About This Portal

General Questions

What content can be found in Millie?

Millie has been designed to meet the news research needs of self-supporting business professionals and enterprise information centers that support them. It is an effective, easy to use, affordable research tool that delivers more focused and informative content than other business research platforms.


Can I search all of the content collections at one time?

When you have created and executed a search, e.g. in IT News collection, you will see the number of results meeting your search query in each of the other collections, presented as links above your search results list. Click on the links to view search results from those collections.



How is Millie different from Web search engines like Google®?

Millie's database contains content and articles from major news sources around the world, and indexes it all based on the topics and industries addressed by the content. It is a business research tool, and as such, has advanced functionality for professional researchers including support for full BOOLEAN queries, as well as saved search and alerting capabilities. Millie's search engine also has a far greater capacity for number of characters allowed in a search query, so power researchers can feel free to create complicated search queries to seek specific answers. You also have access to topic-specific dashboards, populated with tools and widgets that are designed to put the information you need in your hands as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


Below, you will see a list of a few of your portal's prominent features, each linked to a Help page which describes that feature and how to best utilize it. 

MI Analyst

The MI Analyst feature allows you to drill down into your search results for granular information you are seeking, without having to run additional searches. This functionality analyzes and organizes your search results, identifying key business concepts mentioned in each result. Click here for more information on MI Analyst. 


Dashboards are well-organized, real-time user interfaces, created by your Portal Administrator, that provide up-to-date content and information concerning topics of interest to your entire company. Click here for more information on Dashboards. 

Saved Searches

Saved Searches help you track ongoing information about the topics that you care about. Click here for more information on Saved Searches.  

My Headlines

My Headlines is a series of document headlines based on one of your Saved Searches against one of the available content collections. You may create up to 8 separate My Headlines boxes. Click here for more information on My Headlines. 

Expert Searches

Expert Searches are searches created in advance by information professionals, such as Portal Administrators or Editors. These searches are designed to bring users most the most pertinent documents and eliminate irrelevant results by utilizing advanced search techniques and functionality. Click here for more information on Expert Searches.

RSS feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a tool for content distribution that pulls a live feed from a web site and displays it on your browser or email reader. This allows you to monitor your saved searches for new hits without having to login to the portal or manage a series of email alerts. Click here for more information on RSS Feeds.

Dashboards / Dashboard Directory

What are Dashboards?


Dashboards are well-organized, real-time user interfaces, created by your Portal Administrator, that provide up-to-date content and information concerning topics of interest to your entire company. These dashboards include a Quick Search widget to retrieve content by keyword, as well as unlimited Headline widgets for timely and relevant content from selected sources, and text widgets for written and graphic content. Dashboards can also provide an Accordion widget with drop-down menus, consisting of expert searches on topics of interest to the dashboard's topic.

Following is an example of a typical dashboard.  

A dashboard may contain:

1:   Dashboard drop-down menu - for navigating to your other dashboards.
2:   Dashboard title - the name or topic of the dashboard.
3:   Quick Search - for conducting keyword searches against Millie's content.
4:   PDF display - shows static or slideshow documents in .pdf format
5:   Headline box - timely and relevant headlines on topics of your choice
6:   Accordion menu - to access preconceived expert searches on relevant topics.
7:   Custom chart - graphic display of MI Analyst results.
8:   Text/Image box – content/image/video.



Designate Favorite Dashboards

If you've created an account on Millie, you may designate as many dashboards as you like as "favorites" by clicking the star image next to the dashboard's title.

Upon doing this, the designated dashboard(s) will show up in the "Favorite Dashboards" list under the Dashboards drop-down menu.


Where can I find other Dashboards, on other Topics?

There are two easy ways of accessing other Dashboards. Click on the Dashboard drop-down menu on the upper left of the page.

1. Your Favorite Dashboards, and your most recently viewed dashboards will appear at the top of the drop-down list. Click any of those links to go to those dashboards.

2. On the drop-down list, you will also see a link for Dashboard Directory. This will take you to the Dashboard Directory page, which is a graphic table of contents of the various dashboards set up on your portal. This layout makes for easier browsing by topic, to quickly identify the relevant information you seek without worrying about proper search syntax.

Click on any of the images posted on the Directory to open a custom dashboard created with a variety of expert searches on topics pertaining to the specific option you've chosen.


How can I request additional Dashboards, or additional Topics?

Please contact the portal administrator and enter your request into the Comments section of the contact form.


What is the Quick Search box used for?

The Quick Search box appears on every page, and allows you to execute a quick keyword search against the portal's content.

As you enter search terms, a drop-down list of content collections appears.  Click on the collection of your choice.


What are the headline boxes for?

Headline boxes contain strategic news headlines on topics selected for you by the  portal administrator. You can minimize and maximize these boxes by selecting the minimize/maximize icon in the upper right hand corner of the box.

To create your own headline boxes, go to My Pages >> My Headlines.

How do Accordion Widgets work?

Accordion widgets are shown on your Dashboard pages. They provide quick access to multiple pre-formulated expert searches on topics that are significant to your business. You will see general main topics at the top, which, with one click, can be opened up to reveal related detailed searches.


Accordion widgets are added to your Dashboard pages by the portal administrator. 

My Pages

The My Pages drop-down menu

For those who have created a free account, the My Pages drop-down is a gateway to the portal's personalized pages.  Here, you will find links to the My Headlines, My Saved Searches, My Bookmarks.

My Headlines

For those who have created a free account, link to your My Headlines page, where you assign your favorite Saved or Expert Searches to headline boxes.  Click here for more information on My Headlines.

My Saved Searches

For those who have created a free account, link to your Saved Searches where you can easily view the most recent or most relevant results for your favorite searches. Click here for more information on Saved Searches.  

My Bookmarks

For those who have created a free account, link to your list of saved documents, i.e., Bookmarks, here. In addition to the list of your bookmarks, this page also has widgets such as My Bookmark Tags, Search by Bookmark Tag, and Hints.  For more information on bookmarks, click here.