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Hacker Noon 03/24/2019 05:53
The founders of the web expected that the web will, one day, have a native currency. Some sort of digital cash or micropayment system that will be as integral to the proper operation of the space as links and passwords. Thirty years have passed, and there is no sign of the 402 error! Let’s go back to the early 90s when the founders of the World Wide Web and its inventor Tim Berners-Lee were working on a list of errors people might encounter as they were interacting with the web. Some of the errors they created are too familiar — the 404 Not Found error has turned into such a cultural sensation that websites compete to have the funniest page . Other’s are less common, but you might have witnessed them at some point, such as the 401 Unauthori.
Hacker Noon 03/24/2019 05:49
Believe it or not, a major issue that has bedeviled the financial sector, especially after the widespread adoption of digital payment methods, is an overreliance on trusted third parties — or simply ‘trust’ — to complete transactions. It could be argued that trust is now a highly valued commodity and indeed, many players in the financial sector have it as their primary product on the market. That is not such a good thing, however, for a number of reasons. How exactly is trust a pain point in the delivery of financial services? The ‘trust’ pain point can be experienced in four ways:. 1.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 21:01
Data Access for AI: An Under-Explored Use for Blockchain. There is a vast amount of computing power around the world that is not used efficiently. There are an estimated 4 billion personal computers in the world and 90% of them have free capacities at any given moment. This is to say nothing of the idle capacities of other personal devices, like smartphones and tablets. In effect, this excess computing power is wasted. Lots of startups are trying to use blockchain technology to take advantage of this inefficiency to meet different economic needs. The blockchain is exciting in this context because it provides an infrastructure for distributed computing power, while at the same time providing an incentive for individuals to link their idle dev.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 18:03
Cheap VPS. press ‘all’ after about 15s. Case in Point. Imagine this hourly graph without the steep drops from paying fees on the green (buy) lines:. As a follow-up to this:. TL;DR join us here Elevator Pitch. Market making on Deribit and BitMex failed because it counted on the market to remain more or less stagnant on the 0.25$ step.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 17:50
Photo Credit: coin girls. A taste that keeps you craving for more with such beautiful craze. The nose catches the sweet and enticing scent from afar, as it touches the mouth, the lips register the taste even before the tongue enjoys it. Such was my experience with my favourite and symbolic ofe-nsala soup, a special delicacy enjoyed in Eastern Nigeria always in popular demand and the first delicacy to finish in any buffet event where its part of a meal course. “Don’t waste any more time and funds configuring your website to have the ICO section, it shows you’re not prudent and have a bad sense of judgment as a Founder/CEO. You should quickly capitalize on the growing IEO interest in the industry before it’s too late”. Quoting myself above, I t.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 09:16
Like many other technical people I learned to code from a young age, I specifically remember learning the likes of HTML, CSS and PHP in order to build out my long imagined dream of running my own successful Club Penguin(rip) blog. I relied solely on the teachings of W3school at the time and while I had a great respect for code and a huge amount of pride every time I printed “Hello World!” on to my screen, it was deeply frustrating. See, I didn’t want to code. I hated the concept of coding. Coding to me was a means to an end, never a passion. I recognised that I wanted something and realised that the only way I could get it was to build it myself and that required code. I hated making anything because I knew I would have to code. The day I b.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 08:28
Recent years have brought an explosion of data science jobs, and the demand is on the rise. Data analysts, data miners, Big Data scientists, and more similar job titles populate online job boards now. This is a new domain, and very few people, if any, occupying these positions have an academic qualification in this exact field. Most data scientists come from other jobs or entirely different career paths. Some of them were engineers; others were programmers, statisticians or mathematicians. Mostly any job which required a solid understanding of logic and statistics can act as a launching point for a career in data science. Here is an outlook on a few trends identified, proposed and analyzed by the likes of PwC , Forbes and InData Labs . Call.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 08:06
How To Spend Your Bitcoin And Crypto On Ebay Items. Buying something on eBay is normal to most people. Now, there are ways to purchase eBay items using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Forra has tied eBay listings into its native platform. Allowing anyone to purchase something from eBay using bitcoin other cryptocurrency. You Can View Our Marketplace Here: How Is It Possible To Buy Something On eBay Using Bitcoin Or Other Cryptocurrency. Forra is responsible for allowing users to buy eBay items with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. We want to develop the tools that allow people to use their cryptocurrency as a currency. We think that by building these tools we will increase the adoption of cryptocurrency. Having busi.
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 05:04
This is a part of my “ Journey with Azure ” series. I have always been fascinated by managed services and serverless computing. It started with my first startup PureMetics, where we used AppEngine and BigQuery to built an Analytics product. Because both AppEngine and BigQuery were fully managed services, A single person ( Abhishek Nandi ) was able to build the entire tech for it. Later on when Abhishek & I were building Odiocast, we used other managed services to keep things simple. FireBase, AWS Lambdas and other services allowed us to worry more about the product rather than worry about Devops as a 2 person startup. The logic is simple when you have the best technology companies willing to be your Devops team, at a cost, why would you say
Hacker Noon 03/23/2019 02:41
The new State of the Enterprise Blockchain Study contains some key signals to how business is adopting blockchain technology. These signals identify its progress, but also highlight the best inroads to working with enterprises and the work the industry needs to complete to build on the progress. 1. More best practices are needed. While 75% of respondents agreed that blockchain will be mainstream technology by 2025, enterprises—especially large ones—are still waiting for patterns of success before opening their wallets. 62% cite a lack of tooling and internal skills as roadblocks to adoption. 50% need further proof in the form of use cases or pre-built solutions to develop their blockchain business case. In short, blockchain is still too har.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 20:59
During the high tide that was 2017, when Bitcoin and Ethereum knew no limits, its growth coincided with an explosion of cryptocurrency based projects which were all looking to raise funds with the help of this new hybrid capital sourcing strategy called an ICO . No name tech companies and startups from across the globe were raising millions in a matter of weeks without having to pitch in front to Angel Investors or VC’s and signing away a percentage of their equity. This access to global funding was unprecedented and inspiring, to see a community come together and support projects but the real issue was the problems these projects were aiming to tackle.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 20:55
Wallets are gateways to cryptocurrencies and, as the blockchain space has grown, the variety of wallets available has also grown. Most people who want to dabble with a small amount of crypto, start off their crypto journey by setting up hot wallets in the form of phone, desktop, or web application. Hot wallets focus primarily on convenience and are great for making coin transfers on the go. While hot wallets may be convenient, they force users to sacrifice security and the underlying basis of crypto: having complete control of one’s wealth. Thus, as people get a stronger grasp of blockchain technology and understand how to improve security of their Crypto assets, they either opt for hardware wallets, or even brain wallets. User Experience i.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 20:52
Cryptographic essence of Bitcoin: Part 2 — How do public/private keys work?, Elliptical Cryptography & Proof of work. Let’s find out how to create a Bitcoin Address. Elliptic Curves Cryptography. Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is an approach to public-key cryptography ( watch video) based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields. The elliptic curve below is an example of an elliptic curve, similar to that used by bitcoin. Example of an EllipticCurve. The elliptic curve technique is used to create the public key derived from the private key. How does it work:. Starting with a private key in the form of a randomly generated number k , we multiply it by a predetermined point on the curve called the generator point G to pr.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 18:51
It should come as no surprise to most that Google launched their own programming language. The company has been moving aggressively into practically every technological sector imaginable — and more often than not, they end up revolutionizing the sector they’re looking to develop. It’s now been over a decade since Go entered production, and while it might not have the install base of languages like Python and JavaScript yet, Google’s proprietary language has a lot to offer. Here’s everything you need to consider before you decide to pick up this language. Pro: ease of use. While Go might not be as popular as JavaScript or Python, it does have one important thing in common with them: it’s eminently easy to understand. The syntax is clean and a.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 18:26
As GDC rages on, I’ve been able to bring you news about amazing games, but I’ve also spent a majority of my time talking to developers, engineers, and artists about the possibilities lying ahead for the gaming industry thanks to blockchain technology, and how pixEOS is on the leading edge of this trend. When people think of blockchain technology, often their minds jump straight to cryptocurrency, massive volatility, and perhaps even lambos.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 16:16
While the Bitcoin boom may have given blockchain the wings to fly, this emerging technology has managed to soar to new heights all by itself. As it has flown higher, further, faster, it has been fueled by qualities unique and sublime, one of them being the so-called trait of immutability. Blockchain’s widely lauded immutability entails that data once entered cannot be modified by unscrupulous actors, or anyone for that matter. While this may sound like the perfect way to send the auditors packing, we cannot help but wonder:. is blockchain’s supposedly perfect immutability too good to be true? What is Immutability in Blockchain? Before dissecting the issues that threaten to derail the golden promise of immutability, we must briefly have a loo.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 15:05
The BikeErg comes with the PM5: the most advanced PM thing ever. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a personal project, but I’ve been having an itch to make some new iOS apps and yesterday morning I decided to go ahead and hack something together. I recently purchased an exercise bike called the BikeErg (I think the name has something to do with the rowing machines that the manufacturer also makes).
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 14:39
Once upon a time … December 18, 2013 to be exact, GameKyuubi’s girlfriend was at a lesbian bar. Why? Well, ummm, ask him. Anyway, like many other nerds on a cold night, he was feeling sorry for himself, alone in front of his computer. Our beloved Bitcoin was dipping. While GameKyuubi’s lady was “hanging out with the girls”, (I’m not going to tell him what she was really doing) he found himself drinking whiskey and chatting online. #guilty. GF at a lesbian bar? I’ll let Kermit take this one. ( Feeling not so confident, he logged into and posted some rather enjoyable content that continues to amuse, or annoy us to this very day. His post was titled “I AM HODLING ”. He admittedly mistyped the title, but after m.
Hacker Noon 03/22/2019 14:36
HTML is the language for creating Web pages and the HTML elements are actually blocks that are used to build a page. Learn the basics to become a front-end professional. (This article was initially posted on ). HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. The first web pages was released in 1990 and the pages were only used for presentation. Today the web is a very important piece in our daily lives. You may use many different web browsers to look at web-pages, like: Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox. HTML Page Structure. It is important to understand the HTML page structure. The. is used for the title and meta-tags. Only content inside the. section (the white area) is displayed by the web browser.

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