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techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 09:54
Continuing from the Micron tech brief we shared earlier, a new interesting prospect for the future of ultra-bandwidth solutions is being called simply HBMnext. It's very likely this is only a working title for a next generation HBM memory interface, whether it is a mere evolution of HBM2e or HBM3 proper. The jump in memory speed from HBM2e to HBMnext is being placed at the 0.8 Gbps level, with an actual rate of 3.2 Gbps - which is higher than the improvement from HBM2 to HBM2e (0.4 Gbps, from 2.0 Gbps to 2.4 Gbps). Users shouldn't expect to see HBMnext on any products soon, though; it's only expected to launch come 2022.
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 09:41
Micron have spilled the beans on at least some specifications for NVIDIA's next-gen Ampere graphics cards. In a new tech brief posted by the company back on August 10th, hidden away behind Micron's market outlook, strategy and positioning, lie some secrets NVIDIA might not be too keen to see divulged before their #theultimatecountdown event. Under a comparison on ultra bandwidth solutions, segregated into the GDDR6X column, Micron lists a next-gen NVIDIA card under the RTX 3090 product name. According to the spec sheet, this card features a 12-placement memory bank, which, when paired with specifications for the GDDR6X memory bank being capable of 19-21 Gb/s speeds, brings total memory subsystem bandwidth towards the 912 - 1008 Gb/s range.
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 04:54
GoodOffer24 extends its Software Deal on genuine, globally-valid software, helping you build a powerful home office on the cheap. Get Genuine, globally-valid Windows 10 Pro for 10.39€. Businesses can buy Genuine Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC for 9.86€ a pop, and upgrade their infrastructure while minimizing their capex. Got a couple of PCs at home? Pick the Windows 10 Pro twin-pack for 15.39€. Office 2019 Professional Plus is the most powerful productivity suite in the market, powering home-office and home-learning experiences par none. Get it for 30.09€. Combine Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019 Professional for just 36.39€. Also check out great deals on Office 2016, Windows 10 Home, and various other software bundles. Don't forget to apply the
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 04:30
As we are getting close to September 1st, the day NVIDIA launches its upcoming GeForce RTX graphics cards based on Ampere architecture, we are getting even more leaks. Today, an alleged PCB of the NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce RTX 3090 has been pictured and posted on social media. The PCB appears to be a 3rd party design coming from one of NVIDIA's add-in board (AIB) partners - Colorful. The picture is blurred out on the most of the PCB and has Intel CPU covering the GPU die area to hide the information. There are 11 GDDR6X memory modules covering the surrounding of the GPU and being very near it. Another notable difference is the NVLink finger change, as there seems to be the new design present. Check out the screenshot of the Reddit thread an.
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 03:22
Today, Epic Games has decided to file a lawsuit against both Apple and Google after both companies removed Fortnite form their platform app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). Firstly, Apple has decided to remove the Fortnite app to form its App Store because the game violated the company's policy that all in-game payments must go through the Apple App Store system, instead of them being processed directly. That means that Apple can also apply its 30% cut on all the payments made in-game. After Apple has revoked the Fortnite app, Epic Games has decided to file a lawsuit that aims to fight the company's monopoly and make the iOS platform more developer-friendly. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Epic will not seek or accept any spec.
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 03:18
Sid Meier's Civilization VI is the latest turn-based strategy in the series launching back in 2016, the game has made its way onto various platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and now Android. The game is available through the Google Play store as shareware with a 20 USD fee to play past turn 60, "Rise and Fall" and "Gathering Storm" expansions are also available for 30 USD and 40 USD respectively. There are a variety of scenario packs also available for 5-9 USD, this pricing is consistent across mobile versions. The game has received mixed to positive reviews mainly due to compatibility issues, the game requires a modern device to run smoothly especially in the late game. The animations
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 02:07
BIOSTAR, a leading brand of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today proudly announces the B450NH Mini-ITX motherboard. Designed based on AMD's B450 single chip architecture, the new B450NH motherboard from BIOSTAR is sleek and convenient, coming in a Mini-ITX form factor suitable for builds with smaller footprint that saves desk space as well as being easy to move around. The BIOSTAR B450NH motherboard carries AMD's AM4 socket built to support the latest and greatest AMD Ryzen CPU / APU range, with features like PCIe M.2 32 Gb/s delivering 5 times faster bandwidth under lower latency compared to SATA III 6 Gb/s further enhancing the potential of this amazing motherboard. Suitable for many applications like casual content co.
techPowerUp! 08/14/2020 01:04
Intel on Thursday at its 2020 Architecture Day event announced a high performance gaming variant of its Xe graphics architecture, which it calls Xe HPG. The Xe architecture is designed to scale between tiny iGPUs and mobile discrete GPUs as Xe LP, up to scalar compute processors under Xe HP, and beyond to HPCs and supercomputers, under Xe HPC. The combination of the client graphics feature-set of Xe LP, with the scale of Xe HP, results in Xe HPG. Intel is designing Xe HPG for a third-party semiconductor foundry, and hopes to debut it in 2021. In our older graphics detailing the Xe LP, we tried to explain just how easy it is for Intel scale up the iGPU to a discrete GPU SoC. This is done by simply dialing up the Xe slices, and dropping in dG.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 22:19
Intel on Thursday made several technological disclosures about its latest silicon fabrication process, the 10 nm SuperFin. With this, the company is changing the nomenclature of its node refinements, away from the ## nm++ naming scheme (with each "+" denoting a refinement, or internode), to a more descriptive naming scheme. The new 10 nm SuperFin node is the first refinement of the company's 10 nm node that debuted with the company's 10th Gen Core "Ice Lake" processors last year, and promises energy efficiency in the ballpark of 7 nm-class nodes by competitors TSMC and Samsung. While past generations of internodes (refinements) delivered energy efficiency improvements of around 3-5%, 10 nm SuperFin offers the kind of improvements expected f.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 14:30
Embracer Group, parent company of THQ Nordic, has been on a roll of IP and developer embracings in the past years, and has now added quite the independent heavyweight to its belt. 4A Games, best known for the Metro games franchise, has been acquired by the group. 4A Games will undoubtedly continue work on another installment of the Metro franchise, which has the original author of the novels the games are based on, Dmitry Glukhovsky, attached to the project as writer. In addition to 4A Games, Embracer Group has also acquired DECA Games, New World Interactive, Palindrome Interactive, Pow Wow Entertainment, Sola Media, Rare Earth Games, and Vermila Studios. "With the acquisition of 4A Games, Saber Interactive is locking-up one of the best ind.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 14:16
Microsoft's future update to Windows 10 will add a GPU-aware selector that allows both the OS and the user to adaptively select the best GPU for each usage scenario. The preview release of Windows 10 build 20190 features this in two ways. First is an OS-level layer that automagically selects the best GPU for the task at hand between installed options (let's assume, an Intel iGPU and your discrete GPU). For web browsing or productivity it's expected the OS will switch to the less power-hungry option, whilst for gaming and its all-cylinders philosophy, it would launch the discrete option. However, if you're not much into ceding that kind of control to the OS itself, you can override which specific GPU is activated for a specific application.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 14:00
Razer today has "relaunched" the Razer Naga, a southpaw gaming mouse the company had previously released and then discontinued back in 2014 due to a "lack of demand", as the company put it at the time. The updated Razer Naga has been especially geared for MMO gaming, featuring 12 programmable buttons on the rodent's right side for easy thumb access, as well as two additional buttons below the wheel (in addition to the usual left and right click buttons, with the wheel offering another three input options besides scroll). this means the mouse features a total of 19 programmable buttons. The new Naga features Razers' in-house Razer Focus+ Optical, which means a maximum of 20,000 CPI, maximum speed of 650 IPS and a maximum 60G of acceleration.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 08:48
Intel SVP and Chief Architect; General Manager, Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software, Raja Koduri, heads a comprehensive presentation on Intel's upcoming CPU and graphics architectures that add up to the upcoming "Tiger Lake" processors, and future generations of CPUs, HPC scalar compute processors, and hopefully gaming GPUs.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 08:17
Leading value-for-money digital lifestyle accessories brand, Trust Electronics Ltd, is pleased to introduce its newest launches, the Nika Touch and Primo Touch Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, and the Tones and Eaze Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. The new launches offer the ultimate true wireless experience for an incredibly affordable price. Combining great sound, an extra-long wireless range, portable charging capabilities and a premium, on-trend design, the Nika Touch offers a fantastic listening experience that is ideal for those who are always on-the-go. With a wireless range of 10 metres and Bluetooth 5.0, the earphones make listening to music or taking calls as convenient as possible, without the risk of losing connection. The earphones
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 08:08
Here's the first picture of an ASRock A520M Pro4 Micro-ATX Socket AM4 motherboard based on AMD's upcoming A520 entry-level chipset that succeeds the A320. The picture reveals a spartan, well laid out motherboard that appears to cover all the segment essentials needed for entry-level builds using AMD's Athlon 3000 processors, or Ryzen 3000 and 4000G processors. Among its segment first features are the inclusion of two M.2 slots, from which one is wired to the AM4 socket, and includes an SSD heatsink. The board also features an M.2 E-key slot so you can add a WLAN card (provision for rear-panel antennae also offered). USB connectivity includes a type-C port on the rear panel. Surprisingly, the only display output is a D-Sub. Perhaps there are.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 05:48
Turtle Beach is launching updated Gen 2 versions of their Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 headsets. Like the previous iteration, these will be available in console-specific designs (with design language and connection types paired specifically for Xbox or PlayStation systems). The Stealth 600 will also be available in a simple white version for a more neutral approach to gaming. Connection-wise, the PlayStation version connects via a specific USB wireless adapter; the Xbox version connects directly to console or PC via Microsoft's proprietary connection and wireless receiver kit. The headsets see a redesigned mic and button layout; the mic now completely recedes into the outside of the ear cup, as if it were a perfect jigsaw fit. The controls,
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 03:45
Alphacool presents the HDX Pro Air cooler for M.2 2280 SSDs. M.2 SSDs are enjoying increasing popularity. The extremely fast read and write processes ensure a noticeably faster working performance than normal mechanical hard drives and even standard SSDs can offer. However, the controller chip quickly becomes very warm and after about 60 seconds of continuous load, many M.2 SSDs start to overheat, which leads to a massive performance drop. This is prevented with the Alphacool HDX Pro Air M.2 SSD cooler. The solid aluminium cooler fits on single- and double-sided M.2 SSDs. Despite the larger heat sink, the cooler fits on M.2 slots underneath a graphics card without colliding with them. Now available, the new Alphacool Aurora Eisfluegel high
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 03:18
Samsung Electronics has reportedly laid out a plan to become the number one Android application processor (AP) vendor in the industry with its plan to join forces with AMD and Arm. The report of Business Korea indicates that Samsung wants to use both company's knowledge and IP to produce the best possible silicon. In early November of last year, Samsung has decided to shut down its division responsible for making custom CPU designs, and to start licensing IP from Arm. Also last year, Samsung has announced a strategic partnership with AMD to use its RDNA graphics processors in smartphones. So Samsung plans to license IPs from both companies and just put them in SoC that will be up to the task to deliver the best performance, as the company p.
techPowerUp! 08/13/2020 03:13
Ubisoft has recently released their free to play battle royale style game Hyper Scape on console and PC. The first-person shooter offers a unique twist in the crowded market with heavy Twitch integration which affects the outcome of each match. The games technical test appeared to be a major hit topping the Twitch viewership charts for the day but has quickly dropped to just 11,000 viewers far below the likes of Fall Guys, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Ubisoft has partnered with NVIDIA to release the game on GeForce NOW with free bonus content for subscribers. GeForce NOW members can now claim an exclusive GeForce NOW Hyper Scape content pack which includes a Season One Battle Pass Token, three rare skins, and e.

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