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What is the Dashboard?

Your dashboards are well-organized, real-time user interfaces, that provide content and information of interest concerning major business industries. Each dashboard displays a Quick Search widget to retrieve Millie content by keyword, as well as Headline widgets for timely and relevant content from selected sources, including a graphic image of intrest. Your dashboards will also provide an Accordion widget with drop-down menus, consisting of expert searches on specif topics of interest under the dashboard's purview. Users may open or close existing widgets.

Following is an example of a Millie dashboard:

File:Dashboard millie.gif

The dashboard contains:

1: Quick Search - for conducting keyword searches against Millie's content.
2: Accordion Menu - to access preconceived expert searches on topics relevant to your business.
3: Dashboard drop-down menu - for navigating to your other dashboards.
4: Links - for navigating your way to the various sections of your portal.
5: Headline box - timely and relevant headlines of content germane to your business.

What is the Quick Search box used for?

The Quick Search box allows you to execute a quick keyword search against your Millie content. You can search within any of the content collections provided for you.


What are the headline boxes for?

Headline boxes contain strategic news headlines on topics selected for you by the Millie portal administrator. You can minimize and maximize these boxes by selecting the minimize/maximize icon File:MinimizeIcon.gif in the upper right hand corner of the box.


How do Accordion Boxes work?

Accordion boxes are shown on your Dashboard pages. They provide quick access to pre-formulated expert searches on topics that are significant to your business. You will see general main topics at the top, which, with one click, can be opened up to reveal related detailed searches.

File:AccrdFile1.gif File:AccrdFile2.gif

Accordion boxes are added to your Dashboard pages by the portal administrator.