My SinglePoint

My SinglePoint

My SinglePoint is a personalized dashboard for each user, offering personalization at the user level by allowing each user to select from an array of widgets which provide their favorite search results, document links, bookmarked documents, selected tags, and insight into the information their colleagues are consuming. The content of the widgets and their arrangement on the page is controlled by the individual user.


The My SinglePoint page is available for editing by portal administrators at Admin UI >> more >> My SinglePoint.


Portal Administrators can make the following changes to default My SinglePoint page:

  • Add additional widgets to this page by clicking the Add Widget box at the top of the column where you want the widget placed.

  • Activate/deactivate widgets to make them visible/invisible in User UI. Use Change link, and then click the “Is Active” to activate, or un-click it to deactivate.

  • Change placement of widgets on My SinglePoint page by dragging them. To move a widget place mouse to the heading of the desired widget, and drag it to the desired place on the page.

  • Fix/unfix position of widgets on My SinglePoint page. Fixed position means that regular user is unable to change placement of this widget. Use Fix Position links available for the most of widgets.

  • Edit text for text widgets (Hints, Scheduled widget, Upcoming Research). Use Change links available for these widgets.

  • Set/change pre-defined Favorite Research by selecting it from the list of existing Expert Searches. Use Change link to set/change Favorite Research and Reset to reset favorite research.