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U-Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning is the latest functionality added to SinglePoint’s suite of business research tools.  This game-changing, time-saving technology has multiple applications within the portal.


Insights (Automated Search Report) 

When you run a search on SinglePoint, the system examines documents from the search result listing that contain the most substantial ideas pertaining to the search terms, and then automatically summarizes the key points in a brief, easy-to-read report format, called Insights. Each report includes a link to the underlying document, so that users can drill in to read the original if they want to learn more.

Please note that there is not necessarily a one-to-one correspondence between the results on your search list and the results in the Insights reports.  The reason for this is that the reports are based on specific rules concerning the content of each document.  If the original document does not contain content that meets the Machine Learning criteria, it will not be summarized in an Insights report.  Such documents are still available for review on the search results listing.



More Like This 

The user selects a document of interest from the original search result listing and clicks on the “More Like This” button (see image above). This action triggers SinglePoint to rewrite the search query (based on elements from the selected record), to automatically generate a new search result listing of on-target items. 

This is a completely new list of results, and is unrelated to your initial search.

Each result on this new results list, after the original document, shows its "Likeness Score" - a ranking that indicates how similar each document is to the original.  The documents are listed in accordance to their Likeness Score.


Recommended Reading List

This widget presents system-generated content recommendations for the user, based on his or her interests and preferences determined through automated analysis of the user's reading activity.

The Recommended Reading List widget will show up to 5 results. Click the MORE RECOMMENDATIONS LINK to view the entire list of results. Click the ALERT OPTIONS link to adjust the frequency of updates to your Recommended Reading List.

Instead of the user searching for relevant content, the content finds the user!