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Anatomy of a Search Result Record

  1. Document Title
  2. Content Source
  3. Date, time published 
  4. Document rating
  5. Number of views
  6. Actions
  7. Document caption

Questions about Search Results

Refine Search Results

The best way to enhance your search results is to use more pertinent words in your search query. The SinglePoint Portal requires that most of the words in your search query be present in your results. Therefore, the more words you enter, the more targeted your results will be.

Conversely, the best way to broaden your search results is to use fewer words in your search. Delete a word or two from your long search query, and you will retrieve a greater number of records.

How is the relevancy of a document is determined?

The SinglePoint Search Engine utilizes a relevance ranking algorithm explicitly designed to take advantage of the unique characteristics of research documents, as well as industry and technology news.

SinglePoint’s relevance ranking dynamically balances these, and other, factors :

  • Number of times the query terms appear in the document. Documents containing the highest total number of occurrences of your search terms
  • Number of times the query terms appear in the document, relative to the length of the document. Documents containing greater density of your search terms - fewer occurrences, but in a shorter document
  • Word order and proximity of the query terms in the document.  Documents containing occurrences of your search terms, in the same order and proximity as your search query

Save Search

If you need ongoing information on a topic, run your search once, and save it as an Alert. Then you will get an email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, notifying you of any new documents added to your search results. This saves you the trouble of running the same searches every day, trying to locate new information.

Click the Save button on the right hand side of your search results page.  For more info on Saved Searches, click here.


What does the  (Actions) icon mean?

These are the accompanying Action links for each search result:


  • Bookmark and Share: Opens an overlay window which allows you to Bookmark the link to a document for easy future retrieval

  • Email: Opens an overlay window where you can email a link to a document and write a message to anyone

  • Copy URL: Copies the URL of the requested document for pasting in an email or other document