Global Logins

Global Logins

What is a Subscription?

Credentials given by vendors to a specified user or group of users to access its content is called a subscription. There are two types of subscriptions:

  • Personal – a login and password are given to one user to access the vendor's content. This subscription cannot be used by more than one user at the same time. When a user obtains these credentials from a vendor, he/she should create a personal subscription through the User UI or ask an administrator to create the subscription through the Admin UI for his/her account.
  • Global – a single login and password is given by the vendor to all users of the SinglePoint portal. This company-wide subscription should be created by the portal administrator through the Admin UI/Global Logins tab.

A user of a SinglePoint portal can have only one global and one personal subscription for a given vendor at the same time. In most cases, if both global and personal logins are available on a portal, the personal login is preferred and the global login is ignored.

Using the Global Logins List

To see the list of global logins, click the Global Logins tab in the portal Admin UI. This will open the Global Logins page. This page is organized as a table.

This table lists all vendors for which users of the SinglePoint portal are subscribed. Edit and Delete links next to each entry are intended to change or delete a specified subscription. At the top of the Global Logins page is a drop-down menu (the New Global Login drop-down menu) that lists vendors which have no subscriptions yet. You can select a desired vendor from this menu and click the New Global Login button to create a new global subscription for the specified vendor.

Adding a New Global Login

To add a new subscription, on the Global Logins page, select a desired vendor from the New Global Login drop-down menu and click the New Global Login button. This will open the Global Login Details page.

This page is a form intended to accept data for a new subscription.

NOTE: usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, so take care not to accidentally press Caps Lock or hold Shift while entering them. Do not use space symbols if it is not stipulated by the vendor for use in your credentials. Click Save to save the global login.

You can have only one global subscription per vendor. So, when you create a subscription for a vendor, this vendor will no longer be available to select from the New Global Login drop-down menu. However, it will appear again if you delete this subscription.

NOTE: a subscription will be saved even if you input incorrect data for it, so be careful when entering information. If you discover saved credentials are invalid, you can easily change the subscription.

Editing a Global Login

To edit a subscription, go to the Global Logins page and click the Edit link next to the required subscription. This will open the Global Login Details page where fields are completed with data on the selected subscription. Change values as needed and click Save.

Deleting a Global Login

To delete a subscription, go to the Global Logins page and click the Delete link next to the desired subscription. Note: When you delete a subscription, it will be available again in the New Global Login drop-down menu. So, if you accidentally deleted an important subscription, you can easily restore it by adding a new subscription if you remember its credentials.