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Izvestiya (Russia) 10/14/2019 17:01
Владельцы более половины средних и малых предприятий ожидают улучшения бизнес-климата и роста их компаний в 2020 году. Оптимизм связан с усилением поддержки предпринимательства со стороны государства, говорится в исследовании компании Carcade (входит в топ-3 по лизингу легковых коммерческих авто), подготовленном специально для «Известий».
Kukmin Ilbo (Korea) 10/14/2019 17:00
대기 중 오존(o₃) 농도가 높으면 안구 건조증이 심해진다는 연구결과가 나왔다. 안구 건조증 환자가 높은 오존 농도에 1주일 정도 단기 노출됐을 때 안구 불편감은 심해지고 눈물 분비량도 감소하는 것으로 나타났다. 대기 오염 물질 가운데 미세먼지 뿐만 아니라 오존이 눈 건강에 미치는 영향에도 관심을 기울일 필요가 있다는 지적이다. 가천대 길병원 안과 김동현 교수는 안구 건조증 환자 33명을 대상으로 대기 중 오존 농도 변화에 따른 자각 증상과 눈물 분비량 등의 변화를 분석한 결과 이 같은 결론을 얻었다고 14일 밝혔다. 오존이 안구 건조증에 직접 영향을 미친다는 상관 관계를 밝혀낸 건 이번이 세계 처음이다. 오존은 대기 중 미량 기체로 인체에 해로운 ‘활성산소’ 생성의 주요 원인이다. 호흡기 질환과 악성 천식, 피부 염증, 사망률 증가 등 다양한 악영향을 끼친다. 국내에선 매일 대기 중 오존 농도를 측정해 발표하고 있으며 특히 여름철에 오존 농도 증가에 따라 오존 주의보가 발령되기도 한다. 이번 연구는 남성 7명, 여성 26명의 총 66안을 대상으로 이뤄졌으며 평균 나이는 55.2세였다. 연구는 대상자들의 첫 검사와 2개월 후 추적검사 시 이전 1주간 노출됐던 평균 대기 오존농도 그리고 안구표면질환지수(OSDI, Ocular Surface Disease Index)와 눈물 분비량, 눈물막 파괴 시간 등을 조사해 이뤄졌다. 오존 농도는 하루 오존 농도의 평균치로 매월 산정했다. 초진 시 오존 농도는 0.019±0.017ppm.
Design World Online 10/14/2019 16:55
TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG now sells TMCM-0013-xA current sense boards — a lab tool designed to simplify the measurement and visualization of two-phase motor currents, Suited for small electric motors such as stepper motors, BLDC motors, or DC motors, the easy-to-use boards can be connected to typical lab oscilloscopes replacing expensive current... .
Business Insider 10/14/2019 16:55
In , there are 19 key dates to know in the lead up to the US presidential election. Each night will bring Americans closer to knowing who the presidential nominees are. By June 6, the Democratic Party's nominee should be clear. Here are all the dates you need to know. . From February to June, 2020, just 19 nights will confirm who the 2020 presidential candidates are. , but the race for the Democrat's nominee is still open. Some nights only have one caucus or primary, but are still important. Iowa's caucus on February 3 is always closely followed, because it's the first election night and indicates how things might go. . Others, like "Super Tuesday" on March 3, are important because they show a larger number of results. the differences betwe.
Business Insider 10/14/2019 16:54
Millennials are most motivated to work by travel and paying their basic expenses each month, according to new data from . A full 81% said they worked to pay their monthly bills — and 63% said they worked to travel, more than the percentages who said they were primarily motivated by paying off debt or saving for retirement. Millennials have already , and their motivations for going to work every day might be different than their parents and grandparents. According to data from job search site , most millennials are motivated to work in order to pay for basic necessities and to earn money to travel, more so than making money to or . FlexJobs surveyed 1,600 millennials and found that while 83% of millennials said a primary reason for working w.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
There are two common phenomena in a subgrade earthwork construction, one is the queuing problem caused by mechanical resource confliction, and the other is the hysteresis of construction schedule caused by uncertainties. These two phenomena will have a huge impact on the mechanical allocation. Based on the Petri net, queuing theory and uncertainty theory, we firstly establish the whole construction process model under uncertain conditions. Secondly, we solve the mechanical configuration problem according to a designed construction progress. Thirdly, we add some uncertain factors into the mechanical allocation. Finally, through a numerical application, we verify and compare the decisions above.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
This study investigates bank specific and economic factors on bank non-interest based activities in Asia Pacific region banking sector over the years 2000-2015. We employ pooled OLS and panel regression to assess the bank specific and economic factors effect on bank non-interest based activities throughout 61 representative banks across Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in Asia Pacific region. The empirical findings indicate that the bank specific and economic factors do have impact on banks' non-interest based activities in overall countries, developing and developed countries respectively. We also find that bank non-interest based activities also affected by subprime crisis for developed and developing countrie.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
Cervical cancer is a life threatening disease contracting women population in great numbers. It is the fifth most common cancer having high impact on human mortality. The second most common cancer prevalent among women worldwide is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is due to sexually transmitted virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV). In this paper a mathematical model and ontological representation of this model HPVMath ontology has been formulated to expose the viability of HPV which leads to cervical cancer in women. Mathematical models translate data in to trials which gives deep insights about women population: not suspected for HPV, suspected for HPV, with HPV without cervical cancer, with HPV with cervical cancer. These trials from.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:53
There are three prominent problems in traditional multi-target tracking technologies of unmanned surface vessel: repeated observations and observation omission due to instable reference system of vessel, the lack of data concerning radar observation point features and low utilisation of it, and intermittent loss of radar image sequence signals due to environment interference.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
This paper discusses the impact of the implementation of Minimum Service Standard (MSS) policy on the quality of basic services district/city governments deliver to their citizenry in Indonesia. One of the expectations of the decentralisation policy, which got underway in 1999 was to contribute to the improvement of the quality of public services. The issuing of Indonesian Government Regulation (GR) No. 65/2005, which outlined guidelines on setting and implementing MSS for all sectoral ministries was very much in line with that process. Study results obtained from a survey of the local government officials attest to the reality that most local governments are yet to implement the 15 MSS set by the 15 sectoral ministries. Some of the factors.
Inderscience (EU) 10/14/2019 16:52
The collection tree protocol (CTP) is widely used in static wireless sensor network applications. With the increasing deployment of mobile WSNs, the performance of this scheme in mobile scenarios becomes extremely important. The motivation in using collection tree protocols over clustering and mobile ad hoc routing protocols is there simplicity resulting in reduced control packets but higher packet losses. We introduce the fixed node assisted-CTP (FNA-CTP) algorithm which aims to enhance the performance of CTP in mobile scenarios by tuning the parameters of CTP for the mobile and fixed nodes in order to reduce the messaging overhead required to maintain the network in mobile scenarios. We provide a detailed evaluation of the performance of

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