User Feedback

Feedback is used to contact the portal administrator. A user may request the addition of a feature or content source, ask questions about working within the portal, report problems, or otherwise comment. A request is then created by the user in the User UI and sent to the portal administrator(s). User requests can be viewed in the Admin UI, but email notifications with all details are sent to portal administrators, each time a user fills in one of the request forms. The portal administrator reviews and investigates it,  or sends it to portal support: Generally requests are handled via email and the Feedback page in the Admin UI is used for reviewing older requests. There are the following types of user requests:

  • ProblemsFile:problem.gif If a problem occurred while using the portal, a user can describe this problem and contact an administrator to resolve it.

  • Questions & CommentsFile:QuestionsComments.gif This request is sent by a user to an administrator to ask a question, make a comment or a suggestion.

  • RequestFile:request.gif Users can request specific report(s) of the desired vendor(s).


Searching for User Requests

All user requests are saved in the Feedback list. To view this list, click the Feedback tab in the Admin UI. This will open the Feedback page.

The Feedback page is organized as a table.


This table contains the following columns:

  • # - number of a request

  • Submission Date - date and time when a request was added.

  • Type - type of request displayed as its reference designation. See icons above.

  • User Name - name of the user who sent the request.

  • Brief Description - brief description of the request.

  • View - link next to each table entry is intended to view details of the specified request.

  • Delete - link next to each table entry is intended to delete the specified request.

If there are many requests in the table it may be hard to find a particular desired entry. However, you can use filters to narrow your search. Filters are organized as a datablock that contains 3 search fields and 2 buttons: Apply Filter and Clear Filter.

  • Contact Type: - use this field to narrow your search by the type of request (problem or comment). Select the required value from the drop-down menu and click Apply Filter.

  • Submission Date: - contains two fields to narrow your search by date range. Enter the start date of the required period in the first field and the end date in the second field and click Apply Filter. You can enter a date in only one of these fields if you wish to limit your search by start date or by end date only.

You can use these filters separately as well as in combination with each other. The Clear Filter button removes all filters and shows all entries on the Feedback list.


Viewing a User Request

To view a request, go to the Feedback table, find the desired request (use filters if necessary) and click the View link next to it. This will open the Feedback Details page.

This page contains details for the selected request. This is a form with a set of non-editable fields to review them.

Once you have reviewed a request, you can contact a user to resolve his/her problem or to clear up any details. To do so, simply click on the link in the E-Mail Address field to activate your mail service and send a message to the user. Alternatively, you can call him/her by Phone Number if specified or click on the link in the Account field to see the user's account for more contact information.

You can easily navigate through different available requests by using the Prev and Next links at the top of the Feedback Details page.

To return to the Feedback list click Cancel.


Deleting a User Request

To delete a request, first find it in the Feedback list (use filters if it is necessary) and then click the Delete link next to the required request. This will open a dialog with the prompt: "Are you sure you want to delete this feedback?" Click OK to confirm operation or Cancel to decline it.

Note: Do not delete requests while they are not resolved, problems are not corrected, services are not provided or inquiries are not addressed. There is no way to restore a deleted request.