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Greentech Media 12/10/2019 11:48
Arcadia, a startup with software that’s connecting hundreds of thousands of U.S. households to cleaner, cheaper energy options, Tuesday to fuel its expanding community solar and retail energy services business. Over the past three years, the Washington D.C.-based startup has built a novel business in the energy services space, based on software that can aggregate, analyze and package a variety of energy options for U.S. residential utility customers in different states and utility markets. This has led to a rapidly expanding role for Arcadia as a "community solar manager," as CEO Kiran Bhatraju describes it.
Greentech Media 12/10/2019 09:12
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved new solar incentives late last week, laying out the transition credit that will bridge the state's move from generous incentives to more moderate ones as it works to reach 100 percent clean energy by 2050. The state, among the country's top 10 for residential solar, is among many successful markets now modulating solar incentives while continuing to work toward significant renewables goals. In June, New Jersey unveiled a draft plan to reach 100 percent clean energy by 2050.
Greentech Media 12/09/2019 12:08
Thanks to generous feed-in-tariffs and other incentives, Germany’s wind and solar installations have soared over the past two decades to the point that renewables could cover half of the country’s electricity demand. But given technology and market conditions, a substantial portion of renewable power, primarily wind, is pushed to other European countries at peak times as base load coal must stay online. “They are donating all of this electricity they paid highly for in subsidies to other countries, often with negative prices,” said Jussi Heikkinen, director of growth and development for the Americas at Wärtsilä, a Finnish company that manufactures battery storage and flexible gas power plants. One of the primary reasons Germany cannot use a.
Greentech Media 12/09/2019 09:39
Chandu Visweswariah is founding president and CEO of Utopus Insights, a New York-based energy analytics company acquired last year by Vestas. ***. Competitive markets are wonderful crucibles of innovation. With decades of accumulated manufacturing experience for portable electronics, lithium-ion battery prices have steadily dropped. As a result, larger battery products for electric cars and buses have emerged, making them more affordable and paving the way for grid applications. The early versions of energy storage systems were relatively small. With declining battery prices, their size and volumes have grown, opening up new markets. A few now store enough energy to manage the variable nature of wind and solar energy over the course of a day.
Greentech Media 12/07/2019 08:31
Truck buyers are historically some of the most brand-loyal auto consumers But recent surveys suggest. Into the picture steps Elon Musk, who dropped the Tesla Cybertruck last month. This space-age truck concept is truly putting the shift in consumer preferences to the test. It’s also tearing a lot of opinionated people apart. In this episode: what is the Cybertruck and where might it fit into the emerging electric truck market? And can it sway truck buyers who don't care about Tesla? Then, there’s a major tax bill in Congress right now that would be a boon to renewables — what are its chances? Finally, what would we do with a million dollars? We answer a listener question about how to invest with impact. Support for this podcast is brought to.
Greentech Media 12/06/2019 11:12
“No one has more to gain from electrification than low-income and moderate-income households.”With that, Scott Blunk set the agenda for a small team that had gathered at a Utah ski resort earlier this year to address a thorny challenge: How does a not-for-profit municipal utility that has committed to eliminate carbon from buildings ensure that its most disadvantaged customers aren’t left behind during the transition? Blunk, a strategic planner with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), had assembled a diverse group of stakeholders with expertise in energy policy, green building, energy efficiency retrofits, and program implementation. SMUD had previously launched the nation’s most aggressive initiatives to . The utility offers.
Greentech Media 12/06/2019 05:35
This week, we have a special addendum to our deep decarbonization draft. We’re talking with , the vice president of communication and engagement at Project Drawdown. Katharine is one of the minds behind the that we used as the basis for our draft. We chose the list because it spans so many different areas of the global economy. Katharine is a renowned expert and self-proclaimed “climate solutionary.” She has a very popular TED Talk on gender equality and climate change, and she speaks regularly to the press about climate issues. She was the lead author on the Project Drawdown book, which goes deep on the top 100 decarbonization solutions. If you haven’t listened to our draft, . This conversation will make a lot more sense. We talk with Kath.
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 16:01
A court has blocked the Trump administration’s decision in October to take away the tariff exemptions it granted bifacial solar modules earlier this year, offering a reprieve for U.S. solar developers — and a small but fast-growing portion of the solar industry. In a Thursday , the U.S. Court of International Trade agreed with renewables developer Invenergy and the Solar Energy Industries Association trade group that the U.S. Trade Representative had acted unlawfully when it withdrew its exemption for bifacial modules. That’s because the USTR issued the withdrawal “with only 19 days’ notice to the public, without an opportunity for affected and/or interested parties to comment, and without a developed public record on which to base its deci.
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 14:23
Nevada regulators have given a green light to utility NV Energy’s plan to add nearly 1.2 gigawatts of solar and 590 megawatts of batteries, underscoring a broader push toward renewable energy and storage by other Western utilities also owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The new projects are part of NV Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 14:23
Nevada regulators have given a green light to utility NV Energy’s plan to add nearly 1.2 gigawatts of solar and 590 megawatts of batteries, underscoring a broader push toward renewable energy and storage by other Western utilities also owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The new projects are part of NV Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 13:18
Connecticut selected Vineyard Wind’s 804-megawatt Park City project as the winner of its offshore wind solicitation, setting up Bridgeport to become a major hub for the emerging U.S. offshore wind market. Vineyard Wind, which competed against rival development groups backed by Ørsted and Shell in the solicitation, will now have the opportunity to negotiate a contract with Connecticut’s two electric utilities, United Illuminating and Eversource Energy. In a statement, Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said Vineyard offered a price for Park City that is "lower than any other publicly announced offshore wind project in North America.".
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 12:21
British oil and gas supermajor BP has increased its ownership in solar developer Lightsource BP, while announcing a new corporate renewable power purchase agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Europe. Working through its trading and supply business, BP will supply AWS with 172 megawatts of power from solar farm in Spain and a wind farm in Sweden, due online in 2021 and 2022 respectively.
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 11:42
The single-axis tracker market has long been dominated by the United States. However, over the next five years, the global tracker market is expected to expand significantly, driven by growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The tracker market will grow 62 percent this year, reaching 23 gigawatts (dc) of installations, Wood Mackenzie predicts. While this year has seen an exceptionally large jump, the tracker market will grow on average by 11 percent annually from 2019 through 2024. The U.S. will remain the country with the most cumulative tracker installations during that timeframe. Even though the overall market is rapidly expanding, prices will not significantly decline. As a result, vendors are working to expand their offerings, wi.
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 09:22
Fossil fuel companies could be facing a Big Tobacco moment. This fall, Exxon Mobil went to court, facing charges that the oil giant lied to shareholders and to the public about the costs and consequences of climate change. And that’s just one of several legal cases seeking to hold oil and gas firms responsible for their contribution to global warming. As we discuss with UCLA environmental law professor Ann Carlson in this episode of , the litigation could cost fossil fuel companies billions of dollars and fundamentally change the way the world approaches energy production. But lawsuits aren’t the only venue for challenging the fossil fuel industry. This battle is also being waged in the court of public opinion, which has put a spotlight on
Greentech Media 12/05/2019 08:13
Colorado Governor Jared Polis campaigned in 2018 on a platform of 100 percent renewable power by 2040. When he won by a healthy margin of over 10 percent, his victory seemed like an electoral validation of the energy transition — a vision that. that year. In between the election and Polis’ inauguration, Xcel Energy — the state’s largest utility —. of 80 percent carbon reduction by 2030 and 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050, an ambitious goal but one that had the potential to undercut Polis’ stricter decarbonization targets. In the months since, any daylight between the two plans seems to have disappeared. Since Polis took office, Colorado enshrined. seven pieces of clean energy legislation that the administration frames as a roadmap

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