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InfoQ 11/18/2019 07:00
A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity educates readers about how to prevent a crisis and/or take leadership when one occurs. With a focus on clear communication, the book provides details, examples, and guidance of mapping security against what a business actually does. The book describes ways to align security with the motivation of others who may be security-agnostic against their own goals. By Erik Costlow.
InfoQ 11/18/2019 06:00
In a recent blog post, Amazon has introduced a new market data publisher/subscriber service called AWS Data Exchange. This service is an add-on to the existing AWS Marketplace and contains more than 1000 licensable data products from more than 80 data providers. These data feeds include both free and paid offerings that span industries such as financial services, health care, weather and mapping. By Kent Weare.
InfoQ 11/17/2019 07:00
The Unicorn Project is a fictionalized story about a DevOps transformation. Gene Kim introduces the five ideals of Locality and Simplicity; Focus, Flow and Joy; Improvement of Daily Work; Psychological Safety; and Customer Focus. The book confirms the importance of the DevOps movement as a better way of working and addresses the importance of architecture and developers’ productivity. By Shaaron A Alvares, Gene Kim.
InfoQ 11/15/2019 13:00
In this podcast, Daniel Bryant sat down with Bryan Liles, senior staff engineer at VMware. Topics covered included: the challenges with deploying applications into Kubernetes, using the open source Octant tool to increase a user’s understanding of Kubernetes clusters, and how “serverless” technologies may influence the future approaches to building software. By Bryan Liles.
InfoQ 11/15/2019 05:00
Large systems often utilize numerous data stores. There is sometimes a need to keep some of these data stores in sync, and to enrich data in a store by calling external services. To address these needs, Netflix has created Delta, an eventual consistent, event-driven data synchronization and enrichment platform. In a blog post, the team behind Delta gives an overview of their design. By Jan Stenberg.
InfoQ 11/14/2019 06:34
Cognitive technologies like AI and VR are here to stay, claimed Dr Susie Harding at Women in Tech Dublin 2019. We engage with AI constantly nowadays; it’s all around us, in ways we couldn’t imagine even five years ago. VR technologies haven’t breached the tech wall yet, but they will become more tactile in the coming years. By Ben Linders.
InfoQ 11/13/2019 19:00
At this year's Universe Conference, GitHub made a number of announcements aimed at improving developer experience in the daily use of the platform, including a mobile client app and notification, as well as promoting workflow automation tools such as GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages to general availability. By Sergio De Simone.
InfoQ 11/13/2019 12:00
For years web components have been a standard that was almost ready. With the recent Apple Music web client release, Apple shipped over 45 web components to drive the Apple Music experience. Others, including Amazon, Porsche, arm, Panera, and Microsoft, are leveraging Stencil to create design systems and cross-framework web components. By Dylan Schiemann.
InfoQ 11/13/2019 11:00 released a new feature to help identify recurring patterns within log data. This new feature, entitled Log Patterns, automatically analyzes millions of log messages in real-time to reduce the volume of logs and potentially reveal common trends. This feature is their third feature to provide automated interpretation and filtering of log messages under the label of AIOps. By Matt Campbell.

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