Expert Searches

Expert Searches

Expert Searches

This feature allows the Portal Administrator to add Expert Searches for your use. These Expert Searches (typically created by industry and research experts) will be available for viewing and subscribing by any user within the portal access. For convenience, Expert Searches can be organized into folders. You can create as many folders as you wish.


Things to Consider Before Creating an Expert Search

  • Northern Light’s portal webserver will cut a URL at 8190 characters (8177 in the path) for the sake of performance. (Longer URLs may cause memory overflow and other performance issues).
  • Browsers such as ChromeFireFox, and Safari have no character limit for URLs, therefore you may build Expert Search queries on these browsers, using up to 8177 characters.
  • Internet Explorer and Edge, however, limits URLs to 2,083 characters (2,048 in the path). Therefore, we do not recommend using IE or Edge for the creation of complex search queries.

  • It is important to note that complex queries created on ChromeFireFox, or Safari are searchable by users on Internet Explorer, as the queries are converted to shorter URLs, based on saved search alertIDs.

Creating Folders

To create a folder, click the Create Folder button at the top of the Expert Searches page.  


Enter the folder name in the Folder Name field. If you would like to set a parent folder for your folder then change the value in the Put folder under field, otherwise your folder will be under the Expert Searches folder by default. You can make this folder hidden from regular users by checking the box just above the Save button. You can also make it available on the mobile app version of the portal.


Editing Folders

Select the Edit Folder button to access folder details. (see first image above)

This opens the Folder Details window.

Use this page to:

  • change the name of the folder
  • add notes
  • change where the folder is filed
  • mark the folder as hidden for regular users - selecting this will hide the folder from regular users who do not have access to expert search folders.

Deleting a Folder

Select the folder you want to delete from the drop down menu and select Delete Folder. The folder is then removed from the tree.


Creating Expert Searches

To create an expert search, first click on the folder you would like to put the expert search into. Then select the collection for your expert search, and click on the Create Expert Search button.

Fill in the required fields Search NameFolder - (if you want to change folder for the search), then enter parameters for your query and click the Save Search button. Your search will appear in the Portal Administrator UI and in User UI->Expert Searches section. All portal users can view and subscribe to these expert searches.