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Business Insider 10/15/2019 19:03
As President faces an impeachment inquiry from House Democrats, his White House counsel Pasquale "Pat" Cipollone is emerging as the most important figure leading Trump's defense. Cipollone, a former corporate lawyer and law clerk, is known for his mild-mannered demeanor and has mostly kept a low profile since assuming the position of White House counsel in October of 2018. But While Cipollone is more reserved and has stayed out of the public spotlight, he's been forcefully staking his claim on being the White House's point person leading the impeachment defense. An in-depth profile of Cipollone reported that in his career as a lawyer, Cipollone is known for approaching cases with a more combative approach, which he dubs "the Department of W.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 18:35
A sports car beat a sedan in a drag race filmed by the German television show Auto Mobil. A of the episode posted to YouTube shows what appear to be two separate races between the vehicles. The Taycan is in the lead when the show cuts away from the first race, and during the second race, it beats the Model S by a wide margin. . A Porsche Taycan sports car beat a Model S sedan in a drag race filmed by the German television show Auto Mobil. A of the episode posted to YouTube shows what appear to be two separate drag races between the vehicles' high-end performance trims, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Model S P100D.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 18:22
The London Natural History Museum's annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition awards photographers whose work inspires us to consider our place in the natural world and our responsibility to protect it. This year, from photographers in 100 countries. The winning set of images includes snapshots of an interlocked army of ants, a stand-off between a surly fox and a shocked marmot, and a puma ambushing a guanaco. Here are 14 award-winning photographs from this year's contest. . Capturing the hidden, unfiltered world of the animal kingdom on camera isn't easy.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 18:15
An emergency kit is something you should have around, in case an unexpected dangerous event happens. You can make your own, or purchase a preassembled kit that has everything you may need. The Sustain Supply Co. Four-72 Emergency Survival Kit is our top choice because it not only covers the critical needs like water, warmth, sustenance, and first aid, but it also has lots of redundancies. Statistically speaking, it's unlikely that you will ever find yourself in a situation calling for an emergency preparedness kit, but it's that word "preparedness" that's the operative.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 18:08
A Taiwanese was recently arrested and fined after wearing a that was deemed to be too revealing on the Philippine island of Boracay. According to a report from the state-run Philippines News Agency, when warned about the outfit by the staff at their hotel, the tourist and her boyfriend said it was "a form of art.".
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:53
Facebook said it agreed with the Federal Communications Commission's rules for broadcast stations — which are required to run all ads from political candidates — in a with Elizabeth Warren over from Donald Trump. The FCC regulates broadcast stations in the public interest, and these networks have certain provisions against issuing false information. Facebook is under no such regulations, and it is not liable for posted content, as protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, experts say Facebook could one day face a similar set of rules as broadcast stations, as FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and bipartisan leaders have expressed a strong desire to introduce regulation. What is Facebook?
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:50
If you want learn how to be , a fee-only can help. can organize your overall financial picture, , and offer guidance for goal-setting. Generally, it's best to hire a . As fiduciaries, they are required to make recommendations in the best interest of their client, and they only earn money from client fees. If you want to learn how to be , you should consider meeting with a . According to , people who are more likely to know how to balance spending now and saving for later; set specific goals and feel confident that they will achieve those goals; and have a plan in place to weather economic ups and downs. Here's everything you need to know about working with a financial planner. What is a financial planner? Financial planners — sometimes refe.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:42
The highly-anticipated "Breaking Bad" sequel "El Camino" has finally arrived on Netflix. Five years after the series finale, fans at last get to learn the real fate of Jesse Pinkman. For devoted followers of the "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" universe, the film contains plenty of visual hints and subtle references to decipher. In the video above, we dissect all the clues and analyze their hidden meanings, right down to the tiniest detail.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:33
Members of Ocean City High School's track-and-field team were left stranded in Philadelphia airport after their Frontier flight to Orlando was canceled. They took to Twitter, asking Delta to help them get to Florida for the Disney Cross Country Classic the following day. In the middle of the night, Delta responded to the tweets and organized a private plane to fly to the entire team to Orlando. The track-and-field team went on to win first and second place in their races. When a high school track-and-field team ended up stranded in Philadelphia airport following a canceled flight, Delta came to the rescue — chartering a private jet to get them to a Florida race on time. The team from Ocean City High School in New Jersey was scheduled to fly.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:30
Color-correcting is a common makeup trick that uses principles from the color wheel to help balance out discoloration like redness, sallowness, and more. The mint-green color in helps neutralize redness on my cheeks and around my nose so well that I don't even need foundation. It also moisturizes and protects with SPF 30 so I can streamline my skin-care routine. Updated 10/15/19: I've been using for more than a year and I'm not even halfway through the jar.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:29
Insider recently obtained an advance copy of "," a new book by former clandestine services officer Amaryllis Fox, which is out Tuesday. In an interview, Fox talked more about why she wrote the book, her training, her experiences in the field, and even some of the weird habits that won't go away. Among habits like keeping her back to the wall at restaurants or watching entrances and exits is stopping at every yellow light. After spending years in the CIA fighting to prevent nuclear terrorism and other catastrophes, some old habits just will not go away for ex-spy Amaryllis Fox. "I try to kind of shed those instincts," Fox, a former CIA clandestine services officer and author of the new book "Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA," recent.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:27
President was warned that if he withdrew US troops from northern Syria it could have catastrophic consequences. Less than a week after Turkey invaded, the nightmare scenario Trump was warned about has become a reality. ISIS is already regrouping, US credibility has been badly damaged on the global stage, and Russia is the biggest winner of all. . Almost as soon as the Trump administration abruptly announced it was withdrawing US troops from northeast Syria, alarms were raised across Washington. Republicans and Democrats alike warned President that on top of abandoning the US-allied Kurds to a potential massacre at the hands of the Turkish military, the move would create a security vacuum in the region that Russia, Syrian President Bashar al.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:16
When I decided to , I got into the landlord mindset by listening to financial and real estate podcasts. Then, I carefully screened tenants to mitigate my risk, learned the laws governing the landlord-tenant relationship, and built an emergency fund to cover any expenses at my rental property. An insurance professional also helped me adjust my to ensure I had adequate coverage. . I've known for years that I wanted to become a landlord.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:15
Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on a brilliant fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Detriot Lions 23-22. One of the other heroes of the Packers fourth quarter was wide receiver Allen Lazard, who before coming into the game in the fourth quarter, had never caught a regular-season pass from Aaron Rodgers. After injuries left Green Bay without two of their top receivers, Rodgers said that he pushed for Lazard to get a shot on the field late in the game. Lazard wound up scoring a critical touchdown for the Packers, and then made three more catches on the team's final drive to help set up the game-winning field goal. . For fans of the Green Bay Packers, many aspects of Monday night's comeback win against the Detroit Lions felt familiar.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:13
Giving gifts is wonderful and wrapping them up in lovely paper is half the fun, so w e've rounded up the best wrapping paper and supplies you can buy online. We think Target has the best selection of wrapping paper for the most reasonable price, but we also love the gift wrap from the Paper Source, Hallmark, The Container Store, World Market, and Brown Kraft Paper. Gift giving takes place throughout the entire year to mark holidays and special occasions alike.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:12
Citigroup's credit-card strategy, the linchpin of its consumer bank, has paid off in 2019, boosting revenues and adding digital deposits. Revenues from branded credit-cards grew 11% in the third quarter, helping the bank beat analyst expectations. Citi has also been targeting its 28 million credit-card customers to grow its retail bank, adding $2 billion in digital deposits during the quarter. The bank's credit-card attack plan has worked so well it is planning to roll it out with cobrand and retail partners, and new branches could be on the horizon as well. . Citigroup's credit-card attack plan has been crushing it so far in 2019 — so much so that the bank is planning to roll the strategy out with cobrand and retail partners and may even c.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:12
Hello! It's a panicky time for media, with consolidation sweeping up digital publishers, reports of layoffs at Splinter, Bustle, and Sports Illustrated, and remaining players scooping up the spoils. At some of these companies, the tensions are reaching a boiling point. My colleague Ben Goggin reported that this is playing out in the form of fear and falling morale at Bustle Digital Group, based on his interviews with 24 current and former employees. Why it matters: Bustle Digital Group has been one of the most acquisitive media companies of late, making it a bigger influence on the future of digital media. Read Ben's story here:. Then the controversial Jim Heckman's Maven, a 2-year-old platform for independent publishers, stirred backlash wh.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:06
You can easily forget a network on a through your Network Preferences. This is useful when you no longer want to automatically connect to a network, need to enter a new password, or just want to tidy things up. . Your has a great feature that saves networks that you've previously signed into, automatically joining the network whenever you're in range of it.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:04
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross tore into the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, contending that "liberal politicians" are ignoring the president's economic gains and piling their attention instead on ousting him from office. Ross doubled down in his staunch defense of Trump in fiery remarks to the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization. "We are turning the tide toward a far more prosperous and hopeful future.
Business Insider 10/15/2019 17:04
A great set of cookie cutters makes those delicious holiday treats even more of a pleasure to make and share. The is our top choice because this well-made 11-piece kit comes with every holiday cookie shape we could think of and then some. People have been enjoying Christmas cookies for hundreds of years.

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