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Pertussis, widely known as 'whooping cough,' is a contagious bacterial infection of the respiratory system. It's called 'whooping cough' because children infected with it gasp for air between the fierce bouts of coughing that it causes. More than half of the victims of whooping cough are infants. Particularly intense coughing can cause infants with whooping cough to stop breathing for several seconds at a time. Whooping cough, which can lead to pneumonia, is treated with antibiotic medications. Once deadly, it can now be prevented with a vaccine. Initial whooping cough symptoms are mild coughing, sneezing and a runny nose, which progresses... 04/18/2019 21:05
Over the past 50 years, vaccines have eliminated and controlled serious diseases that were once very common in Canada. Vaccines don't just save the life of the person that has received the vaccine, but those around them as well. When a large number of people in our community are vaccinated, people who cannot receive the vaccine are also protected. We call this community immunity, and it protects the most vulnerable in our communities, such as infants, individuals with certain medical conditions, and those who are...
SiliconANGLE 04/18/2019 21:00
IBM Corp.’s Watson Health business unit is to wind down its Drug Discovery service, which is used by pharmaceutical companies to apply artificial intelligence to the development of new medicines. Medical news journal Stat first reported the news, saying IBM was throwing in the towel due to “sluggish sales” of the product. The company said it […]. The post IBM stops sales of its AI-based Watson Health Drug Discovery platform appeared first on SiliconANGLE .
Excelsior (Mexico) 04/18/2019 21:00
Ernesto Méndez/ CIUDAD DE MÉXICO. Autoridades aeropurtuarias detectaron durante revisiones aleatorias, en una empresa de paquetería, en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Chihuahua, una hielera con 28 kilos de Totoaba. El hallazgo es de suma imortancia, pues la venta de totoaba supera ganancias de la cocaína. El buche de este pez es traficado a países asiáticos, donde se vende hasta en 60 mil dólares el kilo: México y EU se coordinan para proteger la especie. Durante revisiones aleatorias en una empresa de paquetería, en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Chihuahua, @PoliciaFedMx detectó en una hielera 28 kilos de #Totoaba — Ernesto Méndez (@ernesto_mendez) 19 de abril de 2019. En 2015, el capitán. 04/18/2019 20:59
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. reports that it has been approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to service and purchase electronic promissory notes, or e-notes. The arrangement allows RoundPoint to service new loan types and makes it a “one-stop shop” for counterparts looking to sell mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). “We are one of only a […]. The post Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Give RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Green Light to Service E-Notes appeared first on MortgageOrb .
随着人们生活水平的提高和情感需求的加强,如今越来越多的家庭都开始饲养宠物。作为宠物产业重要组成部分,宠物医疗发展迅速。宠物医疗行业目前发展情况如何?发展过程中暴露出哪些问题?又该如何解决?近日,记者对此进行了采访。. 小宠物蕴含大经济. 北京的周琪是一位爱猫人士,家里养了两只猫。对于周琪来说,这两只猫就是她的“家人”。每当猫出现不舒服时,她总会第一时间把猫带到宠物医院。. “宠物跟人一样,也会生病、受伤。有些情况我们自己处理不了,得需要专业人士才行。”周琪说,打疫苗、拍片、买药……她每年在宠物医院的花费能达到两三千元。“一年下来,自己看病都没花这么多钱。”. 在我国,像周琪这样的宠物主人还有很多。中国宠物产业联盟发布的《中国宠物行业白皮书》显示,2017年,我国的宠物医疗机构达到1万家,过去5年的复合增速为13%。据测算,2017年,我国宠物医疗市场的规模超过400亿元,而2016年这个数字还为300亿元。. 记者在手机百度地图上以“宠物医院”“动物医院”为关键词进行检索,结果显示北京的宠物医院有150多家。通过走访几家宠物医院,记者发现大多数宠物医院都能提供疾病治疗、绝育手术、疾病化验、疫苗免疫、饲养指导等服务,有些还提供宠物洗澡、毛发修剪、宠物美容、用品销售等服务。. 业内人士表示,我国的宠物医疗行业未来发展空间巨大。一方面,相比美国,中国对宠物的需求还有很大增长空间;另一方面,与宠物食物从吃饱到吃好转变一样,宠物医疗需求也正在不断提升。. 收费任性且差异较大. 宠物医院虽然满足了宠物主人的医疗需求,但其高昂的收费却让一些宠物主人有点难以接受。. 不久前,北京市民郑海博养的拉布拉多犬在一次车祸中被碾断了前腿,他立刻将狗送到了大望路附近的一家宠物医院。经过一番检查过后,医生说要截肢,不然会感.
实测5G 看视频拖拽进度条无需缓冲. 北京电信朝阳门营业厅实地体验“5G速度” 下载速率约260Mbps. 5G网速会带来怎样的体验?国内首个5G营业厅近日正式落地朝阳门,据介绍,该营业厅内可实现5G试验网络覆盖,市民拿着自己的4G手机,就可以在营业厅里“尝鲜”5G。. 昨日午间,北京青年报记者来到位于朝阳门西北角的北京电信朝阳门营业厅。工作人员告诉北青报记者,营业厅内已有5G试验网络的信号,通过专门配置的CPE设备,将5G信号转换为WiFi,用户通过自己的手机连接厅内的免费公共无线网络,就可以体验5G速度了。. 不过,工作人员同时提醒北青报记者,由于仍是测试信号,另外用户使用的还是4G手机,所以目前测试环境的速率并不完全代表真正5G商用后的水平,但是,还是会比普通的4G信号要快不少。. 体验. 现场测速下载速率约260Mbps. 在营业厅现场,北青报记者打开某视频APP,看高清视频完全没有卡顿,播放流畅清晰。选择蓝光4K最清晰的版本,拖拽进度条,不到一秒就可以完成缓冲。相比普通4G环境更加顺畅。另一位到店体验用户也告诉记者,体验了用手机看1080P视频,“拉进度条,几乎没有缓冲”。. 之后,北青报记者又打开一款流行的网络游戏,初始化从0%到100%也不到一秒就可完成,游戏进程几乎没有延时。在营业厅现场,北青报记者还利用手机测速软件进行了网速测试,显示当时下载速率在262M/bps左右,上传速率则为53.3M/bps。. 北青报记者随后也对比测试了普通4G,以及百兆光纤WiFi这两种环境下的手机网速情况。在普通4G信号下,手机测速软件测得的下载速率显示为35.01Mbps,上传速率则为1.45Mbps;在百兆光纤WiFi环境下,测得下载速率为41.07Mbps,上传速率则为42.21Mbps。
Macau Daily Times (China) 04/18/2019 20:59
Yesterday, a group of five buyers of the former Pearl Horizon project delivered a petition to the Liaison Office in Macau asking its director to help them recover their never-completed properties. Led by the leader of the Pearl Horizon Condominium Owners United Association, Kou Meng Pok, the group wants the Central Government to help them. […]. The post Pearl Horizon buyers insist they don’t want to carry on demonstrations appeared first on MACAU DAILY TIMES 澳門每日時報 .
Android Police 04/18/2019 20:58
Sometimes, when you come home from work or a day out, you just want to plop down on the couch and turn on the TV. If you're in the middle of a series or YouTube happens to recommend something decent, you're fine. Other times, however, selecting a show to watch is a pain. Luckily, Netflix appears to be working on a solution for that. Spotted by one our tipsters, the Android app (specifically v7.6.0 build 19 34157) offered to randomly select something to watch. Read More. Netflix is experimenting with a random episode option was written by the awesome team at Android Police .
Web Design Ledger 04/18/2019 20:56
“Multipurpose”, “all-in-one”, and “universal” tools and products. You heard of them before. They have a reputation for doing some things well, and other things not very well at all. We bet you also proverbial “Jack of all trades, master of none” saying applies. it no longer does so in the world of multipurpose WordPress themes.... Read More at Finding the right multipurpose WP Theme just got easier: here are the top 12 examples.

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