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CanadaFreePress.Com 07/15/2020 12:36
L. et me cut to the chase, gun rights aren’t White rights! Many in the Black community think Second Amendment advocacy is only for White conservatives. These same Black critics often own firearms themselves and seem unaware of this direct contradiction. My grassroots security consulting began in midtown Savannah, GA., during the Crack Cocaine Era, where self defense concerns were challenged by a new, very violent set of circumstances. Black elected officials preaching gun control for law abiding citizens overlook the fact law abiding citizens aren’t making inner cities unsafe. A logical policy direction would be harsher penalties for gun crime and enhancing self defense statutes. It appears politicians for Black areas prioritize pleasing dis.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/15/2020 12:36
Note to the reader: Don’t blithely assume the economy is reopening and things will continue to improve. The nation is under the control of public health traitors. They can declare “new waves” of cases. They can invent pretexts at the drop of a hat, and governors and mayors can declare lockdowns again. This is not over. The economic war against the people is being waged to destroy America. You’ll see this week, as my controversial series of dispatches tries to reach out to the president, I’m suggesting that he break with hallowed tradition and send in troops (or the FBI) to the states and force open the economy, once and for all. Permanently. I fully realize the dangers of such a move. I also realize what this economic war against the people.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/15/2020 10:50
Toronto : The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on Toronto Mayor John Tory to drop his demands for a $1.4-billion bailout from federal and provincial governments and instead cut waste such as an uncompetitive construction bidding process and a multi-billion dollar park. "We have a simple solution for Mayor Tory’s $1.4-billion budget quandary: he should abandon his plan to build a $3.8-billion floating park," said Jasmine Moulton, the CTF’s Ontario Director.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/15/2020 10:50
A. long with other topics in his bunker reports, Joe Biden weighed in on President Trump’s prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine. “It’s like saying maybe if you inject Clorox into your blood it may cure you.”“Hydroxychloroquine” does contain all the letters in “Clorox,” but no serious medical person would equate the two. And though there are studies that fail to find hydroxychloroquine to be effective in combating COVID19, there are others that do. For example, the Henry Ford Health System recently published a peer-reviewed study of over 2,500 patients. Dr. Steven Kalkanis, Chief Academic Officer of the Henry Ford Health System, said, “Our analysis shows that using hydroxychloroquine helped saves lives…the data here is clear that there was.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/15/2020 10:50
M. ontana has about 1,400 Jews, Mississippi about 1,500, South Dakota 250. If I lived in any one of those beautiful states, I would not be writing this article. But I live in New York––home to about one-million, 800-thousand Jews––so the politics of being Jewish affects me and my family in a very existential––life and death––way. It’s quite simple for me, as it should be for all Jews, given the fact that in a world of about eight-billion people, we Jews are a miniscule 15 million, only about six-million in the United States, eight-million in Israel, and another one-million around the world. That is equivalent to the proverbial drop in the ocean.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/15/2020 10:50
T. oday is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a public holiday in France more casually referred to as Bastille Day. This dramatic event in French history is looked on with as much respect and reverence in France as Americans view the colonists taking on the British troops in the “shot heard ‘round the world.” However, contrary to the romanticized image, the people that seized the Bastille were not endowed with altruistic ideals and tempered by principled actions. They were motivated by fear, as well as primitive desires to unleash pent-up anger and frustration. Also, more practical concerns by “shadow” leaders aimed to seize any weapons the mob could capture. Actually, comparisons between recent mob violence of Antifa and the m.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/14/2020 17:26
President Trump will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden Tuesday at 5 p.m., the White House announced, and a source familiar with the matter said the president will use the opportunity to discuss China during the event. The press conference also comes as the president pushes forward with his campaign to reopen schools in the fall, while some states face a spike in coronavirus.—
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/14/2020 17:26
I. f every news source and fact checker in the world shared the same news, could you tell it was Fake? Do you know anyone who could? Where would one find the information that helps figure it out? I wouldn’t blame you if you thought it impossible, but you’d be wrong. My Bias And Deceit Analysis, in at least one instance (possibly the most widely used tactic), has the capacity to find that Fake and be confident enough to stand resolute against the world. In the above scenario, one would obviously need to analyze something other than identical content to find the Fake. That is exactly what this Analysis does, and what sets it apart from all other news analysis methodologies. That exclusivity leads to different inferences, unique conclusions, an.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/14/2020 17:26
ACCOMAC, VA – The Commonwealth of Virginia has dropped the criminal charges against Pastor Kevin Wilson of Lighthouse Fellowship Church on Chincoteague Island. As a result of Virginia Governor Northam’s unconstitutional COVID Order 55, police served a summons to Pastor Kevin Wilson for holding a church service on Palm Sunday for 16 people spaced far apart in a sanctuary that is rated for 293 people.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/14/2020 10:36
W. hy do we see so many support dogs on planes these days? And how is this a window into a much broader phenomenon? Why does Adam Carolla think emotion and woke culture have overtaken logic and reason in America? And why does everything nowadays seem to revolve around President Trump? In this episode, we sit down with Adam Carolla, host of the Adam Carolla Show. He is a New York Times bestselling author, and his newest book is titled “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal: Navigating Our All Woke, No Joke Culture.”
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/14/2020 08:52
N. eil Ferguson is the British academic who created the infamous Imperial College model that warned Boris Johnson that, without an immediate lockdown, the coronavirus would cause 500,000 deaths and swamp the National Health Service. Ferguson’s model also influenced the US to make lockdown moves with its shocking prediction of over two million Americans dead. 1. Johan Giesecke, the former chief scientist for the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has called Ferguson’s model ‘the most influential scientific paper’ in memory. He also says it was sadly, ‘one of the most wrong.’
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/14/2020 08:52
TORONTO —Repealing Ontario’s eight-year-old and so-called "temporary" tax increase on professionals, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers would significantly increase economic activity—and cost very little in forgone tax revenues, finds a study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank. "To help Ontario recover from the COVID recession, the Ford government should spur economic activity and increase the province’s attractiveness for investment, entrepreneurs and high-skilled workers," said Ben Eisen, a senior fellow with the Fraser Institute.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/13/2020 18:37
OTTAWA, ON : Canada’s economy has continued its downward slide, with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s leading economic indicator dropping by yet another 1.9 percent. This builds upon a harsh trend of decline that has been tracked in the previous two LEI updates. Comprising of 10 components, the LEI is a tool designed to predict Canada’s future economic growth and track changes within Canada’s business cycle. This latest update reflects data from May, demonstrating that while the trajectory of the freefall has improved slightly, Canada’s economy is still not out of the woods.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/13/2020 18:37
ORLANDO, FL —Online news sources and blogs are republishing unsourced and fabricated fake news regarding Liberty Counsel in an article about nonprofit organizations receiving loans in the Paycheck Protection Program. Some of the false information appears to have originated in a July 8 article written for Creative Loafing at, by its digital editor Colin Wolf, who wrote that Liberty Counsel had received PPP funds but “reportedly retained no jobs.”Instead of verifying the information in Creative Loafing, Roger Sollengerger, staff writer for, published an article on July 10 claiming that Liberty Counsel received “between $350,000 and $1 million, reportedly retaining no jobs.” When in fact, Liberty Counsel has numerous emp.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/13/2020 15:14
OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is urging the auditor general to conduct an audit of all federal government contracts, grants and contributions awarded to the WE Charity since the 2015 election, following recent revelations of payments made by the WE Charity to family members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "While the ethics commissioner is investigating to determine whether the prime minister has breached the Conflict of Interest Act, Canadians deserve a full accounting of the financial relationship between the government and WE," said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick.
CanadaFreePress.Com 07/13/2020 15:14
BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today said the recent revelation that the anti-gun-rights Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence took a federal Paycheck Protection Loan worth up to $1 million, while working to keep gun stores closed is an "outrageous exploitation of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent people from exercising their constitutional rights.".

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