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Sciligent 03/27/2020 18:30
01. An MIT team hopes to publish open-source designs for a low-cost ventilator 02. Graphene underpins a new platform to selectively ID deadly strains of bacteria 03. Solitonics in molecular wires could benefit electronics 04. Creating stretchable thermoelectric generators 05. Novel MOF is potential next-gen semiconductor 06. Special blend of circuits and memristive devices created for brain-mimicking processing systems 07. Here’s a Blueprint for a Practical Quantum Computer 08. Scientists Find Yet Another Way to Get Qubits Working at Room Temperature 09. Study unveils dependence of spin memory loss in a variety of interfaces 10. Towards an unhackable quantum internet […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 18:18
Science Magazine March 23, 2020 According to the head of GAVI there is a strong track record for publicly funded, large-scale scientific endeavors that bring together global expertise and resources toward a common goal. The Manhattan Project brought about nuclear weapons quickly (although with terrible implications for humanity) through an approach that led to countless changes in how scientists from many countries work together. The Human Genome Project and CERN engaged scientists from around the world to drive basic research from their home labs through local and virtual teamwork. Taking this big, coordinated approach to developing a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 18:10
American Physical Society March 23, 2020 As COVID-19 spreads like wildfire across the globe, politicians must weigh difficult options to mitigate its impact. These decisions are guided by infectious-disease modelers, and physicists are an influential part of the mix. Harnessing today’s computing power, they solve models that capture the probabilistic nature of viral transmission and the dynamics of social behavior, delivering quantitative predictions with ever-increasing accuracy. Network theorists can integrate massive amounts of real data into their models, using publicly available databases on air travel and ground mobility. While it’s impossible to divert an extreme weather event epidemiological tools can […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:53
IEEE Spectrum March 24, 2020 Researchers in the Netherlands have found that the functions needed for a quantum computer can naturally be divided into five such groups, conceptually represented by five layers of control. They are: Application layer, a key part of the overall system; Directly below the application layer is the classical-processing layer, which has three basic functions; Underneath the classical layer are the digital-, analog-, and quantum-processing layers, which together make up a quantum processing unit (QPU). To prepare for these developments, chip designers, chip-fabrication-process engineers, cryogenic-control specialists, experts in mass data handling, quantum-algorithm developers, and others will […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:48 March 23, 2020 Researchers at Clemson University constructed a novel double-helical MOF (dhMOF) by introducing a new butterfly-shaped electron-rich π-extended tetrathiafulvalene ligand equipped with four benzoate groups (ExTTFTB). To create a charge transport pathway capable of conducting electricity, they diffused iodine vapor into the porous MOF, causing one strand to become electron deficient while the other remained electron rich. Electrical conductivity surged from 10–8 S/m up to 10–4 S/m range after iodine treatment. Thus, the introduction of the electron-rich ExTTFTB ligand afforded a novel double-helical MOF architecture featuring ovoid cavities and unique charge-delocalization pathways and delivered a new tool […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:38
MIT Technology Review March 24, 2020 The motorized device automatically compresses widely available bag valve masks, the sort of manual resuscitator used by ambulance crews to assist patients with breathing problems. They have submitted the device to the FDA for rapid review under an “Emergency Use Authorization.” The team intends to test the devices on pigs in recent days. The MIT E-Vent is anticipated to have utility in helping free up existing supply or in life-or-death situations when there is no other option. About a decade ago a team of students developed a proof of principle version of the machine. […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:33 March 24, 2020 Memristive systems offer promising solutions for implementing novel in-memory computing architectures for machine learning and data analysis problems. An international team of researchers (Germany, Switzerland) argue that they are also ideal building blocks for integration in neuromorphic electronic circuits suitable for ultra-low power brain-inspired sensory processing systems. They present a recipe for creating such systems based on design strategies and computing principles inspired by those used in mammalian brains, enumerate the specifications and properties of memristive devices required to support always-on learning in neuromorphic computing systems and to minimize their power consumption. They discuss in what.
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:17
Science Alert March 22, 2020 Defect-based quantum systems are often complicated by charge-state instabilities and interference by phonons, which can diminish spin-initialization fidelities and limit room-temperature operation. An international team of researchers (Hungary, Sweden, USA – Argonne National Laboratory, University of Chicago, IBM, Russia) has identified a pathway around these drawbacks by showing that an engineered quantum well can stabilize the charge state of a qubit. Using density-functional theory and experimental synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies they constructed a model for previously unattributed point defect centers in silicon carbide as a near-stacking fault axial divacancy and showed how this model explains […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:14 March 24, 2020 Polyacetylene molecular wires have attracted a long-standing interest for the past 40 years. Because of recent experimental developments, individual polyacetylene chains can now be synthesized on substrates. An international team of researchers (Germany, USA – Columbia University) proposes a novel way for chemically supported soliton design in these systems. They have demonstrated how to control the soliton position and how to read it out via external means and show how extra soliton–antisoliton pairs arise when applying a moderate static electric field. The research is a step toward functionality of electronic devices based on soliton manipulation…read more. […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 16:03 March 24, 2020 The discontinuity of a spin-current through an interface caused by spin-orbit coupling is characterized by the spin memory loss (SML). An international team of researchers (the Netherlands, Germany, UK, China) used first-principles scattering theory and a recently developed local current scheme to study the SML for Au/Pt, Au/Pd, Py/Pt and Co/Pt interfaces. They found a minimal temperature dependence for nonmagnetic interfaces and a strong dependence for interfaces involving ferromagnets that they attributed to the spin disorder. The SML is larger for Co/Pt than Py/Pt because the interface is more abrupt. Lattice mismatch and interface alloying strongly […]. .
Sciligent 03/27/2020 15:53
Eurekalert March 23, 2020 To send quantum signals across large distances without loss a team of researchers in the US (Harvard University, MIT) found a way to correct for signal loss with a prototype quantum node that can catch, store and entangle bits of quantum information by integrating an individual color-center into a nanofabricated diamond cavity, which confines the information-bearing photons and forces them to interact with the single color-center.
Sciligent 03/20/2020 16:49
01. BAA for COVID-19 Diagnostics, Vaccines and Therapeutics 02. Qubits that operate at room temperature 03. Research team presents novel transmitter for terahertz waves 04. Chip-based devices improve practicality of quantum-secured communication 05. Leaf-inspired surface prevents frost formation 06. Novel error-correction scheme developed for quantum computers 07. Study shows widely used machine learning methods don’t work as claimed 08. Pathways toward realizing the promise of all-solid-state batteries 09. Stretchable supercapacitors to power tomorrow’s wearable devices 10. Chasing the Antidote for Deadly Nerve Agents And others… For 75 Years, The US Had an ‘Endless Frontier’ of Science. Now It’s Coming to […]. .
Sciligent 03/20/2020 16:40
Global Biodefense March 13, 2020 Poisons such as organophosphorus nerve agents and pesticides wreak havoc by blocking an enzyme essential for proper brain and nerve function. Fast-acting drugs, called reactivators, are required to reach the central nervous system and counteract damage that could lead to death. To enhance the antidote’s effectiveness, the reactivator’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier should be improved, it should bind loosely to the enzyme, chemically snatch the poison and then leave quickly. A team of researchers in the US (UC San Diego, University of Tennessee, Ohio State University, University of Utah, Oak Ridge National Laboratory) […]. .
Sciligent 03/20/2020 16:35
Science Daily March 19, 2020 A team of researchers in the UK present secure key exchange up to 200 km while removing all side-channels from the measurement system. They used mass-manufacturable, monolithically integrated transmitters that represent an accessible, quantum-ready communication platform. This work demonstrates a network topology that allows secure equipment sharing which is accessible with a cost-effective transmitter, significantly reducing the barrier for widespread uptake of quantum-secured communication…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE. .

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