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Design News 01/29/2020 06:55
Back in 2017, Robert Schmidt, Principal and Chief Futurist at Deloitte Consulting LLP, predicted that IoT would make this year’s Super Bowl more fun by changing the way fans, players, and team owners experienced the big game. , Schmidt considered several possible ways that IoT technology might improve the fan experience in 2020.
Design News 01/29/2020 05:23
Back in August of 2014, a team of MIT Researchers released a video which some dubbed the, “Mary Had A Little Lamb” . It described an experiment by MIT researchers to extract audio from only the vibrations of a plant, potato-chip bag, laptop earbuds, and other objects. The significance of the nursery rhyme name was to acknowledge one of the spoken in 1878 by Thomas Edison into his first phonograph. But the rhyme also acknowledges (perhaps unknowingly) the differences between visual microphones, which we’ll cover here, and optical microphones – to be covered in a future story. Both technologies have a modern connection to Edison. The “Mary had a Little Lamb” video used a then experimental technology known as a visual microphone. It worked by
Design News 01/29/2020 02:44
Uconnect 5 will bring more computing power to big displays like the one in the Ram pickups. Image source: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. While many automakers could undertake a revamp of their infotainment systems with little risk of making it worse while trying to make it better, Chrysler’s simple, intuitive Uconnect system already works well, so a new system could easily be a step in the wrong direction. The company says it avoided that pitfall through extensive research and testing because it was well aware that the current system wasn’t “broke.” Indeed, Chrysler claims that customers say that Uconnect has become a significant reason for their purchase. Yet Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) engineers and designers were determined to fix it in a.
Design News 01/28/2020 05:19
Head to Anaheim to see what’s breaking new in robotics and smart manufacturing. On February 11-13, the combined shows, (ATX) and (D&M), will present conference sessions and exhibits that reveal the tomorrow’s manufacturing technology. Mark February as the month to discover what's emerging in robotics and smart manufacturing technology. (Image source: Design News). “Whether you're a design engineer, a C-suite executive in manufacturing, or you’re in operations and looking for solutions to streamline production, ATX West is where you will make connections and receive technical education,” Suzanne Deffree, brand director of ATX and D&M told Design News . As for the design and manufacturing show, Deffree explained that the “Pacific D&M is for an.
Design News 01/28/2020 05:19
Semiconductor design is always evolving in ways just as sophisticated as the chips themselves. According to Warren Savage, visiting researcher at the Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security at the University of Maryland, the emergence of smart devices is only going to accelerate those changes – and force engineers to think about new factors, most importantly cybersecurity. If you ask Savage, a smart device is just an SoC that's connected to the cloud. And like any cloud-based hardware or service there are major considerations to be made in terms of cybersecurity and protection. Ahead of his DesignCon 2020 keynote, “,” Savage sat down with DesignCon brand director, Suzanne Deffree, to explain “Design for Security” and how i.
Design News 01/28/2020 04:31
Over the last few years, global competition and technological advances have focused much attention on the areas of additive manufacturing, 3D printing, smart manufacturing and the like. What has often been neglected are the advancements on a different kind of manufacturing, one where the production floor is only a few nanometers in height. In this world, molecular assemblers scurry across a tiny floor to assemble structures with atomic precision – i.e., atom by atom. This is the reality that the famous physicist Richard Feynman hinted at when he talked about a way to “arrange atoms the way that we want.”The ideas and initial advances in nanometer technology were significantly influenced by Eric Drexler, an MIT graduate best known for his s.
Design News 01/28/2020 04:27
(Image source: from ). The high bandwidth demands created by our mobile and smart devices, data storage, and cloud computing centers is growing by leaps and bounds. And the ubiquity of fiber optics is a big part of this. are predicting the global fiber optics market will be worth $9 billion USD by 2025. Much of this will be driven by the aforementioned technologies but also by new technologies such as VR/AR. But none will have more impact than machine learning. The compute power needed and the demand for machine learning performance is driving more and more developers to move AI applications to the edge and away from the cloud. One of those companies is , a machine learning startup that has set itself on the lofty goal of leveraging photonic.
Design News 01/27/2020 05:10
Image source: General Motors Co. Wouldn’t it be nice if a pickup truck stopped in the same distance even when it is towing a hefty trailer? That was the notion behind a GMC engineering plan to transfer the company’s brake tech from its trucks to the trailers that are hitched to them. Spoiler: it shaves 20 percent off the truck’s 60 mph stopping distance, an upgrade that equals an eye-popping 40 feet on the road! touts itself for providing “professional grade” , and one of the tools it uses to demonstrate that is the GMC Sierra’s eBoost brake-by-wire system that minimizes stopping distances for these workhorses. Image source: General Motors Co. But when towing a 14,000-lb. trailer, the stopping distance of the combined rig is significantly p.
Design News 01/27/2020 05:10
Bentley applied what it termed Aero Design Standards (ADS) to the development of its V8 engine in the 1950s, an approach that contributed to the amazing longevity of the company’s 6.75-liter V8 engine, which debuted in 1959. “Both the construction and design of block was quite advanced for its time,” asserted Tim Seipel, functional manager for Bentley’s V-engine calibration. Bentley and Rolls-Royce were combined companies at that time, and the famed Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engine in the Supermarine Spitfire and North American P-51 Mustang both used that engine to great effect during World War II. Afterward, the engineering department continued to apply the same high engineering standards to engines designed for less mission-critical applicat.
Design News 01/27/2020 03:32
Researchers have developed for an aqueous battery that could solve some of the performance and manufacturing issues currently associated with lithium-ion batteries as well as provide a fast-charging, small-form-factor alternative to current batteries. A microscope image of niobium tungsten oxide particles that make up an anode in a new aqueous battery designed by researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Design News 01/24/2020 04:40
(Image source: Mart Virkus. Dan Carney is a Design News senior editor, covering automotive technology, engineering and design, especially emerging electric vehicle and autonomous technologies. RELATED ARTICLES:. Pacific Design & Manufacturing is the West coast's leading trade show for design engineers offering the latest in 3D printing, automation, and CAD/CAM software from igus, Protolabs, and Smalley and hundreds more.
Design News 01/24/2020 04:22
This Design News interview with Marco Biancolini, founder of RBF Morph, offers insight into the advantages of using mesh morphing. Design News : What is mesh-morphing; what kind of advanced features or capabilities can it have, and how does proper mesh morphing lead to faster run-times and predictions? Biancolini : Mesh morphing consists of the adaption of a computational grid adopted for computer aided engineering (CAE).
Design News 01/24/2020 03:55
While electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more pervasive, researchers still are trying to improve battery technology to improve their driving range and energy production so they can demonstrate performance on par with fuel-driven automobiles. To this end, new research has discovered silicon anodes for solid-state lithium batteries for use in EVs, paving the way to make these devices perform on par with current liquid-based lithium-ion designs. Electron microscope images of a silicon anode composed of spray-deposited nanoparticles on a stainless steel current collector, and the anode in the fully charged state. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) developed a method to create these anodes for potential use i.
Design News 01/23/2020 06:50
VR and AR will enhance remote work. But it won't make housing any more affordable. (Image source: Adobe Stock). No one has ever accused Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg of being particularly socially conscious. In a blog post on Facebook (because where else would he post it?) Zuckerberg outlined his vision for technology going forward into the new decade. One of his predictions? That the proliferation of augmented and virtual reality technology will expand options for remote work and telepresence, thus helping to relieve issues of affordable housing and income inequality:. Zuckerberg :. “The ability to be "present" anywhere will also help us address some of the biggest social issues of our day – like ballooning housing costs and inequality of oppo.
Design News 01/23/2020 06:39
With advances in human/machine interaction matched with edge processing and cloud connectivity, we’ll see plenty of changes in 2020 and the decade that follows. We caught up with Synaptics CTO, Patrick Worfolk to get his take on the major technology trends he expects in the near future. At Synaptics, Worfolk manages the company’s research and development team, where he works on advanced human-computer interface technologies, computer vision, machine learning, and more. In 2020 and beyond, we’ll see advances in human-machine interfaces, including touch, audio, and vision. (Image source: Synaptics). Edge Processing With AI Creates A Better IoT Experience. Edge processing matched with cloud connections are set to have a major impact. “IoT device.
Design News 01/23/2020 03:51
The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe RST is one of the vehicles using GM's new Digital Vehicle Platform electrical architecture. Image source: General Motors Co. Time was when ’ engineering and validation functions were part of the same organization, according to Gary Bandurski, executive director of global electric components and subsystems. That was before the disastrous GM ignition key scandal, when cars inadvertently switched off while driving. Checking your own work is a bit of the fox guarding the henhouse, Bandurski observed, so now GM has a separate global validation organization led by executive director Kristin Siemen to check out the engineering team’s innovations. The electrical integration lab put the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban's infotainment.
Design News 01/22/2020 06:40
The coming decade will likely change the economics of 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM). Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal offers a number of predictions for the future of 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the 2020s. For one, he believes 3D printing is sufficiently mature for production. Over the next 10 years, mass production using AM may become a reality and not just a promise. The general belief has been that AM was too expensive to compete with traditional manufacturing methods. Fulop believes those days are over. What’s changed? Fulop points to the cost of 3D printing technology coming down in price, 3D materials becoming less expensive and more varied, and improvements in 3D printing equipment. We caught.
Design News 01/22/2020 04:02
Dynamic materials that can autonomously move and assemble into different shapes are the way forward for materials science researchers who already have invented a number of novel materials with these characteristics. A graphic demonstrates how researchers used kirigami-inspired techniques to design thin sheets of material that automatically reconfigure into new two-dimensional (2D) shapes and three-dimensional (3D) structures in response to environmental stimuli.
Design News 01/22/2020 03:21
Using mid- and far-infrared light allows SOFIA to penetrate the layers of space dust surrounding the Milky Way and capture new details about the galaxy. (Image source: NASA/SOFIA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/Herschel). NASA kicked off 2020 by releasing a stunning new image of our Milky Way galaxy. The composite infrared image spanned over 600 light years across and was made possible thanks to NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), a Boeing 747SP jetliner modified to carry a 106-inch diameter telescope. SOFIA's uses infrared light to capture imagery that's inaccessible to other space telescopes and will give scientists new insights into star and planet formation. Imagery from SOFIA, combined with data from the Herschel Space Obse.
Design News 01/21/2020 12:13
Shipments of industrial-class 3D printers (priced above $100,000) were up by more than 8% in Q3 2019 compared with the same period the previous year, according to market intelligence from Context (London). This key sector, which accounted for almost 70% of all 3D printer revenues for the period, saw even more impressive shipment growth of 12% on a trailing 12-month basis. “The increase came as a surprise, given the headwinds many vendors reported in the second half of the year, such as reduced demand from the struggling automotive sector, sluggish European economies and a generally weak global industrial manufacturing market,” said Chris Connery, VP Global Analysis and Research at Context. In the industrial polymer 3D printer market, HP (no.

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