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TechSpective 10/07/2019 09:35
Intel is at a turning point, along with the entire industry. It appears that the model that created the company—where the key components for industry products, PCs and Servers, don’t come from vertically integrated companies—is at risk from firms like Apple and models like ARM. Besides, the entire ecosystem is pivoting to the cloud, and [...]. .
TechSpective 10/07/2019 08:53
It’s easy to forget how limited mobile (or portable) PCs once were. The Osbourne 1 was a hefty (25+ pounds) beast packed into a briefcase-sized enclosure making its portability nominal, at best. What changed things, of course, was the evolution and miniaturization of PC components, including CPUs, storage, memory, battery and displays. As a result, [...]. .
TechSpective 10/01/2019 15:49
Qualys is a sponsor of TechSpective Technology and cybersecurity are constantly changing and evolving—as are the tools, techniques and processes used by cyber attackers. Just because something may have been relatively effective once upon a time doesn’t necessarily mean it is still effective today, or that it will be effective 6 months from now. That’s [...]. .
TechSpective 09/26/2019 12:19
To many inside and outside the tech industry, there are few more mystical letters than SEO. Somehow, through the magic of Google’s algorithms, some websites flourish while others founder — and only by unlocking the hidden art of SEO can one take control of one’s online destiny. Unfortunately, it is exactly this approach to SEO [...]. .
TechSpective 09/25/2019 12:11
Achieving best-in-class is a worthy goal but should be viewed as an interim one rather than the ultimate objective, at least as typically measured. Most leaders seem to track their progress with metrics such as percent of spend managed and digitization levels, defining best-in-class as being the top quartile or similar high percentage. Being on [...]. .
TechSpective 09/20/2019 15:59
Organizations are stuck in the middle when it comes to digital certificates. Certificates are table stakes at this point—a business requirement because customers expect a website to be secure. However, proposed changes to the lifespan and expiration of SSL certificates could make effective management more challenging, and—at the same time—use of legitimate certificates by attackers [...]. .
TechSpective 09/18/2019 15:45
About 63% of K-12 teachers use technology in the classroom daily. This includes laptops, educational apps, social media and the Internet. While it’s exciting to embrace eLearning, there are important factors to consider to prevent overloading school networks. Take a look at the following four areas that might cause network connection issues, and the solutions [...]. .
TechSpective 09/15/2019 17:35
At first glance, the Gaze Pad Pro from Gaze Labs looks like a standard mouse pad. For the most part it is a mouse pad, really–but it’s an awesome mouse pad. The Gaze Pad Pro is a mouse pad with a wireless charger built in. Pros of the Gaze Pad Pro The Gaze Pad Pro [...]. .

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