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Westerner 10/13/2019 09:44
A continuation of. The most essential facet of true science is precision. It begins with defined terms; semantic precision. Without it, as Isaac Newton has shown, there can be no science and no progress. It is the first and foremost task of any scientist to fully define every term, to create the medium in which intelligent discussion can proceed. Range (Resource) Management is widely based upon grazing and its effects; therefore it is logical to begin with an unambiguous definition of "grazing". At the time of this writing, none exists -- or rather, none has been universally sanctioned by the entities claiming jurisdiction around the world. This brings up a question: doesn't this mean that there can be no science and no progress? A cynic wou.
Westerner 10/13/2019 09:39
I think I should have lived my life before 1826. That’s the year the first photograph was taken and the only thing I hate worse than Brussell sprouts is having my picture taken. Of course, it was all my mother’s fault. I don’t why I was the only one of her three offspring born with extremely crooked teeth. And because my old man was an alcoholic we couldn’t afford braces for my teeth because we barely had enough money for distilled spirits. So whenever anyone would try to take a photograph of me I’d either cover my face with a pillow cushion or steal the film and expose it to the light. That’s why a photo of me smiling is more rare than an albino alligator, an honest politician or a happy cow buyer. You can imagine how terrible it’s been fo.
Westerner 10/13/2019 09:37
When 'cowboy' was a noble tradition. Julie Carter They could strike a match on the backside of their jeans and light a cigarette they just rolled while holding the reins in one hand and the cigarette paper in the other. They laughed easily, worked relentlessly and found peace in doing an honest day's work. It was an era when the cowboy was defined by the work that he did. You found him on dusty plains trailing thousands of cattle to the stockyards at the railhead. He worked for a $100 a month, worked until the work was done or until he drifted on to move another herd. Many were men but just as many were boys. It was the 1930s and it was more the norm than not for a boy of 12 or 13 to be working a man's job for a man's wages. His momma would
Westerner 10/13/2019 09:37
Downwinders. Enola … Alone. Freedom versus Control. By Stephen L. Wilmeth. The subject became one from the past. Friends from California were here, and the point of interest was the display of a newly constructed water storage with its accompanying well and pipeline inclusions. Our business simply doesn’t exist without water. That is as much a familiar theme today as it was 131 years ago when my great grandfather Lee Rice watered his thirsty PIT branded cattle at our Neire Springs on their way home and the Gila River where they had never yet been. The comparison was not intended, but it was pertinent, and it deserved attention. This business, the cow business, is on a collision course with the societal fascination of leisure, recreation, and ph.
Westerner 10/13/2019 09:07
Mankind from prehistory to space exploration has always depended on animals for help in their quest for advancing civilization. Granted, often as bait or as guinea pigs but we have depended on them, nonetheless. After extensive research of my cerebral micro files I’ve discovered several remarkable case histories that have affected the course of our world.For instance, Admiral Perry carried a Canadian goose on his Arctic trek to find the North Pole. Whenever the magnetic field messed up his compass, he would tie the goose to a sled runner with a 50-foot piece of baler twine. The goose, being the only one with enough common sense to fly south would try and take off. Perry and his parakeets would mush in the opposite direction. Everyone, of co.
Westerner 10/11/2019 17:04
Ed Morrissey What better way to relax this evening than to settle in and watch … a war of wills between a climate-change extremist and Piers Morgan? This actually aired yesterday morning in the UK, but it’s enough fun that it’s worth watching today. have a clip of the most heated moment between Morgan and Extinction Rebellion’s Skeena Rathor, but the whole 12-minute segment is worth watching. It doesn’t take long for Morgan to fire off his opening volley over Rathor’s personal commitment to zero-carbon-emission living — which Rathor spends most of this segment attempting to dodge. The meat of this argument around the 5:30 mark of the video, right after Rathor starts talking about the need to “disrupt businesses.” Rathor never does answer Mo.
Westerner 10/11/2019 16:11
A Kansas middle school student is facing felony charges after she formed a gun with her fingers and pretended to shoot her classmates. The Sept. 18 incident at Middle School in Overland Park ended with a young girl, age 12 or 13, being led away in handcuffs, The Kansas City Star . The girl was asked by another classmate who’d she kill in the school, to which the girl responded by pointing her finger gun at four other classmates and then turning it on herself, a person familiar with the situation told The Star. An individual who felt threatened used the school’s online anti-bullying app to alert administrators, an Overland Park police spokesperson NBC News in a statement Friday. School officials conducted an investigation and the girl was ar.
Westerner 10/11/2019 15:48
Cam Edwards Back in 2016, California gun owners had a name for a sweeping anti-gun ballot initiative pushed by then-Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom: “Gunmaggedon.” Today, Newsom unveiled its sequel, signing gun control bills into law Friday afternoon. “Gunmaggedon II” imposes new restrictions on firearm purchase, dramatically expands the state’s “red flag” law, bans gun shows from taking place at a state-owned facility, and more. “This continues California’s leadership in terms of gun safety,” Newsom said at a state Capitol bill signing ceremony. The measure restricting purchases, SB 61, prohibiting Californians from buying more than one semiautomatic rifle per month was one of three gun bills by state Sen.Anthony Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintrid.
Westerner 10/11/2019 15:38
A federal judge in Texas declared on Friday that President Trump's proclamation of a national emergency on the southern border is unlawful, blocking the plan to divert funding for a border wall. Judge David Briones of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas said in his opinion that the plan would be blocked after getting input from both sides in a lawsuit for the scope of an injunction. The lawsuit was brought by El Paso County in Texas and a group called the Border Network for Human Rights. Briones, who was appointed to the court by President Bill Clinton, ruled that Trump overstepped his authority to divert more funds to border security than what was appropriated by Congress...
Westerner 10/11/2019 06:35
The Environmental Protection Agency proposed an overhaul of a decades-old rule on testing for lead contamination in drinking water. The agency is touting the new guidelines as a significant step to reduce the presence of lead in the nation's drinking water supply and as evidence of the Trump administration's commitment to ensuring clean water across the U.S. But critics say the changes will actually slow down the process of removing lead from cities' water systems. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler rolled out the proposed rule, which the agency says is the first "major" overhaul of the Lead and Copper Rule since 1991, during an event in Green Bay, Wis., on Thursday afternoon. “By improving protocols for identifying lead, expanding sampling,
Westerner 10/10/2019 12:20
Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble faces pressure from environmentalists to clean up its act. More than 150 groups are pushing the maker of Charmin toiler paper and Bounty paper towels to use recycled materials in its products. Currently, neither of those products uses recycled paper, and about one-third of it is sourced from Canada's boreal forest — a large swath of virgin forest that rings the Arctic Circle and acts as a critical check on climate change. "It's just unacceptable that a company like P&G is making toilet paper, a product that is used for seconds and flushed, from virgin pulp," said Shelley Vinyard, boreal corporate campaign manager for the Natural Resources Defense Council and one of several dozen protesters at P&G's annu.
Westerner 10/10/2019 10:19
An invasive fish has been marked for death in Georgia. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division in a pond on private property in Gwinnett County, marking the first time the invasive fish has been found in the state, according to the DNR. The department's advice for what Georgia residents should do upon finding a northern snakehead, which can breathe air, is simple. First, residents should not release the fish. Secondly, "Kill it immediately (remember, it can survive on land) and freeze it."...
Westerner 10/10/2019 08:51
The 1,752-acre Rio Bravo Ranch, along with its 30,000-acre feet of water per year, is on the market. The current owners say their property and associated rights that date back to 1909, represent one of the largest long-term sources of water in West Texas near El Paso. The property, which lays outside of both irrigation and conservation districts, also provides unlimited pumping access to existing wells. The ranch’s value is in the water for an investor or municipality looking for long term reliable water source. Located in Hudspeth county along the Rio Grande River, the property has unlimited withdrawals from any existing and any future water wells drilled on the property. This ranch has superior impounded water rights which were adjudicate.
Westerner 10/10/2019 08:16
Fred Lucas Kevin Lunny and his family ran Drakes Bay Oyster Company for about 50 years on the Northern California coastline before the federal government shut down the business over regulations he wasn’t aware of. “We produced nearly half of all the sustainable oysters in Northern California,” Lunny said Wednesday at the White House, before President Donald Trump signed two executive orders to prevent federal agencies from regulatory abuse. “The National Park Service forced our oyster farm out of business,” Lunny said. “If that wasn’t enough for our family and our community, today the rest of agriculture, which includes another 24 ranchers and family farm businesses within the National Seashore, are facing the exact same process.” In 2011,
Westerner 10/10/2019 02:14
The Trump administration is proposing a rule to make it easier for mineral mining companies to lower their royalty rates and cut fees. The rule submitted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on Wednesday aims to “streamline” the regulations placed on nonenergy U.S. mineral development and make those companies more competitive. The “existing regulatory requirements are overly restrictive, inflexible, and burdensome” and that the Interior secretary has the power to reduce ongoing royalty rates, rental fees and minimum production requirements to promote development.“The Trump administration is dedicated to enhancing the exploration and development of federal solid mineral resources in an environmentally conscious manner,” Interior Secretary

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