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In a breakthrough development, world’s first plasma coated bandages could revolutionize the treatment of chronic wounds, as these bandages have the power to attack inflammation and infection. These coatings would work for chronic wounds that are related to diabetes, pressure, or vascular ulcers. The novel coating on the plasma-coated bandages comprise a special antioxidant can […]. .
Heating and cooling of buildings has two repercussions: cost and carbon emissions. According to statistics of the UK Green Building Council, buildings account for almost 40% of total carbon footprint in the country. And, heating alone accounts for 10% of carbon emissions. To address this, improving windows is where our attention needs to turn towards. […]. .
In a study carried out at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, researchers have developed a computational tool to detect alterations that become cause of tumor formation in 98% of genome. The tool will aid to detect oncogenes and advances in precision medicine for adults and children with cancer. The approachcalled as cis-expression is published in […]. .
Electronic devices and electronic motors produce electromagnetic field that has to be sometimes shielded in order to protect the neighboring electronic components or shield the transmission of signals. Electromagnetic fields of high frequency can only be screened with conductive shells closed on all sides. This is often done using thin metalized foils or metal sheets […]. .
For the last several years, stem cells hold promise for regenerative medicine. Called ‘mother cell’, in Spanish, several studies have shown these cells have the ability to give rise to a number of different cell types. Studies also show these cells can be used in regenerative medicine for diseases such as nervous system and muscular […]. .
In a new development, ASTM International has given approval for the use of synthetic oil obtained from municipal waste to manufacture jet fuel at crude oil refineries. The approval obtained is as a result of a process supported by the University of Dayton Research Institute.This is the second stipulation, i.e. co-processing of petroleum with syncrude […]. .
Following a new development for testing of COVID-19, this will enable screening for the disease directly at a number oftesting centers. And, this will enable patients to receive test results in about one hour from the time they receive a nasal swab. The development of a micro-PCR diagnostic system for COVID-19, which is portable,called Epidax,developed […]. .
Since the introduction of functional ultrasound imaging in 2011, the said is progressively gaining traction as a predominant neuroimaging modality. The technique has led to the emergence of a fast-blooming research field in neuroscience. Three articles recently published on the imaging modality in high-impact journals support this. The articles quote major scientific advances on the […]. .
Do you worry about your loved ones in hospitals or assisted living facilities? Is there a way for healthcare providers and families to remotely monitor patient safety when in hospitals or in assisted living facilities. With availability of cameras short in number, healthcare providers and families have few tools at their disposal to virtually monitor […]. .
Scientific communities today worldwide are striving to develop ever more sophisticated artificial intelligence systems. Called neural networks, the type of artificial intelligence system is designed in some ways to imitate the wiring of the brain, and to be used for tasks such as natural language processing and computer vision. Meanwhile, to simulate neural networks using […]. .
To safeguard energy for the future and for environmental resilience, electrification of the transportation sector is critical. This is because the transportation sector is one of the leading consumers of energy worldwide. To enable electrification of the transportation sector, this would require high-power fuel cells to be used either to be used on their own […]. .
In a new development, researchers have discovered a new interaction between two proteins Poldip3 and RTEL1that lessens the risk of DNA damage and development of cellular cancer. The findings of the research carried out by researchers at KarolinskaInstitutet is published in the journal Genes & Development. For cell division to form two new cells, it […]. .
As lockdown requirements for COVID-19 ease, it is changing the way indoor spaces are used. This is posing challenge for individuals who manage indoor spaces, from offices to homes and factories. Of all, heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems, one of the largest consumers of energy in American homes and commercial buildings are facing significant […]. .
Newly developed MRI techniques recently developed may serve to provide better outcomes for Parkinson’s diseases and essential tremor. These techniques do so by rightly targeting a small area in the brain thus serving to provide better outcome without the need of surgery and with less chance of negative side effects. The hypothesis is suggested by […]. .
Owing to physiological capabilities, which enables whole-system modeling, brains of animals and other humans often practice feedforward control. Conversely, for machines, such modeling is computationally difficult. In this context, researchers at University of California and Huazhong University of Science and Technology have developed a new feedforward techniques, which is an improvisation of conventional feedforward techniques. […]. .

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