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My Profile & Settings

My Profile

You can access your profile settings by selecting the "Profile" drop-down in the upper right corner of the portal's main page. From here, select the My Profile link, where you can set up, and update, your user profile.


Change my password

Click on the My Profile icon on the upper right hand side of the page.

The fields to change your password are at the bottom of the My Profile page. If you need help, please contact your Portal Administrator.


I forgot my password

Please select the following link: Forgot my password, specify your e-mail and select the Continue button. Your password will be reset and sent to you by email. If you continue to have problems with account please contact your Portal Administrator.

If you receive a message upon attempting to login that your email and password combination is not associated with any account, you should first ensure that you are using the email and password that you specified during account registration. If you cannot find confirmation, or if it still does not work, then you can request a new password or contact portal support.


Make My Profile private

You may make your profile private (so that only your name is visible when searching the portal list) by un-checking the Share My Profile check-box. Then click the Save button to apply your changes.

Add or remove a picture from My Profile

Click on the My Profile link in the upper right side of your portal page. This will take you to the My Profile page, where you can add a profile picture.

Click the Browse... button next to the Upload New Picture field to find an image on your hard drive or network. (NOTE: the picture must be in either JPEG, GIF or PNG format and must be less than 1 MB in size). Click on the Upload Picture button to add the picture to your profile.

To delete a picture select the Reset Picture button.

My Settings

My Settings is a link of the My Profile drop-down menu. This is where you store/change your search settings information for each content collection. These Collection names are the same subheadings that appear under the Search drop-down.

  • You can change the frequency of your Recommended Reading List email.
  • Clicking the Reset icon  next to each collection name will allow you to create search settings for that particular collection.

Click on the Reset icon to manage My Search Form Default Settings, such as:

  • the date range of your results
  • sorting of results by relevance or by date
  • the number of results listed per page
  • the content from specific sources, or type of source
  • the Group Results by Source option

The Customize Search Results and Other Settings are universal, and will apply to searches in all collections.

My SinglePoint Widgets

  • Check the boxes next to the widgets you want to see on the My SinglePoint page

Customize Search Results

  • Enable the ability to Multiselect (choose more than one) search results at a time

Other Settings

  • Designate your landing page for logging into portal
  • Designate how detailed you want your email alerts to be
  • Designate the format of your email alerts