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wpcentral 10/22/2020 19:54
It's fixes and improvements all the way down. What you need to know. A new Windows 10 preview build is available for Release Preview and Beta channels. The update brings a ton of bug fixes and improvements to check out. Insiders can grab the update now as build number 19042.608. Microsoft released the Windows 10 October 2020 Update to the public this week, but it's not done squashing bugs.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 19:05
Voting is how we make our voices heard, and it shapes the future of our homes. What you need to know. Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, used as an educational tool, creative outlet, and social platform all-in-one. Minecraft has become the perfect platform for another cause, with creative company Sid Lee and non-partisan, nonprofit organization Rock the Vote teaming up on the Build the Vote initiative. Build the Vote wants to educated young voters on the voting process, and encourage active participation in elections through voting. This year is particularly important for voting, and Rock the Vote wants to maintain the momentum they've been seeing. Minecraft has been used for some awesome things, from simple matters lik.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 19:02
Customization in Halo Infinite looks pretty interesting. What you need to know. In a new blog post, 343 Industries has given a detailed explanation about what armor coatings are and how they will work in Halo Infinite. Specifically, armor coatings are special shaders that allow 343 Industries to apply different colors, materials, or patterns to pieces of armor. There will be similar types of coatings for weapons and vehicles as well, and players can expect more. 343 Industries also showed off the Red Shift armor coating, which can be obtained by getting any Halo or Xbox merch from GameStop between November 9 and December 13 and then redeeming the code it comes with online. In a new blog post, Halo developer 343 Industries provided some new de.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 17:22
The first update is here. What you need to know. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition recently released on PC. While the game has been received well overall, there's a few performance hitches and balancing tweaks that have been needed. A new update today is adding anti-aliasing options, fixing some crashing and bringing other benefits. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition released on October 15 and the developers already have the first update ready.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 17:00
Find your way up to the Hedge Lab and turn on the lights! Be prepared, though; this is no simple journey. Grounded has a plethora of cool places to discover, such as the hedge lab that has been teasing players with mysteries since they launched into early access. Now your trip to the hedge lab is finally a worthwhile venture. We will take you through the process of how to get there and where to find the password to turn the power on. There are also some interesting story tidbits to uncover as well! Gather your things, and prepare for a dangerous journey into the hedge. This is also a valuable time to gather difficult resources that you may need for your home base. There will be a large amount of berries, crow feathers, clay, and other resou.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 16:31
The next content update could be big... What you need to know. Grounded is an open world survival game from Obsidian Entertainment that shrinks players down to miniscule sizes. The game is in early access, and already has a sizeable group of fans and players. Grounded gets new updates all the time, and it looks like the next content update is shaping up to be a big one. The team is teasing a public test for the update starting October 26, with the update fully releasing to early access afterwards. Grounded is in early access, which means a lot of updates, and a constant stream of new features and content. So far, content updates have come in monthly cadences (okay, it's just two so far), but we're always looking towards Grounded's next conte.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 16:19
The latest beta fixes some accessibility bugs. What you need to know. Minecraft has an insider beta program it uses to test future updates, fixes, and more, before releasing them to the public. The program is quite active, usually getting at least one update a week, and is available on Windows 10, Xbox, and Android devices. The latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta makes some fixes for accessibility features, death messages, and more. There are no new features in beta Minecraft is a massive game that just keeps getting bigger, as we saw at the recent Minecraft Live event, and those enrolled in Minecraft's super secret (not) beta program can get a sneak peek at future changes and updates.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 15:00
The only limit to what you can do with a Raspberry Pi is your imagination, but even if your ambitions are a little more basic, there's still lots of fun to be had. In many use cases you'll be looking at using a Raspberry Pi headless, that is to say without it being attached to a display. It's also perfectly possible to set it up this way using your Windows 10 PC. Here's how. Products used in this guide. Tiny computer: Raspberry Pi Zero W ($8 at Micro Center). Plenty of storage: Samsung EVO Select 32GB microSD card ($8 at Amazon). Powering up: CanaKit Raspberry Pi power supply ($10 at Amazon). Jump to:. Getting the software. Flash the OS. Set up Wi-Fi and SSH. Connect to the Raspberry Pi. Grabbing the software you need. Before you do anything you'll n.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 14:55
Smooth frames all around. What you need to know. Gears Tactics released for PC in April 2020. Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox consoles on November 10, 2020. Gears Tactics runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox Series X and 1440p 60 FPS on Xbox Series S. Locust-smashing strategy game Gears Tactics has gone gold and is coming to Xbox consoles on November 10.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 14:54
Two new mission types and a ton of other changes. What you need to know. Deep Rock Galactic is a unique indie game with procedurally generated environments, mining, intense combat, co-op gameplay, and dwarves. It recently exited early access, and began work on the first major update for the game post-launch: Roughnecks at Work. After a delay of several weeks, Update 32: Roughnecks at work is officially live on Xbox and PC. The update adds two new game modes, new cosmetics, and a ton of other changes to the base game. Indie games can offer some of the most unique and entertaining gaming experiences around, and none showcase this better than Deep Rock Galactic, a game that melds dangerous mining and brutal combat with procedurally generated en.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 14:12
A growing list that's starting off small at launch with only a couple of games. Cloud streaming is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and while it has over 150 titles in its library at launch, only a handful of those support touch controls. A controller may be the preferred method to play these games, but you have the choice to go the old school mobile gaming route and just use the screen of your phone or tablet if you want to. Every game with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android. Dead Cells. Gear 5 (in testing). Guacamelee! 2. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Hotshot Racing. Killer Instinct. Minecraft Dungeons. New Super Lucky's Tale. Slay The Spire. Streets of Rage 4. Tell Me Why. UnderMine. ...That's it, unfortunately. Microsoft is work.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 14:00
It's highly likely that this is a new Vive Focus standalone headset. What you need to know. A new FCC filing from HTC points to the release of a new VR HMD soon. The design in the filing looks similar to a standalone HTC Vive Focus, and Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth capability also suggest a standalone headset. A Snapdragon XR2-powered Vive Focus recently appeared on Geekbench. A new FCC filing (via Road to VR) from HTC suggests a new Vive VR headset could soon be on its way to the U.S. (and likely other countries, too).
wpcentral 10/22/2020 13:57
Tie your Xbox in with your other smart devices. What you need to know. Home Assistant is a popular and powerful automation hub designed to tie your ecosystem of smart devices together. It's fantastic for DIY-lovers and tinkerers, and gets updated regularly with new features and integrations. The latest to join the ranks is Xbox, allowing for remote and automated control of your Xbox consoles from Home Assistant. The hands-on video looks very impressive, and shows a surprisingly deep level of integration. Today is a good day for Xbox fans who like to take their control beyond the standard Xbox controller, with the news that the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S still have an IR receiver for remote control, and will work with some of th.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 13:37
One person, two realities. What you need to know. The Medium is the latest horror game from genre experts Bloober Team, coming to Xbox Series X and S, and PC. It features stunning graphics and a unique Dual Reality feature, in which two separate worlds are rendered at the same time. The Medium looks like a fascinating game, and is arriving for Xbox Series X and S, and PC on December 10, 2020. In a new trailer, you can learn more about how the Dual Reality feature works, and what it's used for in the Medium. Horror games are really starting to step it up, with the Medium taking full advantage of the next-gen hardware inside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to deliver an innovative gameplay feature known as Dual Reality.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 13:16
Demo Ubisoft's potential sleeper hit on Stadia. What you need to know. Immortals Fenyx Rising is an upcoming open world game from Ubisoft that combines parts of Assassin's Creed and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Our previews show the game could be a real sleeper hit later this year, and shows a ton of promise. You can now demo Immortals Fenyx Rising on Stadia, Google's cloud-powered gaming platform, completely for free. No subscription is necessary, anyone can try out Ubisoft's upcoming creation for free, for the rest of the week. Strange naming convention aside, Immortals Fenyx Rising may turn out to be one of 2020's surprise gaming hits, even with the busy holiday season ahead of us.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 13:09
No IR Blaster, but we do have HDMI-CEC. With the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft announced that all of the best Xbox One accessories and your best Xbox One headset would remain compatible with the console, but there are, of course, some outliers. Kinect is dead, gone and buried, and the lack of an IR Blaster on the Xbox Series X and S certainly raised questions about how devices like media remotes would function.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 13:00
Take last year's popular ThinkVision M14, add a touchscreen and pen, and you get the super handy ThinkVision M14t. In late-2019, I reviewed the Lenovo M14, a 14-inch portable full HD matte display. I gave it a five out of five after ticking all the right boxes, including being extremely light, excellent color accuracy, having a riser for height adjust, and a neat carrying bag. That display is still available for around $250, making it an excellent option for those who need more screen real estate. But what if you wanted the same display but with a glossy screen, touch, and even support for inking? The new Lenovo M14t is that device, and it even includes a pen in the box, letting you ink in Windows or Android. Here is what you need to know a.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 13:00
Scorn looks and sounds incredible on the Xbox Series X. What you need to know. Scorn is a first person shooter game with heavy survival, horror, and adventure elements to create a unique experience. The game is being developed exclusively for the Xbox Series X and S, and PC's, and features powerful imagery and visuals. Details on Scorn have been a little scarce, but now there's a hefty gameplay trailer available to watch. The 14-minute long trailer showcases Scorn's incredible graphics, and some impressive sound design. One of the more interesting titles that's confirmed as an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S exclusive is Scorn, a crazy looking game from Ebb Software that combines a first person shooter with elements of horror, adventure, and.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 12:59
Forms helps you gather feedback and information from anyone over the web. What you need to know. Microsoft Forms is now available for personal use. Microsoft Forms allows you to create surveys and topics that you can easily share. People can fill out the created surveys and quizzes on the web or within the Office mobile app. Microsoft Forms is now available and out of preview.
wpcentral 10/22/2020 12:34
Players will now collect achievements and can complete weekly quests. What you need to know. The next Hearthstone expansion is releasing on Nov. 17. Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is inspired by the 2016 expansion Whispers of the Old Gods. A new Hearthstone Duels game mode will create a hybrid of Arena and Solo Adventures. Blizzard Entertainment is promising a whole bunch of updates to its free-to-play deckbuilding game Hearthstone next month. The Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion will release on Nov. 17, bringing 135 new cards to the game as cosmic horrors invade the zany carnival.

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