What are Sources?

These are the content providers for the portal. The interface allows the Portal Administrator to edit the provider's contact info and specify whether they are included on the list of sources posted within the portal. Portal administrators can also update the services included for any specific source. A source record is created for each content source available for searching within the SinglePoint portal. The sources list contains all sources with which Northern Light works; some of them are integrated into the SinglePoint portal.

You may change information for these sources to meet your own requirements.

You cannot add new or delete existing sources from the list. If you wish to add or delete a source, please contact Portal Support.

Hint: To easily locate sources available on the portal, select Published value from the Published drop-down list and click the Apply Filter button.

Content Agency Credentials

Portal Administrators can create individual login credentials for their portal’s content agencies, to facilitate collection updates. Go to Users >> New User (button) >> User Details

  1. Enter the Agency’s nameemail address, and password in the assigned fields.
  2. Scroll down the page to the Portal Role field, and select Agency from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the Agency field’s drop-down menu, select the name of the Content Provider for whom the account is being created.
  4. Save your work!
  5. Share the login credentials with the Agency. You will want to do this for each Agency, so that they have access to ONLY their content in your organization’s portal.

Once the Agency has login credentials, they can go to and log into their account.

Searching for sources

The source table contains an alphabetic listing which allow you to view information on each content source.