My Headlines

My Headlines

My Headlines is a personalized dashboard for Users to add Headlines that are significant to them.  Go to Admin UI >> more >> My Headlines

Here, Users are given 8 Headlines boxes (for Admin-selected content) and 8 Headline Placeholders (for User-selected content). Admins can create additional Headline widgets if needed. Click on the to delete the Headline widget. Click on the Change link to assign an Expert Search to one of the Headline boxes.  

On dashboards (except My Headlines or My SinglePoint), you may present Headlines as Headline Cards.

Headline Cards

As an alternative, you may now also view your selected Expert Search headlines in the cards format, which will expand the information given on the basic Headline widget.  In the Headline Cards, you will see the document title (linked), the source of the document, the date it was published, and the document caption.   

Please note that Headline Cards are only available to be used on Dashboards, but not on My Headlines or on My SinglePoint.