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THE WEEK 12/13/2019 01:10
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is prepared to start an impeachment trial in the Senate in lockstep with the White House. McConnell told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday night that if there is an impeachment trial, "my hope is that it will be a shorter process rather than a lengthy process," adding, "there will be no difference between the president's position and our position in how to handle this."
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 16:24
President Trump's impeachment saga is just begging for an HBO adaptation. There's foreign intrigue. There are talkative star witnesses. And there's the possibility of seeing Timothée Chalamet squeeze on a bald cap to play Rudy Giuliani once he's a few decades past his prime. All of that — but in the present day and shoved into the Senate floor — is what Trump wants out of his upcoming Senate trial, via interviews with eight current and former senior administration officials, Trump campaign aides and Republicans close to the White House. Trump used to be worried about impeachment, even angry, Politico says. Yet lately, Trump has started laughing the whole thing off, calling the charges against him "flimsy" and the whole thing "impeachment li.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 16:20
1. If you love Keanu Reeves, clear your schedule on May 21, 2021, because Hollywood is treating you to a double feature. Warner Bros. has announced that The Matrix 4 will arrive in theaters on that date, which also happens to be the date Lionsgate had previously scheduled for the fourth John Wick movie. Honestly: Just cut out the middleman and give us the John Wick vs. Neo movie of our collective dreams. []. 2. Let's hope Vacation is all you ever wanted, because you're about to get a lot more of it. The Griswold family — immortalized on the big screen in the movies Vacation , European Vacation , Christmas Vacation , Vegas Vacation , and an Ed Helms-starring reboot you probably forgot about — is bound for the small screen. The new TV series,
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 12:57
Many people expected Prime Minister Narendra Modi's landslide re-election victory this summer to spell trouble for India's pluralistic democracy. But few appreciated just how much trouble. This week, in two days flat, the Modi government through both chambers of parliament the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). This law uses a good cause as a Trojan horse to advance a radical faith-cleansing agenda that has more than a passing similarity with the shocking policies that China has deployed against its minority. On the surface, CAB is a mass amnesty bill of the kind that pro-immigration advocates in America can't even dream of. It amends India's Citizenship Act to hand expedited citizenship — not mere legal status — to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists,
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 10:25
House Democrats with President Trump earlier this week to pass a revised version of the North American Free Trade agreement. Centrist Democrats and House leadership under Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) they needed to "show that we can do something," as Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) put it. Meanwhile, the Democrats' progressive flank that the party handed Trump a win even as it tries to hammer the message that the president is a dire threat to American democracy. But all of this raises the question: Will passage of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) actually help Trump's re-election chances? Of course, there is a somewhat parallel question about whether or not the Democrats muddled their message on impeachment by announcing an accord wi.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 07:17
1. The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it would after cutting them by a quarter-point in three previous meetings. It was the Fed's first unanimous decision since May. The central bank's policy makers said they planned to continue monitoring risks related to trade tensions and a global economic slowdown. "The committee judges that the current stance of monetary policy is appropriate to support sustained expansion of economic activity," officials said in their policy statement, which The Wall Street Journal characterized as "optimistic." The sense is that things will remain stagnant for some time, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell didn't signal that, despite all those previous cuts, any hikes were expected in the near future. []. 2. British vote.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 05:55
South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is under scrutiny for his stint working for the consulting firm McKinsey — perhaps because his record is so short that there is little else to discuss. After weeks of stonewalling, claiming he couldn't discuss details because he had signed a non-disclosure agreement, Buttigieg finally released about his years at the company. He apparently did cost-cutting for a health insurer, price analysis for a grocery store chain, a study on energy efficiency for the EPA and several nonprofits, and something in 2009 for the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan to increase "employment and entrepreneurship in those countries' economies." (I for one would like to hear more about that last one.). Yet the details o.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 05:55
It is time for progressive Democrats to prepare for the possibility of a Joe Biden presidency — and for that presidency to last just four short years. Why? Because that's apparently is what Biden himself is doing. Politico on Wednesday the former vice president is "quietly" signalling to aides he would serve only a single term, if elected, in part to mollify young lefty voters who seem unenthusiastic about his campaign. "If Biden is elected, he's going to be 82 years old in four years and he won't be running for re-election," an unidentified campaign adviser said. Biden the story, but a denial would be . And there is a precedent for such a move — Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) won the House speakership earlier this year based, in part, on a t.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 05:50
The long-awaited on the FBI's probe of the 2016 election finally emerged this week. Unfortunately, the long-awaited reckoning with reality by both parties and the national media will have to wait a little longer. In the hyperpartisan environment surrounding the impeachment of President Trump, most mined IG Michael Horowitz' detailed and damning report for the few nuggets that bolstered their own point of view and conveniently overlooked the rest. Predictably, Horowitz' report showed that "they spied on my campaign," even though the report noted that the FBI had not used confidential human resources on his campaign. FBI director Christopher Wray that the report vindicated the FBI from political bias and only reflected "serious performance fa.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 05:45
It's difficult to remember who Tom Steyer is. The answer, if your memory needs a jog as much as mine, is a billionaire finance guy who numbers among the infinity Democratic candidates hoping to challenge President Trump in 2020. Since announcing his campaign in early July, Steyer has steadily outspent the rest of the Democratic primary field on television ad buys. In fact, until mid-November, he consistently spent more than all the other candidates combined. To date, FiveThirtyEight Steyer has dropped around $46 million on TV ads. And yet, per the RealClearPolitics , he is polling at all of 1.7 percent. With numbers like that, does campaign cash matter anymore? Conventional wisdom, especially in the post- Citizens United era, holds that acc.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 05:35
For about 15 minutes a few years ago, being an was kind of a thing. Some GOPers hoped that by associating themselves with the Silicon Valley unicorn that was disrupting the taxicab industry, they could freshly rebrand themselves as a techy, millennial-oriented party. Uber Republicans claimed to love dynamic markets, embraced the sharing economy, and were ready to disrupt the political status quo in Washington. Clearly the technophobic and economically nostalgic Donald Trump wasn't the sort of disrupter that the Uber Republicans were envisioning. Still, Trump supporters today frequently call him a "disrupter" who's totally changing how things are done in the nation's capital. And there's some truth there. Trump has certainly disrupted numero.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 05:26
Only now, at the end, will we understand the true shape of the Star Wars saga in The Rise of Skywalker . With this allegedly final chapter, J.J. Abrams has an enormous task ahead of him, needing to not only open his own mystery boxes from The Force Awakens , but also bring the 42-year Skywalker story to a satisfying close, and tie up decades of plot lines in the process. Before The Rise of Skywalker 's debut, let's take one last look at some of the key burning questions that remain. 1.
THE WEEK 12/12/2019 02:01
Hanukkah, the annual Jewish festival of lights, begins at sundown on Dec. 22 this year. Unless you are at the White House, in which case it kicked off on Wednesday. Today we celebrated the miracle of at the . Wishing everyone a blessed and happy holiday! — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS). People in # at the annual White House celebration of Hanukkah, a festival to commemorate a lamp-based miracle during the Maccabean victory against the Seleucid Empire in about 165 B.C. Evangelical and lawyer Alan Dershowitz both spoke, , and Trump touted an executive order he had just signed on college campuses. Then it was time to light the menorah. After brief remarks from , time to light the menorah. Then brief chant of "Four more years!". — Steve Herman (@W7VOA)
THE WEEK 12/11/2019 20:56
Starting in 2020, Major League Baseball will begin testing players for opioids,. A person with knowledge of the matter told the Times the league and its players' union have agreed to the new policy, and they expect it will be formally announced on Thursday. Major league players have not had to undergo opioid or marijuana testing, unless there is reasonable cause or they are in a treatment program, the Times reports.

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