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Hi My fiance is currently taking a course of testerone reducing tabs only 28 tabs in total and he’s had one dose of hormone injections and has to have 5 more one each month and he has got to have 20 sessions of radiotherapy starting in March. He started getting erection problems before cancer was diagnosed. We went to our gp and he sent my fiancé for blood tests which showed a higher than normal psa level so he then had a mri scan and a biopsy. Cancer is contained in the prostate and has been caught very early. The gp gives him sindefil to help. I guess we both want to know if the Ed will go after treatment or if he will have to take tabs for Ed forever.
Sounds like an interesting book. Generally I think people should take an interest in all the things that take place in the body, but as someone who used to lecture in human anatomy and physiology recognise it can be a very complicated and very dry subject. Good then to hear of a book that makes it interesting and enjoyable to read. Advice on all these supplements can be overwhelming particularly when it comes to "preventing cancer". I read that tomatoes can help prevent prostate cancer (PCa) (It's the red colour = lycopene). I must have drunk gallons of ketchup before I was diagnosed with PCa. It didn't work then. It's since been discredited although I still love ketchup. I took selenium ACE for years, (antioxidants) claimed to prevent all
I found the team (urology) pretty useless as regards anything but essential clinical follow up after my surgery. They never offered any help with ED and I didn't find out until years later that there was even an Erectile Dysfunction clinic in the trust. I also discovered that although they offer "counselling", this is delivered by the team, none of whom have any training in counselling never mind psychosexual counselling. This might be different where you are. My erectile rehabilitation was almost entirely self-initiated. There should be some (charitable) services near where you live, e.g. where I live there are two local cancer charities who deliver a whole range of services and I got (free) psychosexual counselling from one of these. To f.
I admire your spirit, you have a host of unrelated problems, some of which have arisen from the treatment for other problems, i.e. the radiation. I hope you're getting all the different advices you need for your different issues although the solutions to both your upper and lower gut problems may coincide. Perhaps the only additional thing I can suggest is that if you suffer cystitis, you could try using potassium citrate mixture. However, be careful with this if you have any kidney problems. There is also a herbal remedy I successfully used for urinary tract problems which you might try i.e. saw palmetto. It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Although it may be no consolation, basal cell carcinoma is the least of the skin cancers as com.
Hi Alex I am aware of problems after Radiotherapy, some of which can start many years down the road. I didn't know that it was called PRD. There is a lot of info on this subject online, I presume that you have looked at this. You say that u had RT in 2015 , when did the problems start, what symptoms are u having? Steve.
Sorry the simple answer is no. Most people want to get "successfully" treated.for prostate or any other cancer and return to "normal". Normal.meaning how they were before. It would be unrealistic and falsely reassuring to say that ever happens. Firstly, having any treatment for prostate cancer has irreversible physical consequences. The mainstream treatments aimed at eradicating the disease ( where it can be), i.e. Radiotherapy or Surgery, have permanent effects. The effects of hormone therapy may be reversed when it's discontinued, but it isn't aimed at eradicating the disease, so if used temporarily, may be used in conjunction with RT or surgery. Secondly, there are psychological consequences.of having cancer which are likely to remain pe.
Hi, I may have misread or incompletely read what you've written, but thought it might it help to clarify some things. I note the grade 5 which is based on a Gleason score of 9 or 10. This means the cancer is very aggressive hence the immediate hormone therapy. I don't seem to have read if you have been given a tumour "T" grading. This is usually based on the biopsy, more importantly, on an MRI. The MRI should indicate if the tumour is either contained in the gland itself, or has grown through the gland wall, invaded other tissues nearby or has spread to lymph nodes in the pelvis. The grade 5, Gleason 10 does NOT give any indication of this "spread", it is only an indication of how likely it is. An MRI detects local spread. The bone scan wil.
Sorry to hear of this. Just a few things you might find of some help. Firstly, it is worthwhile trying to sort this out with the hospital. This is not by writing a letter of complaint the recognised and more effective procedure is to contact the hospital Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). I suggest you make an appointment to discuss your concerns in detail. They can advise you what to do and can act as intermediary. You don't say, but if the doctor phoning you up was a urology doctor a). urology doctors are surgeons, your case should be being dealt with by an oncologist. If this is the case then you can ask to be referred to an oncologist b) A doctor phoning you like this could be considered to be harassment. This conduct is a cause.
Hello Steve and every one , thanks for the reply , my first PSA was done 1st at mt Doctors and i forget if it was done when first starting all the tests and biopsies at the Hospital , as regards this Doctor it is as you say probably no good complaining as he does come over very blunt , but the idea is for the clinical nurse to report back to the Team there and I should be able to ask to see a Doctor for Anti Androgen drugs or advise, i should not have to [ prompt ] a Doctor for them, also bone pain is worsened by HT and he has put that down to seeing a Cardiologist , but i have have wide spread Osteoarthritis which is also made worse by HT and other bone issues, the head aches and memory loss i forgot to tell him about.

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