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Packt Hub 06/26/2019 11:12
In February, Facebook made its debut into the blockchain space by acquiring Chainspace, a London-based, Gibraltar-registered blockchain venture. Chainspace was a small start-up founded by several academics from the University College London Information Security Research Group. Authors of the original Chainspace paper were Mustafa Al-Bassam, Alberto Sonnino, Shehar Bano, Dave Hrycyszyn and George Danezis, some […]. The post “I’m concerned about Libra’s model for decentralization”, says co-founder of Chainspace, Facebook’s blockchain acquisition appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 11:01
On Monday, Christian F.K. Schaller, Senior Manager for Desktop at Red Hat, shared a blog post that outlined the various improvements and features coming in Fedora Workstation 31. These include Wayland improvements, more PipeWire functionality, continued improvements around Flatpak, Fleet Commander, and more. Here are some of the enhancements coming to Fedora Workstation 31: Wayland […]. The post Fedora Workstation 31 to come with Wayland support, improved core features of PipeWire, and more appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 10:08
It’s 2019 and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what a Raspberry Pi is. A series of credit-card-sized board computers, initially developed to promote computer science in schools, has now released its Raspberry Pi 4 Model B in the market yesterday. Read More: Raspberry Pi 4 is up for sale at $35, […]. The post 10+ reasons to love Raspberry Pi appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 09:56
Yesterday the team at AWS launched VPC Traffic Mirroring, a new feature that can be used with the existing Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) for capturing and inspecting network traffic at scale. Network and security people. #AWS now has port mirroring, SPAN, sniffing, passive packet capture, whatever you want to call it! This is a huge […]. The post Amazon launches VPC Traffic Mirroring for capturing and inspecting network traffic appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 09:49
Yesterday, the team at Microsoft introduced TensorWatch, an open source debugging and visualization tool designed for deep learning, data science, and reinforcement learning. New debugging and visualization tool TensorWatch allows researchers and engineers to easily implement a variety of advanced scenarios when training their machine learning models. The possibilities abound: #EICS2019 — Microsoft Research […]. The post Introducing TensorWatch, a debugging and visualization tool appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 08:21
On Monday, Gregory Szorc, a Developer Productivity Engineer at Airbnb, introduced PyOxidizer, a Python application packaging and distribution tool written in Rust. This tool is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Sharing his vision behind this tool, Szorc wrote in the announcement, “I want PyOxidizer to provide a Python application packaging and distribution […]. The post Introducing PyOxidizer, an open source utility for producing standalone Python applications, written in Rust appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 08:20
Two days ago, the Apache Kafka team released the latest version of their open source distributed data streaming software, Apache Kafka 2.3. This release has several improvements to the Kafka Core, Connect and Streams REST API. In this release, a new Maximum Log Compaction Lag has been added. It has also improved monitoring for partitions, […]. The post Apache Kafka 2.3 is here! appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/26/2019 07:35
A new study by researchers from Princeton University and the University of Chicago suggests that shopping websites are abundant with dark patterns that rely on consumer deception. The researchers conducted a large-scale study, analyzing almost 53K product pages from 11K shopping websites to characterize and quantify the prevalence of dark patterns. They discovered 1,841 instances […]. The post A new study reveals how shopping websites use ‘dark patterns’ to deceive you into buying things you may not want appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 22:21
Last week, the Kubernetes team announced that a security issue (CVE-2019-11246) was discovered with Kubernetes kubectl cp command. According to the team this issue could lead to a directory traversal in such a way that a malicious container could replace or create files on a user’s workstation. This vulnerability impacts kubectl, the command line interface […]. The post A vulnerability discovered in Kubernetes kubectl cp command can allow malicious directory traversal attack on a targeted system appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 21:05
The team at Qt and LG Electronics partner to provide webOS as the platform for embedded smart devices in the automotive, robotics and smart home sectors. The webOS, also known as LG webOS, is a Linux kernel-based multitasking operating system for smart devices. The webOS platform powers smart home devices including LG Smart TVs and […]. The post Qt and LG Electronics partner to make webOS as the platform of choice for embedded smart devices appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 08:04
Last week, an appellate court in San Francisco ruled against Facebook’s appeal to block a class-lawsuit over a massive data breach it witnessed last year. This data breach impacted nearly 30 million Facebook users. On September 25th last year, Facebook discovered a data breach caused by a vulnerability that existed in its code between July […]. The post Facebook fails to fend off a lawsuit over data breach of nearly 30 million users appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 07:17
Yesterday, many parts of the Internet faced an unprecedented outage as Verizon, the popular Internet transit provider accidentally rerouted IP packages after it wrongly accepted a network misconfiguration from a small ISP in Pennsylvania, USA. According to The Register, “systems around the planet were automatically updated, and connections destined for Facebook, Cloudflare, and others, ended […]. The post How Verizon and a BGP Optimizer caused a major internet outage affecting Amazon, Facebook, CloudFlare among others appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 07:13
Last week, the researchers at Google presented a paper XLNet: Generalized Autoregressive Pretraining for Language Understanding which focuses on the XLNet model. XLNet: a new pretraining method for NLP that significantly improves upon BERT on 20 tasks (e.g., SQuAD, GLUE, RACE) arxiv: github (code + pretrained models): with Zhilin Yang, @ZihangDai, Yiming Yang, […]. The post Google researchers present XLNet: a new pre-training method that outperforms BERT on 20 tasks appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 05:46
Bipartisan Senators Mark Warner and Josh Hawley introduced a new bill on Monday that requires Facebook, Google, Amazon and other major platforms to disclose the value of their users’ data. Called The Dashboard Act (Designing Accounting Safeguards to Help Broader Oversight and Regulations on Data), this act will force companies (services with 100M active users) […]. The post Bipartisan US legislators introduce the Dashboard act to force big tech to disclose their user data monetization practices appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 05:45
After releasing Elixir 1.8 in January, the team behind Elixir announced the release of Elixir 1.9 yesterday. This comes with a new ‘releases’ feature, the Config API for streamlined configuration, plus many other enhancements and bug fixes. Elixir is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language that runs on the Erlang VM. Releases, a single unit […]. The post Elixir 1.9 is now out with built-in ‘releases’, a new streamlined configuration API, and more appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 05:41
Yesterday, Amazon announced support for load balancing UDP traffic on Network Load Balancers, which will enable it to deploy connectionless services for online gaming, IoT, streaming, media transfer, and native UDP applications. This has been a long requested feature by Amazon customers. The Network Load Balancer is designed to handle tens of millions of requests […]. The post Amazon adds UDP load balancing support for Network Load Balancer appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/25/2019 04:53
In large part, the security of an ecommerce company is the responsibility of its technical support team and ecommerce software vendors. In reality, cybercriminals often exploit the security illiteracy of the staff to hit a company. Of all the ecommerce team, web administrators are often targeted for hacker attacks as they control access to the […]. The post 3 cybersecurity lessons for e-commerce website administrators appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/24/2019 10:12
Yesterday, a new statically-typed programming language named V was open sourced. It is described as a simple, fast, and compiled language for creating maintainable software. Its creator, Alex Medvednikov, says that it is very similar to Go and is inspired by Oberon, Rust, and Swift. What to expect from V programming language Fast compilation V […]. The post The V programming language is now open sourced – Is it too good to be true? appeared first on Packt Hub .
Packt Hub 06/24/2019 09:33
Yesterday, the GNU APL version 1.8 was released with bug fixes, FFT, GTK, RE, user defined APL commands and more. GNU APL is a free interpreter for the programming language APL. What’s new in GNU APL 1.8? Bug fixes, FFT (fast fourier transforms; real, complex, and windows), GTK (create GUI windows from APL), RE (regular […]. The post GNU APL 1.8 releases with bug fixes, FFT, GTK, RE and more appeared first on Packt Hub .

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