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Search Tips

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  1. You can use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). Default operator between the words is AND.
  2. Limit search by exact date or by date ranges (1 to 18 months) or by content source (external, internal, vendor).
  3. Use quotes for phrases. Example: "handset shipments"
  4. Use wildcards: asterisk (*) to replace multiple characters and percent (%) to replace only one character. There must be four characters before wildcard.
  5. Use parentheses for grouping the terms. Words that you enclose in parentheses are searched first. Without parenthesis, a search is executed from left to right. Example: "smartphone shipments" AND (1Q08 OR (Q1 AND 2008))
  6. Use proximity operators (NEAR, WITHIN) with a number to specify the proximity between the search terms. Example: internet NEAR:5 security (terms appear in any order), internet WITHIN:5 security (terms appear in exact order).
  7. To increase results relevancy use specific and rare terms.

See Search Help for more info and examples.