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Autocar Online 06/05/2020 07:00
We round up this week's hottest stories, pictures and videos for you to devour in your Friday lunch break. As the working week draws to a close, you no doubt want to catch up with everything that has happened in the world of motoring over the past few days. So we’re bringing you our favourite videos, stories, photos and quotes of the week all in one place.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 06:25
Update claimed to solve issue with emergency call function; deliveries will recommence and voluntary recall be launched. has resumed deliveries of the after a software problem was unearthed in May. The problem, which centered around the eCall emergency assist function not working reliably, caused deliveries to be halted throughout Europe while a fix was developed. Volkswagen now claims that a software update for the control unit has resolved the issue.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 06:01
With the pandemic forcing business practices to change, fledgling companies could make an impact. In many ways, there couldn’t be a better time for . Many of the old ways of working and thinking just won’t apply or be relevant any more. Companies will need to be leaner and cleaner. Supply chains will need to be more localised and anything that can be moved online must be. The automotive industry will be well placed to work in this new world, too – and if the established players are unwilling to change, plenty of new names will be there to seize the opportunities. Few industries are as creative and as innovative as the automotive one, whether it’s responding to seemingly impossible targets from legislators or meeting the demands of customers.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 06:01
Two of the world's biggest car brands were set to tie the knot before the pandemic. That plan most likely remains in place. The question over whether is an easy one to answer: yes. “I think the merger makes more sense now than a year ago,” says Felipe Muñoz, Jato Dynamics’ global analyst. “Despite the difficulties, they need each other more than ever.”That’s because mergers and acquisitions will become even more common in the industry; car makers simply can’t face the huge investments needed for electrification alone. And that cash position is only going to be compounded by the effects of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the reasons for, and appeal of, the merger pre-pandemic are still there now. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will benefit from , whi.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 05:31
Supercar pace, ultra-low CO2 and driving satisfaction, all in one roomy package? Let’s see. Time was when the wildest Porsche usually took the form of a turbocharged 911 replete with an enormous wing and, if extra security was required, front driveshafts.In the turbulent wake of the GT2 RS and the subsequent launch of the new 911 Turbo S – a car with 641bhp, a 2.6sec 0-62mph time, hips wider than a bin lorry and a wing – you could argue that nothing has changed.However, if you accept that modern Porsche is really an SUV company that builds proper sports cars mainly to protect its pedigree (last year, it sold almost 200,000 Cayenne and Macan models compared with only 80,000 of everything else, which is a sobering statistic for the purists), t.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 05:31
We love the Alpine A110 in its standard form, but can the more potent A110S or the specially modified Life110 steal the show? What could be better than an ? The French two-seater, priced at £46,905 and with 249bhp, capable of 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds and with a 155mph top speed, is one of our favourite sports car of the last few years. But perhaps there is a better way. and its suspension dropped to make it keener and more exciting, at, perhaps, the expense of its comfort. Step forward, then, the specially modified Life110, which purports to be the middle ground with some suspension tweaks, but very little loss in ride comfort. Join us as we discover the best way to get the best . Read more.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 05:16
Bentley is seeking to scale back its workforce significantly. British marque is seeking to dramatically streamline the business via its new Beyond100 initiative. Bentley is seeking to cut almost a quarter of its workforce as it looks to restructure the entire business under an initiative called Beyond100. The Crewe-based luxury car maker has written to each of its 4200 contracted employees with a voluntary release package based on age, salary and experience and it is looking for at least 1000 of them to come forward.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 04:45
Munich's sporting two-door will be revealed later this year, but leaked shot reveals striking look adapted from 4 Series. The all-new appears to have been leaked in a social media post ahead of its official reveal later this year. The image, first posted on from what looks like a BMW facility, shows the model's front-end look without disguise for the first time. The M4's grille appears to be even more prominient than the new on which its based, thanks to black detailing.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 04:41
Bentley. Luxury brand will offer workers voluntary redundancy; official confirmation due later today. Luxury car firm is set to announce that it will cut up to 1000 jobs in the UK, around a quarter of its workforce, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It is understood that staff consultation on the cuts will begin shortly, with workers at the Crewe factory set to be offered voluntary redundancy in the first case.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 04:01
Silverstone-based outfit has filled order books for its exclusive Jaguar EVs, with Rolls-Royce and Bentley options inbound. is on track to deliver its first customer models by the end of 2020 and remains committed to significant expansion plans first announced in February. Deliveries of the Silverstone-based firm’s debut model, electrified versions of the iconic XK120 sports coupé, will begin in the final quarter of 2020, with order books now filled for the initial production run.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 01:01
Morphoz concept gives clues to styling of future Renault EVs. Laurens van den Acker outlines next few years for Renault, Alpine and Dacia. The changes in car layout sparked by electrification have created new challenges and opportunities to keep designers busy – and design chief Laurens van den Acker is busier than most. The Dutchman is responsible for design at , and , three very different brands that face disparate challenges when it comes to electrification.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 01:01
Piggybacking the European Championship could help keep the premier rally series racing in 2020. It was with a sad air of inevitability that the Safari Rally was canned for this year, despite the hype generated by the return of one of the WRC’s most illustrious events. This is the second full cancellation to be announced this season after Portugal, while Argentina and Italy remain officially postponed.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 01:01
Older Lexus models are renowned for their reliability, but the LS400's 4.0-litre V8 delivers on fun as well. It’s showing 155,000 miles? Pah! The 4.0-litre V8 in this famously durable luxury car is just getting warmed up. , £3000: The LS400 was the car with which announced itself to the automotive world in 1989. A few years ago, there were quite a few examples knocking around on the cheap, but such is their sound reliability that buyers were snapping them up, running them, and keeping them. Now their numbers are dwindling. We found one for £3000 that isn’t without its faults. This owner has had it since November 2014. At its last MOT, in May 2019, it sounded like the tyres needed replacing, and in the past year, they have been, along with fr.
Autocar Online 06/05/2020 01:01
Car dealers hope lockdown will lead to pent-up demand. Hopes for sector's recovery buoyed by research that found 47% of UK car owners plan to replace their car in the next twelve months. Motorists' plan to replace their cars in the next six months are unchanged despite the , according to new research. This is positive news for the struggling new car market, which must ramp up sales after a dismal three months in order to get the larger cogs of the industry turning.
Autocar Online 06/04/2020 19:01
Soft-roader version of the Corolla estate is well equipped, frugal and more enjoyable to drive than you might think. The Corolla Trek is Toyota’s way of making its family estate a little bit more appealing to those ‘active lifestyle’ types - the kind who want their cars to conquer the occasional dirt trail as well as the school run.It’s a market all but sewn up by SUVs, but a helping hand from US bike giant Trek has given the Corolla Touring Sports a semi-rugged makeover.The front and rear bumpers have been given protective skid plates, and the lower sides are covered with plastic cladding, but it’s all rather more soft road than off road.
Autocar Online 06/04/2020 19:01
The empty roads are oh-so inviting right now. Easing restrictions mean we can get back to testing cars - but not all road users have been behaving. And we’re back – of a fashion. Thanks for bearing with us during what we once quaintly thought of as unprecedented times, but if you’ll forgive me talking shop and the coronavirus for a moment, normal service is resuming. Cars are being made available to us to test and there are a good few to get through. At risk of rousing Haymarket Media Group’s brass section, we have strong procedures in place to let us do this safely. One big car maker told us that our house rules are better than its own, I think chiefly because they don’t rely on anyone else to do any of the legwork. Not every car we test is

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