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wpcentral 09/27/2020 22:10
Moobloom, Iceologer, Glow Squid. What you need to know. Mojang Studios will host a Minecraft Live event on October 3, 2020, to talk about the future of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. During the event, Mojang Studios will also run a poll on the next mob they should add to Minecraft, with three options available. The three options are Moobloom, Icelogoer, and Glow Squid, with each getting its own teaser video throughout the week. Minecraft Live is coming on October 3, 2020, and will give us a sneak peek into the future of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, and everything we should expect as far as future content and updates are concerned.
wpcentral 09/26/2020 16:09
The Surface Duo is awesome, but its gaming features never materialized. When Microsoft debuted the Surface Duo, they did so with a tease of how it would (or rather, could) work with Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming, Project xCloud. The Duo would display gameplay on the top screen, and turn the lower display into a virtual gamepad. However, that functionality never actually materialized, for some reason. Even so, playing games with touch controls not designed for touch controls is always going to be an awkward experience, at least without some serious practice. So far, the most popular solution is to grab one of the best Xbox One controller phone mount clips and awkwardly snap your phone onto your controller. It's ugly, inconvenient, but hey, it
wpcentral 09/26/2020 14:00
Microsoft's Xbox One wireless controller is essential for any gaming setup but isn't guaranteed to last forever. If your gamepad fails and is out of warranty, third-party replacement parts present a fix on the cheap. These leading replacement parts are here to help with any repair. Bumper fixer. Xbox Bumpers and Triggers Replacement. Xbox One controller bumpers have gained a reputation for their fragile construction, faltering over long-term use. This dual-pack of bumpers and triggers is a cheap fix for a common issue. $8 at Amazon. Stick switch. eJiasu Xbox Thumbstick Replacements. This duo of thumbsticks will amend long-term wear or sudden drops. Dual thumbsticks and sensor modules are included in various colors, with tools to open your gamepa.
wpcentral 09/26/2020 11:26
Make Peek Mode a little more useful with this handy tip. Out of box, the Peek Mode feature on Surface Duo doesn't seem to do all that much. It's designed to give you at-a-glance information about your phone just by opening the device a little bit, but by default it only shows you your date, time, and unlock status. However, Peek Mode can show you more than this, with the ability to enable app notification icons which show up below the date and time. This makes Peek Mode a little more useful, as it now shows you which apps you've missed notifications from. It still doesn't show the full notification like teased in this image from Microsoft, but it's a start. So, here's how to turn on notification icons in Peek Mode:. Open the Settings app on
wpcentral 09/26/2020 11:18
Both phones are expensive and do new things, but they are also very different experiences. Microsoft's Surface Duo and Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 appear to be very similar on paper, but in reality, they are radically different devices. The Fold 2 is an Android tablet that folds to become a smaller phone, while Surface Duo is a thin Android phone with two displays. But what does that difference get you for functionality? YouTuber reviewer Erica Griffin did what I would argue is the best task-oriented direct comparison between these two "folding" devices. While it is easy to make it a spec contest, Griffin's video drives home the advantages that dual displays bring to multitasking (while also highlighting what the Fold 2 excels at). The questi.
wpcentral 09/26/2020 09:32
The source code for Windows XP was recently leaked online! What you need to know. Microsoft's Windows XP source code was recently leaked online. People have started digging through the code to see what they can find. Turns out Windows XP had a secret theme that looked just like Apple's Aqua interface from 2000 that was never released. Earlier this week it emerged that the source code from Windows XP had leaked online. From Windows Central:. Alleged source code for Windows XP leaked online this week.
wpcentral 09/26/2020 05:03
The new Xbox app is great. Now bring us xCloud! What you need to know. Microsoft is about to release a new Xbox app on iOS. The new app allows players to remotely play Xbox One games from their console to their iPhone. It also features a major app redesign with console management and easier social sharing. Reported by The Verge, Microsoft is about to release a new Xbox app for iOS that allows users to stream their Xbox One games to their iPhone. The report says that the new app, which has gone through approval by Apple, is coming "soon.". Microsoft is about to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that includes the ability to stream Xbox One games to an iPhone. A new Xbox app will arrive in the App Store soon that includes a remote play featu.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 17:03
Touch controls let you leave the controller at home, but not enough games actually support them. Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off of Project xCloud, its ambitious game streaming platform that brings console-quality games to your mobile device, and rebranded it to Xbox Cloud Gaming underneath the expanding Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 16:10
It's a great year to spend some time outdoors and get off the grid, though that doesn't mean you have to leave all your devices at home. The new Tacklife Autumn Exclusive Power Station 300W can help you keep them all powered up while you're traveling, and today it's nearly $100 off at Amazon. Simply use promo code RJH3SX8J during checkout to drop its price down to $216.97. That's a savings of $93 off its regular price of $310, and it also marks the best price we've seen on this model so far. This portable solar power station features a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. It's equipped with two AC outlets, a USB-C port, two USBA ports, and a cigarette lighter socket. Whether you're camping in a tent or in an RV, this.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 16:02
It's not just you. A lot of people are having issues with Xbox Live right now. What you need to know. Xbox Live appears to be down in the UK and parts of the United States. People in these areas have reported problems with playing games to Down Detector. Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the issue. It looks like Xbox Live is down right now. Down Detector has received an influx of people reporting problems, mainly from the United Kingdom and parts of the United States. Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the issue or offer a timetable for a fix. Its own website currently says that Xbox Live is working fine. Players have reported getting kicked out of matches in Call of Duty, Sea of Thieves, Rainbow Six Siege, and more. It's unclear what other are.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 15:55
What you need to know. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft's subscription plan that bundles Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, Game Pass for PC, Cloud Gaming, and a ton of free perks into one montly price. The latest perk is a collaboration with Funimation, one of the world's largest players in anime, to give subscribers two free months of Funimation Premium Plus. Funimation Premium Plus allows viewers to stream endless anime in high quality, and the selection is nearly limitless. The offer starts today, September 25, 2020, and needs to be redeemed before October 25, 2020, so make sure to redeem your perk soon. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is pretty undoubtedly the best value in all of gaming, as it bundles Xbox Live Gold for online play, Xbox Game Pass.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 14:14
This Surface Duo case might just be too much to handle. What you need to know. A new PU leather case is available for the Surface Duo. The case comes in a "Sexy Lady" color. The Maiddos Surface Duo Case is available for $62. When you look at the Surface Duo, the first word that comes to mind is probably "sexy."
wpcentral 09/25/2020 13:45
The Surface Pro X's latest firmware comes with some handy improvements for people who love to travel. What you need to know. The Surface Pro X has a new firmware update. The update enables mobile operator self registration, which helps you set up a cellular connection. The update also improves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi reliability. Microsoft shipped a firmware update for the Surface Pro X this week.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 13:32
Fill your home with darts and Halo Infinite. What you need to know. Halo Infinite is the much-hyped next-gen entry in the Halo franchise, but has been delayed into 2021. While the ambitious first person shooter may not be a launch title for Xbox Series X and S, we're still getting merch for the game. Joining the one Halo Infinite-themed Nerf blaster that's already available, CNET got their hands on two more beautiful looking blasters. The Nerf Bulldog SG and Nerf Mangler will release in January, 2021, with the Mangler already available for pre-order. Halo Infinite may have sadly been delayed, denying the game as a launch title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the trickle of toys, merch, and Halo I.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 12:12
Free updates will provide new weapons, difficulty settings, and dinosaur mutations. What you need to know. Second Extinction developers Systemic Reaction shared a 16-minute Raw® Gameplay video today. The developers also shared a roadmap for content updates following the Oct. 13 start of Early Access. The game is available for wishlist on Steam now and will also be available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Second Extinction developers Systemic Reaction released a new preview of the upcoming dinosaur shooter today with a 16-minute Raw® Gameplay video.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 12:00
UI enhancements, a new browser, and more. Here's our review. Microsoft's next big Windows 10 feature update is almost here, packing several notable changes and enhancements. This release is known as the October 2020 Update, version 20H2, and is the second big Windows 10 update to hit in 2020, after version 2004 which released in May earlier this year. This release is very much a continuation of version 2004, adding a few final touches and subtle design tweaks, cleaning up the UI. Best Windows Laptop 2020. 20H2 will be delivered as a free cumulative update that sits on top of version 2004, meaning the update will only be a few hundred megabytes and won't take long to install. If you're on version 1909 or below, version 20H2 will be delivered
wpcentral 09/25/2020 11:06
The new exotic chest piece added with TU11 is the most difficult of the three new pieces added. Here's how you get it. With the release of TU11, Ubisoft added a bunch of new content to The Division 2. Besides the new game mode, The Summit, and the new manhunt, season pass and weekly challenges are three new exotic items. Getting the Memento and the Backfire are pretty simple. But the third, Ridgeway's Pride, has a number of steps that need to be completed in order to acquire it. It's an interesting piece centered around bleed damage and armor repair, and is named after the infamous General Antwon Ridgeway, leader of the True Sons. The process of acquiring it can take some time so be prepared for a bit of a grind. And a special hat-tip to th.
wpcentral 09/25/2020 10:38
Sadness and Rage come together in this trailer. What you need to know. The Medium is an upcoming psychological horror game from the Bloober Team, a known name in the field. The game is hotly anticipated for its incredible "Dual Reality" feature, which lets the player experience two different dimensions at the same time. A new trailer for the game shows more about 'the Maw,' the game's primary antagonist voiced by Troy Baker. The Medium is up for pre-order now, and will come to Xbox Series X and S, and PC, with no firm release date. The Medium is one of the more exciting horror games in recent memory, combining gorgeous visuals with a unique "Dual Reality" gameplay mechanic, which will split the game between two dimensions co-existing in the

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