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Fight Aging! 01/20/2020 06:22
Myelin is the sheathing of nerves, essential to their function. Excessive loss produces disabling and ultimately fatal conditions such as multiple sclerosis, but we all lose myelin integrity to some degree as a consequence of the damage and dysfunction of degenerative aging. This most likely contributes to cognitive decline and other age-related issues. A number of different approaches have been identified to boost the operation of the normal maintainance processes that remyelinate nerves, such as FGF21 upregulation, or increasing the size of remyelinating cell populations. Here, researchers discover another possible trigger that might force greater remyelination. While the work aims at treatment of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, su.
Fight Aging! 01/20/2020 06:11
Researchers have been investigating the role of sestrin in longevity in lower animals such as flies and nematodes for some years now. Upregulation extends life, downregulation shortens life, and initial investigations suggested that the effect operates through the usual stress response mechanisms involved in life extension in short-lived species. Researchers here establish that sestrin in flies and sestrin-1 in mice are necessary for many of the benefits of exercise, and upregulation of sestrin mimics the effects of exercise on metabolism. There is also other published research in mice from recent years to support this role for sestrin-1 in mammals, in that expression of this gene is upregulated by exercise and also improves the operation o.
Fight Aging! 01/19/2020 11:07
Fight Aging! publishes news and commentary relevant to the goal of ending all age-related disease, to be achieved by bringing the mechanisms of aging under the control of modern medicine. This weekly newsletter is sent to thousands of interested subscribers. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter, please visit: Longevity Industry Consulting Services Reason, the founder of Fight Aging! and Repair Biotechnologies, offers strategic consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in the longevity industry and its complexities. To find out more: Contents Transplantation of Engineered Macrophages Rescues Mice from Sepsis Towards Immunothera.
Fight Aging! 01/17/2020 15:37
In today's open access paper, the authors argue that a downward trend in normal human body temperature recorded by physicians over the past 150 years is real, rather than being an artifact of changing approaches to measurement. Taking that as settled, though I'm sure there is plenty of room left to debate the point, one might then ask why this trend exists and what it might imply. Over the past few centuries, both life expectancy at birth and adult life expectancy have risen steadily, the former more profoundly than the latter due to sizable reductions in childhood mortality. The majority of these gains in adult life expectancy have been the result of improved control over infectious disease, reducing the burden placed on the immune system
Fight Aging! 01/17/2020 06:28
This is an interesting study; you'll have to actually look at the open access paper to see the meat of it, which is the various graphs showing the changes in relative population size of different microbe families in the gut that take place with age. A great deal of work on the gut microbiome and its role in health and aging is presently taking place in the scientific community; researchers have identified a number of beneficial metabolites that are produced by classes of microbe that decline with age. Further, the gut microbiome becomes ever more inflammatory with age. The size of these effects on health might be in the same ballpark as those of regular exercise, but the reasons why changes take place are not […]
Fight Aging! 01/17/2020 06:11
That cancer mortality is declining at a time in which the aged segment of the population is growing, and ever more people are overweight and obese, is a testament to (a) improved prevention (largely fewer people smoking, which has a sizable impact on lung cancer incidence and severity) and (b) the ever increasing efficacy of modern cancer treatments, particularly immunotherapies.
Fight Aging! 01/16/2020 16:12
The materials here report on efforts to screen for small molecule compounds that can reduce the age-related decline of mitochondrial function observed in neurons - and indeed throughout the body. Screening the contents of compound libraries is a process that might sound simple, and conceptually it is, but it is a complex task to build a cost-effective system and supporting logistics to screen for a novel outcome. In this case the outcome is a reversal of at least some degree of reduced mitochondrial function in neurons from old tissue, as well as improvement in important aspects of neural function. Every cell contains a herd of a few hundred mitochondria, the distant descendants of ancient symbiotic bacteria, evolved to become fully integra.
Fight Aging! 01/16/2020 06:21
Researchers here investigate the relationship between the protein complex mTORC1 and the aging of intestinal stem cells, leading to loss of function in the intestine. mTORC1 signaling increases with age in intestinal tissue and leads to exhaustion of the stem cell pool, as downstream mechanisms are triggered to suppress proliferation of these cells. Naturally, mTOR or mTORC1 inhibitors are capable of reducing this effect, though one should always compare all things related to mTOR with the effects of calorie restriction before becoming too excited by new findings. Calorie restriction acts to inhibit mTOR signaling, and the size of the health benefits that it provides should guide expectations as to the bounds of the possible for therapies t.
Fight Aging! 01/16/2020 06:11
I can't say that I think the data presented in the research noted here merits quite the degree of the attention that it has been given in the popular science press. It is interesting, but not compelling if its role is to be evidence for a lack of correlation between amyloid-β and cognitive decline. When thinking about the early stages of loss of cognitive function, in which changes are small and subtle, one might have to consider other factors such as vascular dysfunction or other neurodegenerative conditions with quite different mechanisms that could produce these effects. The interplay and relative importance of the field of mechanisms at this stage of aging is far from clear. Nonetheless, the present mood of the scientific community and
Fight Aging! 01/15/2020 15:31
The activities of mTOR are well researched, given that mTOR inhibition slows aging in a number of species. This is one of the more prominent areas of research and development to emerge from the study of beneficial stress responses such as that produced by the practice of calorie restriction. The mTOR protein participates in cellular metabolism through a pair of protein complexes, and much of the work to date has focused on the protein complex mTORC1 rather than mTORC2. The present consensus (though not unchallenged) is that general inhibition of mTOR, such as via the use of rapamycin, is problematic because harmful effects arise from inhibition of mTORC2, offsetting the benefits due to inhibition of mTORC1. Certainly, it is the case that in.
Fight Aging! 01/15/2020 06:22
Healthier lifestyle choices are called healthier lifestyle choices for a reason: they do improve health over the long term. That translates to a reduced risk of suffering any of the common age-related diseases, and a noteworthy delay in their incidence when they do occur. Per the epidemiological research noted here, the difference between healthy and unhealthy lifestyles amounts to eight to ten more years of life free from the common chronic diseases of aging. Researchers looked at 34 years of data from 73,196 women and 28 years of data from 38,366 men participating in, respectively, the Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. Healthy diet was defined as a high score on the Alternate Healthy Eating Index; regular
Fight Aging! 01/15/2020 06:21
The gut microbiome produces a range of metabolites that are beneficial to health, though this production slackens with age for reasons that are still being explored. In recent years, researchers have demonstrated in mice that the short-chain fatty acids butyrate, acetate, and propionate are produced by gut microbes and have beneficial effects on brain function, such as by improving the pace of neurogenesis. Given this, it is a reasonable proposition to think that supplementation with these compounds might incrementally improve recovery from stroke or other form of brain injury. Researchers here show that to be the case in mice, and investigate the mechanisms by which these compounds beneficially alter the behavior of cells in injured areas
Fight Aging! 01/14/2020 16:02
Clearing amyloid-β from the brain has failed to reverse Alzheimer's disease in patients, and this unfortunate outcome is slowly - all too slowly - producing a change in direction in the mainstream of Alzheimer's research. One possible conclusion is that amyloid-β is simply the wrong target, and this has led to a great deal of alternative theorizing in recent years. Even so, the consensus remains that amyloid-β does play a significant role in the condition, albeit not enough of a role in the later stages of Alzheimer's to allow anti-amyloid therapies to work. The jury remains out on whether early reduction in amyloid-β aggregation can postpone Alzheimer's - i.e. whether this aggregation actually a causative mechanism or whether it is a side-
Fight Aging! 01/14/2020 06:22
Researchers here report on the use of a combination of a brain-computer interface and functional electrical stimulation of muscles to bypass damage leading to paralysis of the hand, allowing some degree of restored function. The approach was demonstrated in non-human primates in which nerves connecting the hand to the brain were damaged via surgery. Competition in approaches to the problem of nervous system damage is a good thing, but one would hope that this class of application of brain-computer interface is largely made irrelevant by future advances in regenerative medicine. Paralysis following stroke is a leading cause of long-term motor disability. Brain machine interfaces (BMIs) can transform cortical activity into control signals for.
Fight Aging! 01/14/2020 06:11
Some fraction of what we think of as cardiovascular aging is in fact due to the lack of exercise that is so very prevalent in our society of comfort and machineries of transport, rather than due to inexorable underlying processes of aging. Those processes certainly exist, and ultimately cut down even the fittest individuals, but failing to maintain fitness in later life does tend make the outcomes of aging worse. Studies of the sort noted here are a way to assess how large the burden of a lack of fitness might be, at least when it comes to cardiovascular function. The researchers took a collection of people who are training to run a marathon for the first time, and quantified the improvements that take place […]
Fight Aging! 01/13/2020 16:10
There are many situations in which it might be advantageous to deliver large numbers of immune cells into a patient, to set them to work as reinforcements for the native immune cell populations. It is technically feasible to grow and then introduce into a patient twice as many - or ten times as many, or even more - of some classes of immune cell as are normally present in the body at any given time. At the moment, therapies of this nature are largely focused on treating cancers, such as the approach pioneered by LIfT Biosciences. That the transferred immune cells come from a donor rather than being generated from a sample of patient cells is actually helpful in terms of their ability to attack […]
Fight Aging! 01/13/2020 06:22
There are many overlapping mechanisms involved in the age-related loss of stem cell function in muscle tissue that leads to loss of muscle mass and strength. To name a few: the mitochondrial dysfunction that occurs in all tissues, or the chronic inflammation produced by senescent cells and the aging immune system. The authors of this open access review paper choose to divide approaches to treatment of loss of muscle stem cell function, whether compensatory or actual rejuvenation, into those that affect stem cells versus those that affect the stem cell niche. Research has suggested that the fact that muscle stem cell populations become less active with age is more a matter of changes in the niche and systemic signaling rather than inherent d.
Fight Aging! 01/13/2020 06:11
Over longer timescales involving large-scale funding, meaningful progress only occurs in those lines of research and development that enjoy broad public support and understanding. While it is the case that small groups of philanthropists and visionaries are those who do the hard (and largely unacknowledged) work to create new possibilities, of those options, only those that are welcomed and desired by the masses are brought into reality. In the matter of rejuvenation therapies, we presently stand somewhere in an awkward transition phase in which the experts are largely convinced, but the public remains largely ignorant or skeptical. Given that the research community is resolved to build ways to treat aging as a medical condition, and a rela.
Fight Aging! 01/12/2020 09:43
Fight Aging! publishes news and commentary relevant to the goal of ending all age-related disease, to be achieved by bringing the mechanisms of aging under the control of modern medicine. This weekly newsletter is sent to thousands of interested subscribers. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter, please visit: Longevity Industry Consulting Services Reason, the founder of Fight Aging! and Repair Biotechnologies, offers strategic consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in the longevity industry and its complexities. To find out more: Contents Further Evidence for Butyrate Produced by Gut Microbes to be Beneficial Revel Pharmace.
Fight Aging! 01/10/2020 15:18
As a class of therapy to treat the mitochondrial dysfunction of age, mitochondrially targeted antioxidants are fairly advanced in their progression towards widespread use. MitoQ is classified as a supplement, and has been shown to improve cardiovascular function in older people. Plastinquinones such as SkQ1 have a fair-sized literature of animal studies and are approved for use in inflammatory eye diseases in Russia. They are going through clinical trials in Europe for a range of conditions. The mitochondrially targeted antioxidant of interest today is SS-31, which has been under clinical development for some years, and, as for SkQ1, has a fair sized literature of animal studies. In today's open access paper, researchers report on the mecha.

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