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SvD (Sweden) 05/22/2019 07:24
Allt färre arbetstagare i Sverige är med i ett fackförbund. Och den största minskningen har skett inom LO-förbunden, enligt en ny rapport publicerad av tankesmedjan Arena idé. Under 2006 var 77 procent av arbetstagarna med i ett fackförbund. Fördelningen mellan arbetare och tjänstemän låg på samma nivå. Men 2018 har den fackliga organisationsgra...
Ils n’ont pas hésité à se servir. Les cambrioleurs ont emporté des cigarettes et des boissons alcoolisées valant Rs 600 000 d’un commerce à Terre-Rouge. La victime a fait une déposition au poste de police de Terre-Rouge hier, mardi 21 mai. Le vol a eu lieu entre le 6 et le 20 mai. Selon la victime, les cambrioleurs ont emporté 83 cartouches de cigarette, 55 bouteilles de boissons alcoolisées, 240 canettes de bière, huit sachets de sucre et des cartes prépayées. Les Rs 33 500 que le commerçant avait en liquide dans sa boutique ont aussi été emportées. La valeur des...
Фото: NewsMaker Адвокат Вячеслава Платона Александр Боднарюк пожаловался в офис Народного адвоката по правам человека Михаила Которбая. Адвокаты Платона жалуются, на то что их два месяца не пускают к нему в тюрьму и просят адвоката навестить его. В жалобе, подписанной адвокатом Александром Боднарюком, говорится, что с 5 февраля по устному указанию гла...
Решительные первые шаги нового президента Украины Владимира Зеленского, порой спорные с точки зрения законодательства, спровоцировали дискуссию в Молдове по поводу того, почему так не вел себя их президент Игорь Додон, который довольствовался урезанными полномочиями.
В этом году свыше тысячи учащихся получат „автоматом” оценку „10” на экзамене по иностранному языку в рамках экзаменов на степень ... The post БАК-2019: Более тысячи учащихся получат „автоматом” оценку „10” на экзамене по иностранному языку appeared first on nokta.
The Vox 05/22/2019 07:20
The American child care system is failing everyone. Now it’s finally becoming an election issue. If you’re a working parent of an infant or toddler in America, it can sometimes seem like none of your options for child care are good ones. You can send your child to day care, but that costs more than $900 a month in many states. In several states, care for an infant costs more than the average rent. And it costs more to send an infant to day care in Massachusetts for a year than it does to send a freshman to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as Bryce Covert reported at the New Republic last year . Cost is only part of the problem. For a lot of parents, it’s hard to even find a day care center — some high-demand facilities have years-lo.
Android Police 05/22/2019 07:19
We all associate the name Mozilla with Firefox and web browsing, but the company has been spreading its wings lately and releasing different kinds of tools. First there was Notes by Firefox , then Lockbox the password manager, followed closely by Firefox Send which shares encrypted files privately. The company now has another tool in beta and, although it has "Firefox" in its name, it's essentially an independent screenshot management tool. Read More. ScreenshotGo from Mozilla helps you sort the mess of your screenshots and search them by text was written by the awesome team at Android Police .
8 Columnas (Mexico) 05/22/2019 07:19
Castigo que parece premio a 32 diputados mexiquenses de Morena. Sin repercusión la suspensión e inhabilitación en un año no electoral. Líder del PVEM, Alberto Couttolenc, saquea capital político del PANAL. Enrique Vargas “en caballo de hacienda”, pero necesita resistencia. El castigo que Morena impuso a 32 de sus 36 diputados locales mexiquenses, vía Comisión de Honestidad y Justicia, tiene varias aristas que deben ser analizadas, más allá del origen de la sanción que fue proponer y aprobar –en diciembre pasado- la continuidad del impuesto de la “Tenencia Vehicular” y aumentar el costo del refrendo en el Estado de México para el ejercicio fiscal 2019. Por un lado, los comentarios positivos y de asombro en el sentido de que por primera vez s.
The efficiency of solar hydrogen evolution closely depends on the multiple electrons accumulation on the catalytic center for two‐electron‐involved water reduction. Herein, we report an effective approach to enable broadband light absorption and unidirectional electron flow for efficiently accumulating electrons at active sites for hydrogen evolution by rationally engineering the nanostructure of Pt nanoparticles (NPs), TiO2, and SiO2 support. In addition to Schottky‐junction‐driven electron transfer from TiO2 to Pt, Pt NPs also produce hot electrons by recycling the scattered visible and near‐infrared (vis‐NIR) light of the support. Unidirectional electron flow to active sites is realized by tuning the components spatial distribution. Thes.
The first mixed In/Sb Zintl anion, a cluster that effectively appears as [Sb@In8Sb12]4−, but actually is a 1:1 mixture of [Sb@In8Sb12]3− and [Sb@In8Sb12]5−, has been synthesized and structurally characterized, as shown by Z. M. Sun et al. in their Communication (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201904109). The tri‐anion features perfect Th symmetry and contains eight equivalent In3+ centers in a cube, while in the penta‐anion, the presence of two additional electrons induces a symmetry breaking, which substantially distorts the structure away from the Th symmetry.
The adsorption geometry and the electronic structure of a Blatter radical derivative on a gold surface were investigated by a combination of high‐resolution noncontact atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy. While the hybridization with the substrate hinders direct access to the molecular states, we show that the unpaired‐electron orbital can be probed with Angstrom resolution by mapping the spatial distribution of the Kondo resonance. The Blatter derivative features a peculiar delocalization of the unpaired electron orbital over some but not all moieties of the molecule, such that the Kondo signature can be related to the spatial fingerprint of the orbital. We observe a direct correspondence between these two quantities,
ზაფხულის დაუვიწყარი დღეებისთვის მომზადება ქართველმა ვარსკვლავებმა წინასწარ დაიწყეს. შოკოლადისფერი რუჯი და ხავერდოვანი კანი არც ერთ მათგანს არ აკლია, თუმცა ზღვის ნაპირას ან მთაში დასვენება მეტ ენერგიას, სილაღესა და კომფორტს ჰმატებთ.
The short, efficient total synthesis of (+)‐aquatolide was achieved by a biomimetic transannular [2+2] photocycloaddition, which provides the first example of constructing a 5/5/4/8‐ring system from asteriscunolides. Furthermore, the reaction leading to a 5/4/4/7‐ring system, the originally proposed structure of aquatolide, was also developed. This strategy achieved syntheses of five more humulanolides, (–)‐asteriscunolides A, C, D, and I, and (+)‐tetradehydroasteriscanolide.
Cationic halogen bond‐donor‐catalyzed homo‐ and cross‐[4+2] cycloadditions of 2‐alkenylindoles were developed. Under mild reaction conditions, 3‐indolyl‐substituted tetrahydrocarbazole derivatives were obtained in good to excellent yields. Experimental and quantum calculation studies revealed that the electrophilic activation of 2‐alkenylindoles was achieved by C−I···π halogen bonds.

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