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LifestyleAsia 02/17/2020 04:50
With the increasing demand for personalisation in just about every lifestyle facet, healthcare is also no stranger to the tailor-made approach -- and what could be more personal than your genetic makeup? With the convenience of a simple saliva swab, at-home DNA testing kits have become all the rage lately, with basic tests in Hong Kong priced from under HK$1,500 through to nearly HK$30,000 for more premium services. DNA tests offer a personalised profile of how your body was born to function, from whether you are predisposed for illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, to looking at how your body processes certain foods, to how well you cope with exercise and stress. One of the most popular current DNA test providers is US-based , which launc.
LifestyleAsia 02/17/2020 02:35
Originally distilled in 1966, this superlative single malt was released to commemorate the highland house's 160-year-old history. (Image source: As with other exceptionally rare releases, The Dalmore 51 is presented in a crystal decanter and packaged inside a case fashioned from handmade sycamore. Heads up bon vivants : has just released its inaugural whisky of the new decade and it's a doozy.
LifestyleAsia 02/17/2020 01:59
Enjoy inviting friends over for afternoon tea and dinner parties? Tell them just how much you appreciate their company by preparing a meal that's not only tempting on the palate, but a visual feast too. Scroll down to take a look at our list of stylish and refined tableware collections that will give your guests an elevated dining experience they won't forget. Shanghai Tang. [gallery size="full" ids="1755078,1755079,1755080"]. Embrace the serene and enigmatic essence of traditional Chinese culture with ’s Forbidden Garden homeware collection, which features a refreshing take on traditional motifs and colours — from painterly scenes of butterflies dancing amongst lush foliage to a charming lattice pattern inspired by the cross section of bambo.
LifestyleAsia 02/16/2020 22:57
One of Bangkok's flagship hospitality properties is proving that hotels can be a driving force for good. In a city bustling with , cuisine, entertainment and , finding the is key to making the most out of a trip to Bangkok. In the vibrant capital of Thailand, the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park is a landmark on the hospitality scene, with its unique blend of Thai culture and modern comfort at the crossroads of Bangkok's great metropolis. What's more, the hotel is dedicated to a vast range of eco initiatives, pioneering sustainability measures that have reverberated throughout the community. We checked in on a recent weekend for a closer look at the features and social impact of this exemplary property. [caption id="attachment_1755247"
LifestyleAsia 02/16/2020 14:00
They say that the path to entrepreneurship is paved with potholes. With more entrepreneurial education and resources at our disposal now than ever before, this new decade is the perfect opportunity to start building your own business. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most useful and inspiring podcasts for any . You can hear interesting and celebrated guest speakers like Facebook’s Dustin Moscowitz and PayPal’s Peter Thiel, or listen in on real life ’ pitches to investors. Whether your business is still just an idea in your head, or it’s already up and running, you’re sure to learn something and get some fresh ideas. And for the entrepreneurs continuing to build their existing empires -- it's always good to be kept on your toes. 1. The Pitch.
LifestyleAsia 02/14/2020 23:46
Hong Kong is a place brimming with talented and intriguing people. In our weekly column, we get up close and personal with the city’s notable personalities, learning about their whims and aversions, pivotal life moments, and hopes and dreams — all in roughly the same amount of time it takes to sit through a 2-minute speed date. In this lowly editor's opinion you'll find one of Hong Kong's finest barmen not in some kitsch speakeasy or grand hotel, but rather, tucked away behind a set of doors in the Landmark building. Admittedly, past this seemingly nondescript threshold lies none other than the Michelin-starred restaurant , and the bartender in question is Devender Kumar. Wearing debonair suits and a perpetual slickback (is there any other
LifestyleAsia 02/14/2020 02:16
Sure, , one-of-a-kind and elaborate are great, but they’re not everything (and they shouldn’t be your litmus test to prove that your partner loves you, anyway). If you’re a realist when it comes to love, or you’d prefer to not give into the pressure to need a partner to feel whole, break out the popcorn and get comfy, because these movies on are perfect to support that anti-Valentine’s Day cause. The Truman Show. Who needs to worry about whether your love is real when your entire life has been an intricately fabricated film set? The 1998 movie stars Jim Carrey as an insurance salesman who attempts to escape his dreary life after finding out his entire family and hometown has been broadcasted as a l.
LifestyleAsia 02/13/2020 19:00
Japanese gins have become such a ubiquitous sight in bars across the world that it's difficult to remember the country only began producing gins in 2016. In the span of four years, Japan's nascent has grown at an unprecedented rate. was the first to open its doors, pioneering the movement with its Ki No Bi gin that would come to shape the profile of Japanese gins as a whole. A boom soon followed, and today, there are that make gins in Japan, ranging from the small-batch and local to giants like Nikka and Suntory. The fact that these expressions are well-received both domestically and internationally has led to Japan ingraining gins into the DNA of its alcohol industry, making a bottle of or as distinctively Japanese as a bottle of Yamazaki
LifestyleAsia 02/13/2020 04:03
Despite outcry from her fans, Phoebe Philo has been keeping herself under the radar since her departure from (formerly Céline) a little over two years ago. However, there are rumours going around that the designer might be planning on a comeback. With a uniquely captivating approach to restrained elegance, Philo's clean, minimalistic and contemporary designs at Céline have revolutionised the way women dress on a global scale, and the announcement of her departure after her tenure at the house devastated many. Since then, fans have been secretly anticipating for her return, even though she expressed no plans to work for another fashion house. But, if the whispers are true, the wait might just be over real soon. With a uniquely captivating ap.
LifestyleAsia 02/13/2020 03:41
Looking at current events, there's no denying that things appear a tad dicey here in Hong Kong. And yet somehow, inexplicably, life goes on. In that vein, check out these exciting cultural events throughout town -- ongoing throughout the latter half of February. See Parasite in black & white. When: Through 29 February. After taking home not one but four Academy Awards () earlier this week, Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite is getting a theatrical re-release right here in Hong Kong. The critically acclaimed film -- ostensibly about a clan of scrappy have-nots who con their way into a wealthy family’s household with, shall we say, unexpected results -- will be presented throughout local cinemas in black & white. Bong himself has promised that audiences w.
LifestyleAsia 02/13/2020 02:50
In today’s swipe-dictated dating scene, the first date -- that first real face-to-face meeting -- has achieved a kind of exalted status. Should you have successfully made it to that level of commitment, the decision of where to hang out in person can become a conundrum. A lot of factors can come into play when it comes to creating the ideal first date: You’re looking to sprinkle the right amount of intrigue and fun without locking yourself into lofty expectations for future dates to come. The setting should be casual but have a good ambience; not too cosy where it might get uncomfortable; filled with conversation starters in case of dry emergencies (that’s where a proper drink comes in handy too); and in case your fear comes true that they
LifestyleAsia 02/13/2020 02:45
Don't you just love it when your gadgets match with your wardrobe? While Apple has always been ahead when it comes to dressing up their tech, also wants to show the world that they know a thing or two about fashion. At the recent event in San Fransisco, the Korean tech giant has officially announced the release of its second flip phone, , . Unlike the previous Fold, the Z Flip is much more compact at 3.5 x 3 inches when closed, and offers a 6.7-inch screen when opened. It also debuts a glass screen instead of its predecessor’s plastic version, and can reportedly withstand up to 200,000 folds, which is enough for an average phone life cycle -- unless you have a compulsive need to constantly open and close your phone, that is. Multi-tasking i.
LifestyleAsia 02/13/2020 02:19
Long gone are the days when vegan food means boring, bland eats. Veganism has taken a turn for the better this past decade, eliminating any preconceptions of previously "dull" menus, and instead offering tasty, -- all the while pumped with health benefits and ethical treatment of animals leading towards a sustainable lifestyle. Hong Kong is well on the bandwagon for this movement, branching out into different vegan cuisines and budgets for every foodie, regardless of whether you’re fully committed to veganism or merely trying out the hype.
LifestyleAsia 02/12/2020 05:35
Ricardo Chaneton's first standalone Central restaurant offers a refreshing change of pace from formal French fine dining establishments. Long one of Hong Kong's most prominent F&B firms, JIA Group has braved a few bumps and hurdles in recent years, shuttering outlets such as Fish School and Aberdeen Street Social, and cutting chef partnerships such as that with Jason Atherton (22 Ships, Ham & Sherry).
LifestyleAsia 02/12/2020 02:20
The Bar jacket -- recognisable for its cinched waist, soft shoulders and basque silhouette accentuating the shape of the hips -- instantly sealed ’s success at the couturier's very first show on 12 February 1947. Ever since, it's become not only a house icon, but also a virtuosic symbol of Parisian elegance. Christian Dior's very first haute couture show on 12 February 1947 debuting the voluptuous, ultra-feminine silhouette dubbed the 'New Look'. The iconic jacket, which forms , has been continuously reinterpreted and modernised by Dior’s various Artistic Directors throughout the decades; whether it's in John Galliano's exuberant glamour or Raf Simons' minimalism, the sensual lines and defined waist of Monsieur Dior’s original remain, and c.
LifestyleAsia 02/12/2020 01:36
Victoria Beckham has just launched a new crossover product in her eponymous beauty line with famed stem cell scientist Augustinus Bader, the priced at US$210 (approx. HK$1,630). Victoria Beckham isn’t Posh Spice for nothing. Reported to follow a US$1,038 (approx. HK$8,060) skincare routine prescribed by celebrity facialist Melanie Grant, the singer-turned-fashion-and-beauty mogul is notorious for her expensive tastes that also extend all the way to her skincare cabinet. She’s known to be a huge fan of Dr. Augustinus Bader’s products, namely The Cream and The Rich Cream -- what many stars tout to be a revolutionary skin texture gamechanger. Dr. Augustinus Bader gained his reputation when he developed a hydrogel cream to treat burn victims, e.

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