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Biofuels Digest 05/28/2020 19:06
In Canada, Nextfor launched a series of High Performance Lignin Collaboration Forums to gather value chain feedback on the state of lignin product development in Canada and Ontario. Industry leaders worked together in these sessions to identify three opportunity maps for commercialization: • Polymers & Fine Chemicals • Resins & Adhesives • Thermoplastics & Composites […]
Biofuels Digest 05/28/2020 19:04
In New York, Platts reports D4 prices rose to their highest level since December at 56 cents/RIN on the back of expected higher blending mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency. Between higher blending expected for 2021 and fewer waivers that will likely be granted under the small refinery exemption program following significant scrutiny, prices have […]
Biofuels Digest 05/28/2020 18:57
Q: What was the reason for founding your organization – what was the open niche you saw that could be addressed with a new product or service? What was the problem, or gap, or opportunity? We founded Hydragas to develop a renewable gas recovery technology, to supply clean energy at country-scale. The roots of the […]
Biofuels Digest 05/28/2020 18:52
The Business Renewables Centre – Australia and project partners like WWF, ARENA, Rocky Mountain Institute and others are working on getting Australia to use more large-scale renewable energy and using Power Purchase Agreements to get there. But why a renewable energy PPA? How are corporate PPAs an important segment in a diversified market? Where are the […]
Biofuels Digest 05/27/2020 18:46
In Brazil, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) changed its tone regarding the possibility of working towards anticipating an increase in the mandatory mixture of biodiesel in common diesel. During a conference call between representatives of the productive sector, parliamentarians and Minister Bento Albuquerque, held Tuesday afternoon, it was agreed that the topic would […]
Biofuels Digest 05/27/2020 18:40
In Iran, Press TV reports Brazilian corn that arrived last year but has been stuck in port due to aflatoxin contamination will instead be used as ethanol feedstock. Customs authorities will release the shipment that has been at Imam Khomeini Port since it was unloaded. The government originally planned to destroy the shipment despite complaints […]
Biofuels Digest 05/27/2020 18:38
In Australia, the Newcastle Herald newspaper reports that Muswellbrook Shire Council agreed to continue negotiating with Ethtec a potential A$10.4 million grant that would go towards a pilot cellulosic ethanol plant. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has awarded Ethtec an A$11.9 million grant for the project that is dependent on matching funds. Originally a Chinese […]
Biofuels Digest 05/27/2020 18:30
In Washington, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting clarification on its temporary policy for the manufacture of alcohol-based hand sanitizer products during the COVID-19 pandemic. The FDA released temporary guidance on March 27, 2020 regarding ethanol used for hand sanitizer production during […]
Biofuels Digest 05/27/2020 14:03
Suspended. Reminiscint of the ‘bad kid’ at school who was always getting in trouble, we are hearing the word ‘suspended’ over and over again in 2020. Calyxt isn’t any different. In their Q1 2020 investor call, they shared the latest financials and ‘suspended’ 2020 predictions. Check out this slide guide including commentary from their CEO, Jim Blome, […]

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