The Groups page in the Admin UI allows you to view all collaboration groups created on the SinglePoint portal. You can also change roles of users in these groups (for example you can change group owner), add new users into the groups, and assign them any role (owner or manager).

All groups are saved in the Groups list, which can be viewed by clicking on the Groups link at the top of the page.

Opt-in and Opt-out

By default, created groups have an Opt-in status, which means new users can be added to the group by invitations. Users can either accept or decline the invitation to join the group.

Once a group has been created, there is the option to request an Opt-out status, which means the Owner/Manager of the group will be able to add users directly to the group, bypassing the invite process. Selected users will be added to the group at a push of the button. Users not wishing to be included in that particular group may then opt-out of it.

To request the Opt-out status, the Owner/Manager goes to the Edit Group section and clicks Send Opt-Out Request. The Administrator of the portal will receive an e-mail notification. After the Opt-out status is granted, go to the Edit Members section of the group, search for users of interest, and add the users you want by clicking ‘Add User’ to the right of each name, or by selecting users and clicking the ‘Add Users’ button to add them all at once.

The Owner/Manager can always switch back to the Opt-in status, by clicking ‘Switch to Opt-In’ in the Edit Group section. No action from the portal Administrator will be required this time.


Managing a Group

  • To view how a group looks in the User Interface, select one from the Groups table and click on the View link next to it. This will open the group page in the new window.
  • To delete a group use the Delete link next to the appropriate group name.
  • Use the Promote user link to set/change user roles within the selected group. Clicking on this link invokes the Promote User floating box.

In this box, select a user for whom you would like to set/change a role. Check the existing group user radio button to select a user from the list of existing group members. Check the another user radio button to add another user to the group (then manually type e-mail of the new user in the text field below).

From to: drop-down select a role you would like to assign to the selected user. Available values: Manager, or Owner. Click on the Promote button to apply and save changes. Use Cancel button or [close] link to close the Promote User box without saving changes.


Exporting Groups

To export a list of groups to a CSV file, go to Admin->Groups, select the CSV icon for the group you wish to export.

This will open a spreadsheet file with each group member's name, email address, and role within the group. You may save this file onto your hard drive.