Thanks to the spectacular r.
Space Daily 10/15/2019 23:11
Baton Rouge LA (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. In a paper published in Nature's NPJ Quantum Information, Omar Magana-Loaiza, assistant professor in the Louisiana State University (LSU) Department of Physics and Astronomy, and his team of researchers describe a noteworthy step forward in the quantum manipulation and control of light, which has far-reaching quantum technology applications in imaging, simulation, metrology, computation, communi.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Matsuyama, Japan (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. It is generally accepted that planetary surfaces were covered with molten silicate, a "magma ocean", during the formation of terrestrial planets. In a deep magma ocean, iron would separate from silicate, sink, and eventually form a metallic core. In this stage, elemental partitioning between a metallic core and a magma ocean would have occurred and siderophile elements would be removed from the.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. Scientists have found exceptionally preserved microbial remains in some of Earth's oldest rocks in Western Australia - a major advance in the field, offering clues for how life on Earth originated. The UNSW researchers found the organic matter in stromatolites - fossilised microbial structures - from the ancient Dresser Formation in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The stroma.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
New Delhi (Sputnik) Oct 15, 2019. India is moving forward towards harnessing space technology for national development and to make it accessible for everyone as they go about their daily lives. To improve the geo-location capabilities of upcoming mobile phones, automotive and Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and US-based chip-maker Qualcomm have developed a new chipset platform.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Hobart, Australia (SPX) Oct 11, 2019. New research into the chemistry of the oceans during ice ages is helping to solve a puzzle that has engaged scientists for more than two decades. At issue is how much of the CO2 that entered the ocean during ice ages can be attributed to the 'biological pump', where atmospheric carbon is absorbed by phytoplankton and sequestered to the seafloor as organisms die and sink. Solving the.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Columbus OH (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. A satellite on schedule to launch in 2021 could offer a more comprehensive look at flooding in vulnerable, under-studied parts of the world, including much of Africa, South America and Indonesia, a new study has found. The study, published last month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, found that the satellite also will likely improve flood modeling around the world, even in areas.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany (SPX) Oct 15, 2019. An interdisciplinary team of four researchers from the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR), the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, the University of Valencia, and Columbia University has been awarded a 2019 European Research Council (ERC) Synergy Grant to understand and model the Earth system with machine learning, one of the important approaches of ar.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Bethesda MD (SPX) Oct 15, 2019. Yes, there is a new space debris cleanup sheriff in town and it is a sister company to Launchspace, called LAUNCHSPACE TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (LTC). This organization is focused on supporting commercial, civil and military activities in creating innovative new technologies and systems in order to strengthen and advance the exploitation of space. Although the name is new, it offers.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. Aerojet Rocketdyne has entered into a Space Act Agreement with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center to design and manufacture a lightweight rocket engine thrust chamber assembly using innovative additive manufacturing processes and materials. The goal of the project is to reduce manufacturing costs and make a thrust chamber that is easily scalable to support a variety of missions, including.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 17:40
Potsdam, Germany (SPX) Oct 14, 2019. On 22 December 2018, a flank of the Anak Krakatau volcano plunged into the Sunda strait between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, triggering a tsunami that killed 430 people. An international research team led by Thomas Walter of the German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ in Potsdam has now shown that the volcano produced clear warning signals before its collapse. This was the resu.
Space Daily 10/14/2019 08:11
Moscow (AFP) Oct 11, 2019. Alexei Leonov, a legendary Soviet cosmonaut who was the first man to perform a spacewalk in 1965, died in Moscow on Friday aged 85 after a long illness. The Russian space agency Roscosmos said it was saddened to announce the death of "cosmonaut No 11" who was twice decorated with the country's top honour, the Hero of the Soviet Union. Tributes poured in from across the globe, with Weste.

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